While the rest of the united states of America is experiencing slight winters, North Indian states like Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand, and Himachal Pradesh are experiencing biting snowfall. Rajasthan did not fall out of this league both. Covered will hailstorm overnight, the wilderness country wakened to a snow-carpeted surrounding at the fifteenth of December, 2019

The Regions Affected

The top locations in Rajasthan which witnessed heavy blizzard blanketed villages of Nagaur, a town placed among Jodhpur and Bikaner like Chhapri, Maulasar, and Keechak.

Cold weather situations retain to be successful with Mount Abu recording the lowest minimum temperature within the nation at 2.2 tiers Celsius on Saturday.

The Hail After Math

With such sudden hail, transportation got here to a halt inside the affected areas of Rajasthan. Crops have acquired maximum harm and birds, farm animals, and other animals were seriously disturbed.

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The magnitude of the hail storm surprised many. Reacting to the violent hailstorm, people tweeted their entertainment and shock closer to it. Thick fog is likewise expected to befall Rajasthan over the approaching days as consistent with the weather forecast.


The reason for such an occurrence is the Western disturbance as discovered by using the met branch. A similar purpose brought about causing rain in Delhi too. Rain within the Ganganagar district in Rajasthan on Thursday brought about the temperature dip of eight stages Celsius.

It's unexpected how the climate conditions are changing in a single day, and satisfactory climate is becoming biting temperatures.

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