World technology has changed the scenario of this world and the way the world functions. Surprisingly, technology has also changed the path of crime, and Cybercrimes have increased at a very alarming rate. Cybercrimes have totally changed the concept of crime and a lot of organisations, individuals and also a department of national interest and great tension.

What is Cyber Crime?

Cybercrime is basically intruding into someone else's network to steal their Private data and information stored in the device. In simple words, we can define it as illegally stealing someone's data or information by getting access to their computer or any other device. A lot of data is misused, which is stolen by cybercriminals for which it has to turn into a great concern for a lot of people. There is a great variety of Cybercrimes which are existing in today's world, and each one of them possesses a great threat to the targeted victim. There is a great variety of cybercrime which are existing in today's world, and the most common cybercrime is hacking. Hacking is basically getting access to someone else's network to steal any format of data to use their access to create any kind of notorious or criminal activity. Hacking is extremely common in today's generation, and a lot of people have been a victim of hacking without even knowing. The second type of cybercrime is a situation where people, especially children, are trapped and socially exploited in chat boxes. This is known as child pornography. This is one of the biggest growing threats in today's generation, and a lot of countries are working to deal with this. Identity theft is another cybercrime which possesses a great threat to the victim. Here the cybercriminal steals the pictures and other information of the victim and pretends to be that person. This is considered as a great threat because the criminal uses the stolen identity to defend the victim or to indulge him or her indirectly into any criminal activity. Another format of Cybercrime is cyberstalking cyber-criminal track the location and other movements of the victim and look for the perfect opportunity to create an offline criminal activity to hamper the victim.

With a lot of Cybercrimes growing in today's world, a lot of organisations before having a professional who has a certification in cybersecurity and can protect their company from any kind of Cyberattacks or Cyber threats. There are few options of cybersecurity certifications that will give to cybersecurity professionals.


CISSP is the acronym used for certified Information Systems security professional and is given out to professional who possesses an incredible talent in cybersecurity. The CISSP certification is a professional with a lot of benefits. The certifications improve the ability and knowledge of the professional about information technology security and make sim capable of for better jobs. A certified professional is more likely to produce higher productivity and provide the scope of great learning in the industry of cybersecurity.The candidate has to sit for a three years examination where he has to answer the total number of 150 questions. To successfully create an examination, at least 100 questions need to be answered correctly, and this makes a person eligible to get the CISSP certification. The salary of a CISSP certified professional begins at $55,000 and increased depending on the type of company and the capabilities of the professional.


CEH or certified ethical hacker is the certification given to a professional who has the ability to work as an ethical hacker foreign organisation. A professional with a CEH certification is more likely to experience a lot of advantages in an organisation. This certification increases the base knowledge and capability of the professional. It is considered as a very crucial step in cybersecurity professionals career, and it provides a lot of employment scope into bigger organisations. To get the certification, the candidate has to sit for the examination which consists of 125 multiple choice questions and to successfully get the certification the professional has to score at least 70% marking in the entire examination. A professional is more likely to get a salary of $70,000 with the certified ethical hacker certification. 


Board certification has its own value and ideologies for working in the information technology sector as a cybersecurity professional. But it will look into the basic fundamental salary of a professional the certified ethical hacking certification provides the professional with a higher salary when compared to the CISSP certified professional.