How to Host a Live Stream Broadcast


Today We will talk about how you can host your show your live-stream broadcasts more effectively more smoothly and deliver the value necessary to the audience that is there to consume it. Although streamers absolutely love hosting this, have so much joy and love interviewing people, love bringing on guests, love hosting solo live streams. I am bringing my experience with this article, hopefully, you'll get some value from this.


First thing, I want to tell you is when you go live whether it be on any platform try to deliver and jump into what the message is, what the theme or purpose of that particular broadcast is. People are shrinking exponentially, you've got to grab them quick. I've seen too many people go live in so many broadcasters and even people who have run you know professional kind of more sophisticated type broadcasts. They take forever to get started and sometimes you know you see it's kind of sad in a sense you see them start.

They don't really get into their content or get into whatever their live streams hosting about for about five to ten minutes, you just sort of see them sitting there some of them even dumbfounded if they're even live yet or wondering if they're even live yet. Because usually there's a big delay in the technology and being really aware of that is crucial to really have an effective broadcast. So, get right into it get right into whatever your content is if you're hosting a live stream. If you're hosting a live stream where you're hosting an interview show, make sure that your audience knows within that first hundred and twenty seconds what they're gonna get, what you're gonna deliver and why they should stick around.


The next thing is to make sure that your audience feels like they're being acknowledged you've got to acknowledge your audience when you're going live. The difference the main distinction between live video and pre-recorded video which most Streamers and most content creators let's just be honest execute, you've got an audience there with a live broadcast okay and one of the things that is really essential to being alive engaged viewer is feeling like you're a part of the broadcast that's the main differential.

That's why people come to watch you live there is nothing more jolting, there's nothing more exciting than hearing the broadcaster's shout out your name I don't know what it is maybe it's the little itty bitty narcissist in all of us or the little dopamine rush, I don't know what it is but everybody gets that little jolt even when you go on peoples broadcasts and they mention your name.

it just feels good you feel inclusive you feel like you're being engaged you feel like you're being acknowledged you. I see so many broadcasters they're going into their content which is important, I want to get into that in just a second but they're not taking the time to acknowledge people are giving you their time, people are giving you their eyeballs appreciate that and the best way to show that appreciation that gratitude is to acknowledge them. This takes a little bit of practice because sometimes it can be overwhelming you can't get to everybody. Especially, if you have a lot of people in the chat and they're asking questions an inopportune time, if you're hosting an interview show but with practice, you get better at this a really good rule of thumb or something that you can practice early on when you're just starting out. 


I think if your somebody who's an accomplished broadcaster is to really let the audience know that you're gonna go into some content, you're gonna go into some type of whatever the theme or purpose of your show is and that you'll be giving a kind of what you know. I like to call is a roll call then kind of take time out to acknowledge either you can host that as like just a specialized roll call. 


If you're hosting a live stream on you, know how to become a better social media marketer three tips on how to become a better social media marker. You go through your content but, in the beginning, you acknowledge the audience and say hey I'm gonna host this I'm gonna have kind of talk about my three tips. But after that I'm gonna make sure I get to all your questions, so leave your questions in the comments below I'm acknowledging everybody. I'm letting them feel inclusive and then you can give them shout outs to make it extra special, make it extra fun, it's not complicated don't overthink it and you get better at this. 


In the beginning, it's really difficult to monitor keep the content going monitor keep the interview flowing and smooth. But, you will give better at this and lastly get over the idea of perfection. If there's any medium that really allows for imperfection or allows for you know overlooks a lot of the classical things, that in pre-recorded video or in the pre-edited or edited scripted video allows for those type of mistakes and follies it's live video.

Live streaming actually that can be something of a blessing in disguise sometimes, those imperfections are so-called blemishes or mistakes or what have you actually the most appealing things about your live stream. Because they make you more human that's the cool thing about live video there's no faking it, there's no retake there's no you know second take, there's no well that will just cut that out later. It's live it's there and it's raw, and it's real, and it's authentic and it's beautiful there's nothing wrong with that. So, with that comes the expectation of the audience and there's a different expectation for a live show. The expectation that usually encompasses a live show audience they understand that it's live and they understand that these and actually that could be kind of the allure that anything can happen, anything to go wrong and this is nothing new. 


Lastly, just roll with that you've got to roll with the punches, you got to roll with that keep that mindset notice not everything and as a channel goes back to mindset keep the mindset of understanding. This will help more than anything understand that the audience expects nothing, even close to perfection okay if anything they're expecting things to go wrong and it happens all the time. 


I hope you got a lot of value out of this if you are interested in videos and content that illustrates who you truly are and how you can share that through communication through broadcasting, digital storytelling through speaking this is the website you can visit often and learn more