If you're familiar with search engine optimization and conduct do a search using the phrase "making money online, " some of the popular keyword phrases that pop up are "make 100 dollars a day online; " "make 100 a day; " and "$100 per day from free on line work. RC Status " The thing is, making $100 a day online is relatively easy to do using free classified ad sites like Backpage, Craigslist, Kijiji, etc.

As a side note, one reason the $100 per day mark is so popular is because it will allow many to make a full-time living online. After all, it is a tidy little sum of $3, 000 per month; $36, 000 per year. This is more many make at their full-time jobs.

Following is a three-step plan for making $100 a day online using free classified ad posting sites.

1. Choose a "Hot" Product: No matter which free classified ad posting site you use, you must choose a popular product/service. You can place ads until the cows come home, but if nobody wants it, then you're not going to make (very many) sales.

Note: Go to ClickBank to find products to promote. While there's a lot of junk there, there are also some gems. You just have to do your homework. Read the site guidelines to learn how to determine what a good product is to promote. And of course, you can always produce and promote your own products.

2. Place Ads Consistently: This is where many who are new to selling online fall down - they get frustrated because they're not making the sales they want, then they stop placing ads and/or start researching other ways to make money online.

Placing free classified ads works - you just have to find a product that sales. So if one is not selling well, promote another one. Do this until you find one that produces consistent sales.

While placing ads can be time-consuming, the process can be automated using classified ad posting software. You can literally post hundreds of ads per hour using this type of software.

Ad Posting Tip: In my experience, you need to place 100-200 ads per day to make $100 per day using most free classified ad posting sites.

3. Make Believable Claims: Many who struggle to make $100 per day from free on line work like place classified ads never do so because they make outrageous claims, eg, "Make $500 in Just 2 Hours Per Day. "

Most make these claims because those are the claims the creator of the product make. So, as an affiliate, they market the product that way.

Making $100 a Day Online: The Best Tip You'll Ever Get for Doing It Using Free Classified Ad Sites

When you see ads that say, "Make $1, 000 Per Day; " or "Start Making Six Figures in Only a Few Hour/Day", do you believe them, or do you think that they're just hype by someone trying to sell you something?