Samsung is a pioneer in LED technology and one of the leaders of the horticultural lighting industry.

The company’s mission is to create superior products. So, it’s not surprising that Samsung LEDs can emit the best light for plants.

But there’s only one issue with Samsung: They don’t manufacture their own grow light devices.

Samsung sell their LED chips to other brands, who in their turn use the diodes to manufacture complete grow lighting systems.

We can still call those devices “Samsung LED grow lights.”

In this article, we’ll look at the top five grow lights that use Samsung LEDs.

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They’re very popular among indoor gardeners, especially cannabis growers.
The newest generation of ECO Farm Quantum Boards are mainly composed of Samsung LM301B diodes.
These diodes are very efficient. In fact, the PPF efficacy of ECOF Quantum Boards is around 1680 µmol/s, which is really high.
There is a wide of variety of ECOF Quantum Boards with different light spectrums and intensities.
Also, some ECOF QBs contain a few diodes that are manufactured by brands other than Samsung.
That means you need to assemble the board yourself.
It’s usually easy to assemble Quantum Boards. There are dozens of videos and tutorials on the internet that demonstrate how to assemble QBs.


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This 700 watt LED grow light is, simply put, the best on the market.
It spread the intense LED light widely so it doesn’t burn your plants from being too focused on one area.
It’ll also help you save on your electric bill. ECO FARM ECOZ 700W SAMSUNG 301H CHIPS LED GROW LIGHT utilizes a low 700w from your outlet due to efficient 1.23 uMol/J energy use rate. Anything over 1.0 uMol/J is considered efficient, but 2.51 is on the high end.
With this low power draw, it can still replace a 1000W MH or HPS light system with ease.
With this, you’ll notice more large buds obtained under the effect of this grow light compared to other cheap grow lights.


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This is the best GeekBeast grow light model in my opinion, and it also happens to be one of the best LED grow lights at a mid-range price.
This is the GeekBeast 600w Pro LED Grow Light. It’s the most recent design from GeekBeast. I’ve spoken to growers who own this light in their 4x4 tent and they’re very satisfied with its performance.
Why is this one of the best LED grow lights today? It’s because of the price to performance ratio. This is the cheapest LED grow light you get get for a 4x4 grow tent that will yield decent results. Other good grow lights for 4x4 space cost about double the price.

4.HLG 650R

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Released around May 2020, HLG’s most powerful grow light is pretty impressive.
This 29 inch by 22 inch fixture will fit in a 4x4 foot grow space, but it’s really meant for a minimum of 5x5 feet, with the capability to veg an incredible 7x7 feet.
It consumes a true 630 watts, placing it in direct competition with some of the other top LED grow lights available, like the ones you’ll read about below. But I think the 650R is probably the best deal right now for 5x5 to 7x7 feet.
This LED grow light utilizes the 4000K Samsung LM301H LEDs as well as red 660nm diodes. The LM301H are slightly more efficient than the previous generation LM301B diodes.
In total the 650R uses electricity at a highly efficient rate of 2.81 micromoles per joule.

5.Gavita Pro 1700e

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This is another impressive bar style LED grow light, but from Gavita. Gavita has been making horticultural lighting for a long time. The 1700e grow light is the newer generation of the previous 1650e model.
This 44 inch by 43.7 inch fixture will hover directly over most of your 4x4 foot grow space, providing strong and uniform light coverage for the whole area.
This light uses eight bars of LEDs that consume roughly 80 watts each for a total of 645 true watts. This is a powerful grow light, and luckily it’s dimmable to 50% so you can grow both seedlings and adult plants.
The dimmer is sold separately, so that’s one downside compared to other close competitor grow lights like the Optic Slim 600H. If you don’t buy the dimmer the Gavita Pro 1700e will operate at 100%.
This LED grow light utilizes high performance Samsung and Osram LEDs. In total the Optic LED Slim 600H uses electricity at an efficient rate of 2.6 micromoles per joule.

My Final Verdict:
Finding the best LED grow lights on the market doesn’t come easy. It takes countless hours of research and comparison — which I’ve painstakingly, but happily completed at your convenience!

If you’re wondering why you didn’t see other LED grow light brands or models on my list of the best LED grow lights — it’s not necessarily because they’re terrible, but because they were beaten out by the grow lights I did include.

If there’s a light that’s good but wasn’t included, it may not have fit into the total picture framework of the article. For example maybe the spectrum and coverage were great, but the light was beaten out when you compare its price to a different light that I included above.

In short, I have zero doubt the grow lights I listed above are the best of the best. Cycle through, find one that works for you, and feel confident that you’re making a solid purchasing choice.

Let me know how everything works out — feel free to reach out via the contact page.

Good luck and Happy Growing!