Drought is disastrous for your garden. So make sure you can water your garden properly! You can do this in several ways. There are different types of garden sprinklers.

Do you have a small garden, or just flower pots and planters on your patio? Then a watering can is perfect for you. Just a splash of water and you're done. A watering can is not useful for larger areas, such as your lawn! But what is the best way to water a larger piece of garden? You can read that below!

Garden hose and spray head

A garden hose is very useful. You can combine it with different attachments: sprayer, spray head or in combination with different extensions.

With these types you have control over which part of the garden gets water, and how much. This way you can water certain shrubs more and, for example, your vegetable garden does not have to drown! But from a certain size of the garden, a garden hose is no longer useful.

The lawn sprinkler

The lawn sprinkler, also known as an oscillating sprinkler, is ideal in summer. You can run through the water jets! But of course it's meant to water your lawn.

This sprinkler is like the rain: the water falls gently on the grass from above. You can connect the lawn sprinkler to a garden hose or a tank/rain barrel with a water pump. You can also set the oscillating sprinkler to what extent it swings back and forth to spray the entire lawn. Of course you can also use this garden sprinkler for the rest of the garden! Please note that not all plants and shrubs can be irrigated from above, as this can cause mold to develop.

Pop-up Sprinkler - Invisible

The Pop-up Sprinkler, or Turbine Sprinkler, is perfect if you're looking for an invisible, yet effective way to water your garden.

The turbine nozzles are pushed upwards by water pressure and disappear into the ground when you turn off the water. They are then almost invisible, it does not bother you, but they still do their job!

The sunken garden sprinklers spray without great pressure and are therefore suitable for all plants. They can water the lawn, but also crops and ornamental plants.

The water jet of the sprinkler system is adjustable and can spray all around or in certain sectors. It is no problem to place the garden sprinkler close to the wall of the house. If you set the sprinkler correctly, the wall will stay dry. You can even spray around the corner, if you choose the right angle!

Drip irrigation - very accurate

Drip irrigation is not only for agriculture, it can also be done in your garden! The advantage of this system is that every plant gets enough water. This way you don't have to water each plant separately. So ideal!

A watering system is suitable for the entire garden, except for your lawn. The advantage of drip irrigation is that you water the garden at the roots of the plants. The water comes exactly where it should be and that is water-saving!

The irrigation system is structured as follows: it starts with a basic device. This ensures that the pressure decreases and at the same time filters the water. An extension tube or garden hose is connected to this device, which takes the water to the right places. The system can be used in many ways: for planters, hedges and shrubs, for borders, flower beds, vegetable gardens and greenhouses!