Anime is truly a wonderful and fascinating art. I love anime, I really do. I have learned a lot about this wonderful genre of art from an anime book that I recently read. This is by far my most enjoyable anime book that I have ever read. It was very interesting and deeply thought out.

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One of the best anime books that I have ever read was called New World by Kazuoaki Aoyagi. In this book he introduces us to a new world, we will soon visit known as Kirigi. It is a place where all of Japan is at peace. In this new world there are very few battles between warring countries. This book portrays the peacefulness of this wonderful place that is quite intriguing to think about what life could be like in a new world.

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Another very good anime book that takes us to a new world and tells us about the magic in it. This anime has become extremely popular in the west. It involves mc (pronounced my krung) saving many people and their home in the new world named Vigrid. The main character is named Naruto and he is very interesting as a son of a powerful family.

Another great light novel that takes us to another world and is also very much in demand is Demon Lord. The Demon Lord is written by Charles Addam. It is about a young boy who was sent back in time by his mother to defeat a demon lord. As you can imagine, this is not the type of anime that is for everyone. If you do not care for fantasy or supernatural fiction I would not recommend this one. However, if you are into this type of fiction and anime you will enjoy Demon Lord.

Another light novel that takes us to another world and this one is called Earth Defence. This is about a young boy who is tasked to protect the Earth from a group of Britannia forces. This is an anime light novel that is very popular among the fans of anime.

A new fantasy light novel called Dragon's Blade is written by Shimada Kenji. It takes place in the near future in a world where there is an impending war. Our main character is a girl who belongs to the imperial family. In this novel, she is given a sword that will transform her into a legendary blade. It is a light novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you have read other Shimada Kenji novels you will know this is a very fast pace.anime lamp

A very good light novel that takes us to another world and this one is called Vampire Knight. This takes place in a world where vampires rule the day and there is a war going on. Our main character is a man who is trying to save the mankind of his world from the brink of destruction. This is another great anime that is guaranteed to keep you interested till the end. The premise of this story is that a young man who was turned into a vampire has been given the chance to fight against his own demon lord.

One of the main things that make this anime series so popular is the romance between the MC and the other main character. Our main character's relationship with the MC has brought in a lot of lighthearted moments because of how happy it makes our readers to see them get along. It is also proven that romance can add in many episodes of fun for the viewers. This is one of the best anime light novels out there that any fan of anime would be sure to enjoy.