Kona coffee is known for its full-bodied flavor, pleasing aroma, and uniquely delicious taste. It is mainly produced from the big island of Hawaii, thus priced a bit higher when compared to normal coffee beans. Better known for its rich volcanic soil in Hawaii's Holt, Kona is a place, which is renowned for its enriching coffee.

The owner of Buddha Sanctuary, Christine Coleman has been growing the best Kona coffee since 2004. These beans are exclusively cultivated from Hawaii's big island, and beans that are grown specifically in such regions are called Kona. Apart from the delicious taste, it comes with plenty of health benefits. It helps to keep your mind healthy, reduce the risk of developing diabetes, help to curb certain cancers, and a lot more.

So, if you don't know what it’s like to have a cup of Kona coffee, below are the reasons to give it a try whenever you step into any coffee shop.

  1. Distinctive Flavor

Kona coffee can turn out as a surprise when you’re accustomed to the dark roasts. A cup of Kona coffee is unforgettable, which comes with the potential for being your next addiction. With each sip, it smells fresh and fruity with a spicy finish. It’s because these beans are very aromatic and well-balanced.

  1. Combine With Hawaiian Snacks

There is no denying Kona is the best Hawaiian coffee. But you know what makes it even better? It’s pairing it up with the Hawaiian snacks. It makes a perfect caffeinated beverage when there are sweets, rice crackers, or macadamia nuts alongside.

  1. Enhance Metabolism

Kona coffee brings into use of cultivation and roasting process, which results in making the coffee high in caffeine. The intake of caffeine enhances metabolism, and having it on the regular basis can help swiftly transform your food into energy.

  1. Help Hawaiian People & Culture

Purchasing a packet of Kona coffee doesn’t only let you have its exceptional taste, but you also end up supporting Hawaiian people. As the coffee is cultivated from Hawaii, purchasing from them lets you support their local businesses. If you’re on vacation in Hawaii, buying a bag of Kona coffee will definitely be the best souvenir you could ever bring to your home. It’s not just limited to the Kona Coffee; the place also produces the best Kona tea as well. Though the taste will be a lot different, its properties, health benefits, and taste will leave you wonder struck.

So, these are some of the enticing things about the Kona coffee, and you just miss having the taste of it. There are not many shops that offer Kona coffee, especially the purest form. Therefore, we have done our research to come up with a place where you can buy pure 100% Kona coffee.

Buddha's Cup – A One-Stop-Shop For All Types Of Kona Coffee

The company is a lot more than just being one of the best coffee growers. They utilize cutting-edge methods such as UVB light-infused coffee, which combines biodynamic farming, and other esoteric methods. If you’ve been searching for a go-to connection with the purest Kona Coffee of them all, you’ve made it to the correct place. The store has got all your coffee gourmet needs covered. From Kona tea to best rum cakes, it has got it all. They have won various awards for their coffees, which ensure the high quality of the product.

So, if you ever plan to arrive in Hawaii, be sure to step in their visitor center home of five farms estate-grown coffee in person to have an educational and immersive Kona coffee tour. If not, they ship their special coffees all across the globe, which enables you to have the taste of Hawaiian coffee at the comfort of your home.