Portable Guard Buildings | GuardBuildings was started in 1990 as an industrial modular building design and sales company; it quickly rose to a top performer within the Industry, with a customer base composed primarily of Fortune 500 Companies. We remained loyal to our manufacturer until their demise in 2000. Unable to find a competent and qualified manufactures to replace them we became a manufacturer ourselves. In 2005, I acquired the Company with the intent of making it a world-renowned industry leader. My first goals were to produce a guard building, also known as a guard shack, that would meet all building codes, including the Miami-Dade High Velocity Wind Zone requirements. These are the toughest building codes in the Country. Additionally, we wanted to have little or no vision obstructions, have absolutely no wood in the construction, and have it be well insulated. We succeeded and are now one of only 3 companies in the world that can meet those rigorous standards. We stand behind each product with a full lifetime warranty on the frames.

I have also developed new Pre-Assembled Buildings perfectly suited to Industrial Equipment Shelters, Parking Attendant Shelters, Bus Stop Shelters, Smoking Shelters, ATM Enclosures and (DEF) Diesel Exhaust Fluid Enclosures. Guard Buildings can manufacture fire-rated buildings up to 3 Hours, and with many more developments as we speak being engineered to your needs.