Apparently, there are tons of articles directed toward lash extension clients, but where do people turn for information? Here’s the thing, proper eyelash extension care is imperative, if not requirement to all of the users. So, congratulations! You just found a goldmine here—lash artist’s guide to aftercare! Here’s proper eyelash extension care are being used universally and will always remain as it is regardless of your adhesive or application style! Sit back and ensure that you will be educating your friends or clients with these practices.

  1. Your Thick or Thin Eyelashes needs to be Washed Daily. Simple yet, most vita eyelash extension care. While you require yourself to take a bath daily, your natural looking eyelash extensions needs it too. Sad to say, most lash lovers tend to forget this very step. Like washing your hands before eating or handling something, ensuring you wash your lashes daily is ensuring your eyes to remain clean and clear of debris or products containing oil.
  2. Avoid Moisture. To put it in simple words: Wait for 24 hours before taking a hot shower, cooking over the stove or working out! But we are not saying you should skip your meals just to keep your eyelash extension in good condition. Investing on Bondi Lash Lab is a sure way to reduce that time frame. You will need to wait for approximately 4 hours to finally wash yourself or do the things you loved. Let us introduce you to the awesome science behind lashes—join the growing community of lash nerds!
  3. Say No to Oil-Based Products. Times we heard “Okay no more oil-based mascara…easy!” are countless. Seriously, it is not that easy. Come to think of it, your facial cleansers, moisturizers, and foundation—these can get sucked so far into your skin to the extent that it can spread all the way to your lash follicles. You may want to know that oil based lotion can actually make retention issues way bigger, so don’t.
  4. NO Touching, NO Rubbing of Lashes. If you’ll going to ask me why we, people have this habit of rubbing eyes while fast asleep or awake—I also do not have any idea. But if you are wearing eyelash extension, try to avoid having any contact on it or it will prematurely fall out—not a good thing.
  5. Face Sleeper No More. Another simple yet tricky rule: Avoid sleeping on lashes. Oh may I suggest, use satin or silk pillow case to make the night less treacherous for your eyelash extensions.
  6. Oh! No Extreme Heat or you wanted it be Comical. If possible, do not get too attached to oven, lighted candle and cigarettes. It will surely cause your natural looking extensions to shrivel when heated. Sure, luxurious eyelash can melt the heart but extreme heat can melt your eyelash extensions—be careful.
  7. Another No for Chemical Peels and Facials. Retention issues exists even you are following the safety precautions. Dissecting each and every chemical, product, and ingredients cannot guarantee that these will not cause you retention issues. If unavoidable, completely avoid the eye as you apply these peels or facials.

Bondi Lash Lab knows all of this eyelash extension care because we already had years of experience. Might as well, if schedule permits, you should educate yourself as well. One day you will be impressed of how “all lash-knowing” you have become. Do not worry, we at Bondi Lash Lab knows the struggle of novice user of eyelash extensions. With love for health and beauty, we are more than willing to extend some help. Let us know more of your eyelash extension issues, and visit You might want to subscribe to our newsletter for more eyelash updates!