Trying weed for the first time can be intimidating as you do not know how your body will react or what experiences you might have. If you do not have a proper person to guide you, then there are chances you might ruin your first experience and overall ruin the experience of smoking weed. Therefore it is important to have a guide with you who can help you through this process.

Is this your first time trying weed, and you're unsure what to expect and how to enhance the experience? Don't worry, as we have you covered. This article will explain a few tips to keep in mind while trying weed for the first time.

1- You may not high the first time

This has been a common experience of many first-timers. They try the weed with an expectation that they will get high but do not and end up being disappointed. This does not mean what you did was wrong or you do not have the right material for the high. You must remember to try again and experience the high next time you do weed.

2- Be sure to inhale properly

If you do not inhale properly, there are chances you may not experience the high the next time you try weed. Once you inhale properly, you will feel the magic happening. You will feel like your eyes are getting very low, the lights getting brighter, a complete euphoria and weightlessness feel. Inhale properly so the smoke will fill your lungs, and the high will take you to a place beyond everything.

3- You must be hydrated

After the first time, there are chances you might wake up being dehydrated. Therefore it is important to keep yourself hydrated. And when we say hydrated, it doesn't mean drink a couple of glasses of water. No, it would help if you drank more than an athlete or else the dehydration will completely ruin your fun and experience. It would help if you were hydrated before you start the weed and keep on hydrating yourself during the high.

4- The weed should be of good quality

If the weed is not of good quality, there are chances you might not enjoy the experience at all. Therefore do some research and buy the weed from a mom dispensary online. The dispensary online shop will have various types of weed, and as per your needs, you can order the one you like.

5- Have your food delivered to you

Whenever you smoke weed, one of the main effects is you get very hungry. Many delivery men have also reported that most of the houses they went smelled of cannabis. It is not a coincidence. You get hungry, so instead of driving under the influence, it is advised to order the food at your house.

In conclusion

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