With this console you can play your Super Nintendo games portable!(Super Console Max)

There is no doubt that retro has arrived, to stay ... again. Countless consoles are already attacking a market that is quite popular: that of retro consoles.

NES Mini, SNES Mini, Play Station Mini, Raspberry popular for several years, and countless other examples, make it clear that people seek to relive experiences from the past.

However, until now, the experiences to bring consoles from the past to the present time, have not been really successful due to several factors. On the one hand, if you really want to relive the experience but on a HD screen, it is neither easy, nor cheap, nor accessible in terms of hardware. There are many options on the market for this, although they are not exactly cheap.

But what about portability?

That factor that has made consoles like the Nintendo Switch or 3DS so popular, what made cell phone games so popular (who doesn't have a smartphone with a game?). It is precisely portability that many players look for, since times are not always convenient for playing video games at home.

With all these issues in mind, an option has been developed for all those who have their video games from both Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. Super Retro Champ is a new hardware from My Arcade, presented at CES 2020, that has the ability to be compatible with cartridges from both consoles and display them on its 7-inch screen. It should also be noted that the console is compatible with the Japanese versions of the SNES and Genesis, that is, Super Famicom and Mega Drive.

This mini console also allows games that are two players, for which it is necessary to connect two wireless controls and a larger screen through HDMI connections.

The price of Super Retro Champ will be $ 110, which is a little more than 2,000 Mexican pesos. Although this price may seem a bit excessive to many, for lovers of retro gaming, it will be just a fraction of what other options cost on the market.

Although it has been reported that it will be available in the coming months of 2020, an exact date has not been specified. https://www.superconsole-x.com/products/super-console-x-max-4k-8k-ultra-hd-5g-wifi-with-50-000-games

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