Want to make your body like a macho man? A woman with abs? Then you definitely will need a
cheap weighted vest. This vest works to increase your strength, power, and speed by giving
overloading effect on the body. How does this effect come?

#How We choose Best Weighted Vest For Running:

When you want a weighted vest? It is then when you are damn sure about getting a fit body. But
while choosing you to have to be careful if you are new a with it. So let’s check out the choosing options:

The first thing you have to check is the weight. The weight will help you to gain strength and
power. You can’t wear too loose or too tight vest while exercising. The weight depends on the
ability and activity.
If you want more strength than you can go for the heavy vest. The best weight will be 5 to 10
percent of body weight. More than this range will not be good for your body. You can add or
remove the weight per your requirement.

# Cheap Weighted Vest: How We Tested

After picking the best-weighted vest CrossFit, now it is time to test it whether it is perfect or not.

Let’s see the testing process:

• When you start with a weighted vest, make sure to start with less weight.
• As a beginner, you have to start wearing it for some time then gradually extend the time. Whenever you feel pain, make sure to remove the waist instantly.

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