We all love Rois.

The human mind is driven by ROI, whether it gets the cheapest deal for your favorite cellphone in Flash sales or getting clothes for the upcoming festival, how much you invest and how big you get rewards for the investment you make.

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Today's company is also driven by the Millennium trend and industry leaders who aim to get high returns, especially when it comes to IT application management services (AMS) with a lower investment. Modern AMS driven by two main metrics, analytics and automation, analytics to get the right things and automation for things that will be agile. Artificial intelligence can accommodate this and when cognitive philosophy is applied to AMS, the benefits of skyrocketing and breaking up traditional AMS settings for Break-Fix maintenance.

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Benefits of AI Ams.

Extraordinary cost savings

As mentioned earlier, important money and having AMS for your company that works on your company's account book is definitely a great thing. AI driven AMS can help you save up to 70% of application management costs, because it focuses on analytics to achieve cost cutting strategies and reduce the burden on the Helpdesk team. When there is a little workload for Helpdesk, some people can be employed to handle the daily task of the Helpdesk team which leads to cost savings.

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Reduce ticket speed

AI in AMS can help you reduce ticket speeds because it automates ticket priorities and predict ticket speeds of up to 3-4 months. In addition, the AI algorithm targets high speed or excessive tickets and conducts causal analysis to categorize tickets. When deployed over time, this helps reduce ticket speeds of up to 60% leading to efficient ticket management.

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No more ambiguous slas

Most of the Helpdesk team suffered because of an inefficient work culture and unlimited delay in ticket completion time. Usually, in the traditional ADM it lies in the discretion of the Helpdesk team to define SLA. With AI, you will be able to bring SLAS to the table and assign it to a ticket based on the complexity of the solution. SLA can also be assigned based on the complexity of the past, ticket completion time through efficient analysis.

L1 and L2 support you are in a safe hand

The company feels a burden when their L1 and L2 support requires more time to complete the ticket and leads to internal escalation. Here, with AMS your ticket settlement time will drop 33% and provide a multiplier effect on your business. Your AMS becomes effective in solving problems related to external service performance, monitoring transaction metrics and performance problems related to fire and middleware on the third level of support. (L1, L2 and L3)

Not only ams

A large number of thought and research is included while developing AI and it can think like humans and act like machines, then AI AMS is not just AMS but can do more than what you can do. AI AMS interferes in providing solutions to the entire application cycle and is effective in targeting high frequency tickets and reducing the number of FTE.

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