Digital marketing-An introduction

It is a type of marketing in which Using extensive internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other channels to reach customers. It is a new way and endeavors to reach customers with the help of digital marketing is the belief of marketing experts. This type of marketing helps the employee to understand his client faster than traditional marketing. It targets a specific number of clients and is more interactive than the traditional one. It gave rise to search result ads, email ads, and promoted tweets. According to marketing experts, Digital marketing has been categorized into 10 categories:

  1. SEM (Search engine marketing)
  2. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  3. PPC (pay per click)
  4. SMM (social media marketing)
  5. Content marketing
  6. Email marketing
  7. Influencer or affiliate marketing
  8. Viral marketing
  9. Radio advertising
  10. Mobile advertising

  1. SEM

Commonly called search engine marketing, the process of profit by purchasing ads on search engines. They include contextual Advertising and digital asset Optimisation. The website can be promoted through ads platforms like google ads, Microsoft advertising, and Yahoo search ads

  1. SEO

Commonly known as Search Engine Optimisation. Simply it is known as increasing your visibility on various search engines. The better visibility of your page leads to Garner's attention and in attracting more customers to your business. SEO is a vital component for Digital Marketing because trillions of people make searches every year on various search engines.

  1. PPC

Also called as pay per click internet marketing model for which advertiser pay fees each time ad is clicked. It is a way of buying a visit to your site. It has various types, but search engine advertising is the most popular of all of them it allows advertisers for ad placement in search engine sponsored links.

  1. SMM

It stands for social media marketing involve usage of Social media platforms for brand promotions, target audience growth driving website traffic, and increasing sales

  1. Content marketing

In this type of marketing creation and sharing of online material is involved to promote a brand and to stimulate its products and services

  1. Email marketing

It is a sending of commercial messages typically to a group of people using email in a broad sense, email is sent to a current customer is called email marketing

  1. Affiliate marketing

It is performance-based marketing which includes business rewards. one or more affiliates are involved for attracting each visitor or customers is affiliate marketing

  1. Viral marketing

Is a business strategy existing in social networks to promote a product? As the name suggests, consumers spread awareness about the product with people in the same way that a virus spreads from person to person.

  1. Radio advertising

It includes buying commercial frequently called spots in the radio industry to promote their product or services, advertisers pay commercial to the radio station for their time and in exchange the radio station broadcast and advertise the commercial to its listening audience

  1. Mobile advertising

It is the type of advertising through mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tablets using wireless connections. company advertises through text ads via SMS through an advertisement that appears embedded on the mobile website.