Payment processor for restaurants(Harazin)

Fast restaurant payment processing maintains cash flow and reduces the risk of default. NCR Merchant Solutions help restaurants customer transactions process safely and efficiently. From the moment a transaction is made through the settlement of funds, we handle the entire transaction process. Emergency replacement functionality within the NCR Aloha POS makes our restaurant credit card processing software safer by hiding sensitive consumer data at the point of sale to protect you from potential hackers. The benefits include:

End-to-end transaction support

NCR Merchant Solutions supports payments from credit cards, debit cards, Internet, gift cards, loyalty programs, as well as electronic benefits transfer (EBT), ACH and recurring payments.

Implement a turnkey program

Our restaurant payment processing includes hardware, software support, and services, providing you with an integrated, turnkey payment processing solution . Our solution is fully supported by redundant data centers to ensure consistent throughput availability and optimal path times.(Alaa Harazin)