The vacation rental booking industry is growing at a rapid growth rate of CAGR of 7.4 percent. It is estimated that the revenue will spike to US$59 billion by the year 2022. Many app development companies are indulging in vacation rental app development because they know the business's demand and scope.

The entities that the app development company should satiate in the vacation rental script development

1. The script should be customizable and white-labeled.
2. The vacation rental app should be ready for deployment on iOS and Android devices.
3. The script should have all the primary functionalities to run the app with essential features.
4. The script should help in developing a good vacation rental app with robust backend support for the app.
5. There should be space for indulging multi-language and multi-currency system in the app

Primary Features of a vacation rental app

1.Social media login where the users can log in easily using their social media accounts without entering their details from the first.
2.Filter based search where the users can search for the kind of vacation they want based on the location, price, and much more intricate details.
3. Video and media integration, where the host can upload pictures of the place, gives the users an idea of the place they want to rent.
4. Push notification system where the host is notified about the request for a place, and the users receive a notification on the booking status.
5. Easy payment methods using the in-app wallet system, credit, or debit cards.

Using a vacation rental app, you can reach out to many users, which is a little challenging in traditional ways of business. Build your vacation rental app and run your vacation rental business effectively.

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