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Aroma Greek Finest Products is your specialist for selected and exclusive gourmet delicacies and delicacies from Greece. All of our products are made by small family businesses and factories in Greece, by hand and with a lot of love. Only fresh ingredients and no colorings, additives or artificial flavors are used. Many of these products have already won numerous international awards for their quality and excellent taste, for example at the "Great Taste Awards", which take place annually in London and are considered the "Oscar" for food around the world. We are constantly looking for new delicatessen products and cordially invite you to join us on this culinary journey. Are you looking for a premium,With a high polyphenol value and health claim , rare and single-variety honey , handmade chutneys , jams , sauces , starters , spices and other delicatessen products from Greece? Then you are right with us



Delicious starters that everyone from their vacation in Greece or a visit to the "Greeks" around the corner has come to know and love. All handmade from fresh ingredients and without coloring or preservatives.



Here you will find handmade jams made from fresh ingredients, without artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Experience this incomparable, natural taste that we all remember from our childhood.


Tolle Kräuter und Kräutertees aus Naxos und wunderbare Salze aus Messolonghi.

Gerne können Sie die Tees auch probieren, nehmen Sie sich einfach eine kleine Auszeit auf meiner Terrasse und trinken Sie diese wunderbaren Tees bei mir

AROMA Greek Finest Products in Königstein

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Great herbs and herbal teas made of naxos and wonderful salts from Messolonghi.

You are welcome to try the tees too, just take a little break on my patio and drink these wonderful tees with me

AROMA Greek Finest Products in Königstein

Georg-Pingler street 13 / corner monastery

Won from the foothills of the olymps

The extra virgin olive oil MYST PURE is made by pierias olives. The partly centuries-old olive trees stand at the foothills of the Olymps, where the 12 Greek gods once lived. The olives are collected at the end of October, i.e. when they are still green and immature, put in wooden boxes instead of bags and then pressed into olive oil on the same day, using the method of cold extraction at low temperatures and under closely monitored hygienic conditions. MYST olive oil contains flavours of herbs, citrus fruits and floral shades with remarkable length and is exceptionally balanced at the same time. At every stage of production, fertilizers or pesticides are waived.

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Wild capers from the island of Tinos, one of the gastronomic treasures of the island and known for their special taste. Hand-picked from the whole island in early summer, they are refined with fine sea salt. Their size and taste are different from all other capers and make them unique. A culinary treat for every gourmet lover.

Use the capers in sauces, as an appetizer, in salads, meat dishes or serve them with cold smoked salmon. You can even replace the olives to garnish your martini with it and give it a unique touch.

Awarded three golden stars at the Great Taste Awards 2018 and ranked the top 50 best food in the world.

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