Most often, a corporate video is created to promote your company, products or services. However, there are so many more uses of video by businesses of all sizes. 'How to' videos are a great resource for companies that sell products that have many instructions eg computer software.

Along with instruction manuals, you can create short videos that show your customers how to make the best use of your product. Not only may it make a potential customer choose your product, but it can help your website rank more highly if customers are spending a long time on your website viewing your help videos.

If your staff are based at home or in many different shops or offices, then 1 video can be used to communicate a message to all your staff. This means they get the same message and the management needs only record it once.

At STROMA Films in Edinburgh, we have many years of experience creating all types of corporate videos for our clients. Please get in touch to find out how we can help your business.