An introduction to PHP 7.2

A PHP course would tell one that PHP 7.2 came with a lot of incremental improvements to PHP. It offers more consistency, predictability and a continued concentration on security.


What is PHP 7.2?

A PHP course would give information on the entire concept of PHP 7.2. It would tell you that PHP7.2 is the second main release on the PHP 7 series. This upgrade comprises of a wide range of new features and deprecations. It also includes various performance and security improvements.


When did the version of PHP 7.2 release?

 A PHP course would not be the only one to tell you that PHP 7.2.0 was released to the public on November 30, 2017.

What was the date of end –of-life (EOL) for PHP 7.2:

A PHP course would tell one that PHP 7.2 received active support until November 30, 2019. However, it will only receive security updates only until it reaches end-of-life on November 30, 2020.


What are the features of PHP 7.2?

A PHP course would tell one that the PHP 7.2 features can be divided into several categories. They are:

  1. syntax improvements and enhancements
  2. security improvements
  3. Deprecations


  1. Syntax Improvements and Enhancements

A PHP course would tell one that the first key enhancement in the PHP 7.2 features is Syntax   Improvements and Enhancements. This feature enhances the rules that are used to allow or not allow type widening or narrowing when overriding a method signature.

  1. security improvements

This is the second enhancement also covered in a PHP course to prevent vulnerabilities.  The previous versions of PHP have maintained a reputation of using the latest security practices. Moreover, the 7.2 version will continue with this trend. It merges the disodium cryptography library, includes him Argon2 algorithm for password hashing and has got rid of the mcrypt extension.

  1. Deprecations

A PHP course would not be the only one to tell you that programming languages constantly evolve over time. As a result of this, there are certain features that become outdated or there are new and innovative solutions.  PHP would also have elements that are deprecated over time.