As a professional chef, knowledge of knives is essential. Only under the premise of understanding, can we use it better, we can better choose the right knife when dealing with different stones, and make the best use of it.

In European tradition, the knife has bevels on both sides of the blade; it comes to a point in the middle. However, in Japanese tradition, the bevel is formed only on one side (usually the right side). What is the purpose and/or advantage of this?

First, let us explain what we mean when talking about knives, single/double-sided blades and their cutting edges. The angle of the knife is also called the "bevel angle". Most knives have a bevel on both sides, but some traditional Japanese knives have only one bevel or even different bevel sizes. However, in general, when it comes to tools with traditional bevels and a 10 degree angle, this means that on both sides, make the total angle 20 degrees.

What is the purpose of a single bevel knife?

Although they are not common in Western-style kitchens, it is now common to see celebrity chefs using single bevel knives. The following are some of the most famous uses of single bevel knives.

  • These knives are used to make the best slices.
  • You can use a single bevel knife to cut hard vegetables such as radishes and carrots into paper strips. It is the best tool for shaping vegetable decoration.
  • Thanks to the single bevel, these knives can be used for dicing and chopping. They are very sharp and allow you to make the smallest cuts possible.
  • When you need to cut fish fillets, a single knife is your first choice. A goodsushi knife, if you want to use the same sharp scalpel with rounded corners and various ingredients will be an excellent complement to your kitchen arsenal.
  • You can use a single bevel deboning knife to quickly deboning chicken.
  • Single bevel knives are more suitable for professional chefs and those who use the best cooking techniques.

What is the best angle for sharpening a single bevel knife?

Because the single bevel knife is mainly used to make very thin and delicate cuts and slices, the acute angle should be small. The angle between 15 and 17 degrees is a suitable sharpening angle, allowing you to cut meat, seafood, chicken and various vegetables.

What is the use of a double bevel knife?

The double knife is more versatile and versatile. The following are some of the most famous uses of double bevel knives.

  • Since the edges have bevels on both sides, each side can sometimes be used for different purposes. Sharp blades can be used for finer work, such as separating meat from bones. Blunt edges can be used for slicing.
  • The double bevel knife can be used for different cutting, such as slicing, shredding, shredding and dicing.
  • Some double beveled knives are used for cutting meat and boneless chicken.
  • This sturdy knife is used to remove fat from the cut meat.

What is the best angle for sharpening a double bevel knife?

The angle of the knife is calculated based on the sum of the acute angles on each side of the blade. If the angle is sharpened by 15 degrees on each side, the total angle of the bevel will be 30 degrees.

This knife will be used to make larger cuts and slices of meat, as well as harder vegetables. A higher angle makes the blade more durable, and the knife is strong enough to crush bones and hard meat.

A smaller angle means that the knife will be too sharp. An 8-angle bevel on each side means that the knife will have a 16-degree double bevel. This knife will be more suitable for more delicate tasks. Need to sharpen the knife regularly to maintain the good shape of the knife.


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