How to buy a web domain(Domainverkauf)

Currently, having an Internet presence is the best showcase that your business can have. Who trusts a company's

services or products if they are not visible on a web page? To create a company, it is essential that you take

into account the digital aspect. In addition, having an online presence has multiple advantages: international

sales, increased market share, greater competitiveness ... However, in order to have a web page, you need to

know how to register a web domain.
Steps to register a web domain

Technology and innovation are indisputably part of our daily lives. And if there are multiple advantages and

applications that they offer you on a personal level, they also have them on a professional level. And if it is

a matter of adapting to an increasingly competitive environment, you should familiarize yourself with the new

technologies and the multiple applications that they can have in your business. One of them is the creation of

your website. If you are going to start an online business , it is essential that you take into account what

your domain will be, since it will be the name with which everyone will know you. Image: Wright Studio ||

Shutterstock And the first of the problems you will have faced is that you must have a web domain. And you must

have wondered "Should I

1. Choose the web domain registration platform.

Do not choose the first one you find when searching on Google. Get information on blogs, ask for advice and,

above all, compare the different offers and options that companies give you. There are many platforms where you

can register your web domain , so it is preferable to invest a little time to avoid regret later.
2. Check the availability of the web domain.

When registering the web domain, you must verify that it is available and that it is not being used by another

company. It is very simple, any page that offers domain registration does the checking automatically.
3. Choose the type of web domain.

There are different categories of web domains. Normally, they will almost always give you the option of

choosing a free web domain, with the disadvantage that the name of the platform from which you register it will

be present on it. This option is not highly recommended. It pays to invest a little money and choose a more

professional and easy-to-remember web domain type. For example:,,, etc.
4. Ownership of the web domain.

When you are registering the web domain, you must put the personal data of the person who will be the owner of

said domain.
5. Duration of the web domain.

This will determine the amount of time that the web domain will be registered. Normally long-term contracts are

offered that you can expire at any time.
6. Possibility of adding the hosting.

Most of the platforms that offer the creation of the web domain also give the option of the web hosting service

, which facilitates the subsequent creation of your web page.
7. Payment of the web domain.

Once you are clear about the web domain that you are going to hire, you will proceed to pay for it.

In short, registering your web domain is a very important step. That is going to be one of your main showcases,

it is going to be the place of reference and from which they are going to follow you and meet new customers.

Meditate and choose a name that reflects the identity of your brand and, above all, that is easy to remember.

As we have previously mentioned, mastery will be essential, especially in purely online businesses. This is

because sometimes the domain will even coincide with the brand name. For her, this decision must be carefully

studied in the business plan so that it adapts to the needs of the project and is consistent with all the decisions made in the business plan.