Whether your growing cannabis or sodas, the surroundings your crops are in plays a very substantial role in their own growth. When growing marijuana inside, you get a small advantage in having the ability to control the environment to guarantee a better result of this harvest. Actually, that is the main reason many outside farmers are shifting to indoor gardening in greenhouses or develop tents. As soon as you’re able to control the environment, you can expose your plant to the ideal elements it must make the specific sort of weed that you wish to grow.
If you are considering growing marijuana inside, the ideal approach to produce an environment for the plants to flourish is to use an indoor grow tent. In this guide, I will help you to find out the best grow tents:COOLGROWS INDOOR GROW TENT&ECO Farm Grow Tent.

CoolGrows Indoor Grow Tent

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This tent is affordable but offer the same features as most other grow tents.
Coolgrows grow tent is made up of durable 600D tear-proof canvas material. Moreover, double stitching ensures that not even a fractional amount of light could escape from your grow space.
The newer version of Coolgrows 4’ X 2’ grow tent has upgraded Mylar lining. It helps your plants to grow better by returning around 99% of light generated by your grow lights.
Grow tent assembly is pretty user-friendly, and even a beginner marijuana cultivator could assemble it without any hassle.
You’ll receive an assembly manual along with this coolgrows growing tent. Just follow the steps connect the metal bars and corner clips with each other and cover the tent using canvas and you’re done.

ECO Farm Grow Tent

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ECO FARM is a big brand in the growing industry. They make grow tents, rosin press, grow lights and more. Their grow tents pose real competition to other brands out there.
This 2x2 ft grow tent is made with Oxford 600D material. It’s a thick, rip, odor, and light proof material used in the better quality grow tents on the market.
As we usually say, reflection is a prime requirement in any of the grow tents you look for. With this ECO FARM grow tent you can achieve around 96% light reflection.
Zippers used in ECO FARM grow tent are best on the market. This grow tent also features an observation window from where you can keep an eye on plants growth without entering inside.
As additional features, you’ll get tool holder inside the grow tent, easy to remove and clean water tray for the bottom, tool-free connectors, carbon filter belts for the side, double layer exhaust hole with leak-proof binding.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Grow Tent

An ideal grow tent must possess high quality materials for both inner and outer structure.
Sturdy and stable structure is a prime requirement in a grow tents as its going to provide most essential backbone support to your grow tent.
Inner section of grow tent should be completely reflective and one should aim for at least 90%+ in reflection tests.
Zippers are something that you’ll have to access repeatedly so aim for one where zippers don’t stuck and not messy.
Main concern should be prevention of light leakage and odor control.
Proper ventilation is necessary to remove bad air and hazardous components out of your grow space so look for perfectly designed ventilation ducts and air flow control mechanism.
Although one can have access to a grow tent by entering into grow space, yet it’ll be great if a grow tent has quick observation window from where you can inspect the progress and have a look whenever you think.
Durability is another concern, as grow tents are going to be repurposed back and forth for your future growing ventures as well.
Spill tray plays a vital role in cleaning the grow space without hassle.
Also, Other accessibility options such as tool holder pocket or bag, utility straps and so on should be considered as an added advantage only, and you should not get trapped into this by compromising essential factors.
Most important out of all is support. Yeah, in case manufacturer has not specified about it then seek out reviews and see what current owners are saying.