If you are reading this blog, we think you are old enough to remember the days where streaming services weren’t a thing. People used to live off satellite Tv and even cable TV. Those were some OG time days when there were bulky TVs in every household and antenna throughout every rooftop in your neighborhood. But it’s now all expensive streaming services and subscription TV. So, if you are tired of paying big bucks, you will be surprised to hear that those days of free over-the-air cable TV never left.

You won’t get everything on them, but you will still get the best TV shows, sports events, and specials. For free TV, all you need is an antenna and a good signal. Also, today’s signals are not that big and clunky and less frisky, and some of them even have HD channels. So, let’s check out some of the best antennas you can get in 2021.

Best Antenna Overall

Channel Master Flatenna 35/Duo

Channel Master Flatenna 35/Duo is just for $10 from their website. Channel Master Flatenna 35/Duo has been upgraded with a removable antenna which is a great feature to have. You can easily carry it around. They also have a good signal range, and also the performance is much better than the previous versions. This is the best antenna in this list to pull a large number of channels.


The cables are detachable

There are 50 different channels

Number of channels that can be watched 9 out of 13

Price: $10 at channel Master

Best Antenna for Different Power Users

Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse

If you also have previously tried a Flatenna, you have been disappointed by the results. Don’t lose your heart over it; give it another shot. Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse comes for $80, performs very well, and has various broadcast signals for many different TV channels.


  • Firstly, the cables are detachable.
  • Number of channels in different cities: 39 in Manhattan and 65 in New Jersey
  • Lastly, the number of channels that can be watched 9 out of 13.

Price: $40 at Amazon

This Antenna is for Amazon Prime members:

AmazonBasics Ultra-Thin Indoor TV Antenna

If we can that any antenna that can compete with the Master Flatenna 35/Duo is the AmazonBasics Ultra-Thin Indoor TV Antenna. They are quite similar in design and features. Both have removable coax cables. The only that prevents it from beating the Flatenna. But maybe you have other amazon products, and you want this to add to the list too.


  • The cables are detachable
  • Number of channels in different cities: 41 in Manhattan and 64 in New Jersey
  • Number of channels that can be watched 8 out of 13

Price: $21 at Amazon


If you are tired of paying for streaming services and expensive cable operators, here are some free antennas for you which can get you most of the channels for free without any fuss.

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