Summers in India are just unbearable! Well, getting an AC installed in every room of the house is definitely not a good idea as the electricity bills will surely haunt us. And so, a portable AC in India is becoming a classic demand of every household. It is cost and energy efficient and doesn’t require any extra efforts for installation.

The best feature is that you can easily shift it from one room to another as it is equipped with wheels. Moreover, these are available in different sizes for you to choose the perfect fit for the house. Most of them are even equipped with auto restart feature so that it turns off automatically when the power gets cut.

Some of the brands that manufacture the best portable AC in India include Super General, Blue Star, Eurgeen, DeLonghi America and others. Besides, they have advanced features like antibacterial air filters, preventing dust microbes. These ACs are all you need to stay relaxed in high temperatures.