As demand for software developers grows, tech recruiting experts have to work harder to stay on top of rapidly changing technology trends. New technology is changing the way software developers operate in their industry. Unsurprisingly, the skills they’re expected to have are also changing and becoming more complex.

Generally, software developers don't expect recruiters to have any technical skills.

If this were the case, developers and their recruiters would be competing for the same job. But tech recruiters these days should know enough about technical skills to discuss them with potential candidates. If not, there’s a big chance of miscommunication, which is the worst nightmare for anyone working in the tech recruiting landscape.

We recommend a little research to gain enough familiarity about the required tech skills. This also helps understand the mindset of software developers. Both things help improve your chances of having a productive discussion about the tech role(s) you are looking for.

1. Identify Everything You Don’t Know About Technology

Sharing your existing knowledge about technology is easy. Identifying what you don’t know is the hard part. Or, as they say, ‘the unknown unknowns’ of technology. Start by listing all the areas you are somewhat familiar with, and then go down to the ones you have no inkling of. Initially, this may seem overwhelming. It’s like what you need to learn about technology is…everything!

This reaction is perfectly normal. Everyone starts from somewhere and then builds up their technology (or, in your case, tech recruiting) expertise from there.

So don’t try to hide your ignorance. Be comfortable saying “I didn’t know this.” That’s step one in gaining new knowledge. Development experts love to share details about the technology they work on. Once you express your interest and curiosity, they’ll share their knowledge more openly with you.

2. Work Closely With Your Firm's Software Developers And Tech Experts

Your firm probably already has developers or other tech experts on board. Their skills are a good starting point to learn more about the skills you are looking for. So it’s always a good idea to learn from them. Just remember to keep communication channels open at all times. At least internally and informally. It’s a surefire way to learn the intricacies of tech recruiting. If your firm has an internal communication platform, follow developers or tech-related threads to understand what developers discuss there.

Technology is evolving and like all other industries, it’s all about the desire to evolve. As long as you are open to change, you will do well.

If you find these tech recruiting tips useful or have more of your own, please feel free to share them in the comments below!