These changes are especially apparent in archive photos recently uncovered by the New York Public Library.The collection contains prints from 1935 to 1936 by Berenice Abbott, a photographer who documented NYC's transformation over the previous century in her series "Changing New York."Comparing her photos to Google Street View images reveals how the city's public spaces have changed up to today."The bones of the city are still there, but we're good at adapting it for what we want."Jefferson Market Courthouse, 1935 vs 2014.Berenice Abbott/Google/Skye GouldIn 1939, the tracks in front of the courthouse migrated underground with the creation of the subway, bringing more light to the street and increasing the value of the nearby real estate.
GameTrailers, which looked like this when it launched back in 2002, is to live on as an archive supported by IGN.GameTrailers has a new owner, with entertainment media giant IGN picking the company up from Defy Media with the promise it will continue to host its video archive for the foreseeable future.Acquired by Defy Media in 2014 after a twelve-year operation, GameTrailers didn't last long under its new corporate owner: just two years later, Defy Media would shut the website down and lay off all staffers.'As of today, our longtime friends at IGN have picked up all the assets from GameTrailers,' explained co-founder Brandon Jones in the first video channel update since February this year.Sadly, not all assets are being put to use: 'Although is shutting down,' Jones continued, 'IGN is committed to archiving GT's massive library.Jones' announcement video is reproduced below.
The Nulled.IO board is used to trade and sell credit card and leaked identity information, hacking tools, cracks, and malware-creation kits.On May 6th, the hacker or hackers responsible for the breach dumped a 1.3 GB compressed archive online which when expanded is a 9.45 GB SQL file containing details of the website s cybercriminal users and their activities.According to RiskBased Security, which discovered the breach, the attack was likely possible due to Nulled.IO s use of the Ip.Board community forum, which has a number of known vulnerabilities.RiskBased Security said the full dump contains 536,064 user accounts, 800,593 user personal messages, 5,582 purchase records and 12,600 invoices, which could include donation records.All this information will, of course, likely be of interest to law enforcement officials, especially as it contains so much information about illegal activities.A particularly interesting discovery made by the RiskBased Security team is that there are 20 .gov email accounts in the leaked database that originate from countries such as the US, Turkey, the Philippines, Brazil, Malaysia, and Jordan.
Robert Schifreen, the "white hat" at the centre of the 1980s controversy, compiled the archive, which details Schifreen s two-year-long legal travails following his open hack of Prestel, BT s pre-web online service.Schifreen and the late Steve Gold managed to hack into BT's Prestel Viewdata service, famously accessing the personal message box of Prince Philip in the process.Involving the Royals prompted BT into calling in the police, setting off a chain of events that led to the the arrest of Schifreen and Gold in March 1985 and the subsequent prosecution of the two tech enthusiast journalists.Evening white hatsIn presenting the archive, Robert Schifreen explained the context of 1980s hacking to an audience at TNMOC.Live systems were used for home banking, among other applications.BootnoteThe Reg's take on how a hack on Prince Philip's Prestel account led to UK computer law - featuring interviews with Schifreen, former Detective Inspector John Austen, a senior investigating officer in the case, and Alistair Kelman , Gold's barrister throughout the case - can be found here.
This episode originally aired on October 16 2012.We are currently working on a new digital culture and technology podcast that will launch in June.If you have a story about how tech has influenced or impacted your life, email us at [email protected] week s show celebrates Ada Lovelace Day.Aleks Krotoski is joined by a panel of women working in and around the tech industry to discuss the lack of women in many parts of the sector.On the panel is the chair of the government Digital Advisory Board and member of the Cabinet Office Efficiency and Reform Board Martha Lane-Fox, social software consultant and writer and Ada Lovelace Day co-organiser Suw Charman-Anderson, mobile media specialist Helen Keegan, and the Guardian s digital correspondent Jemima Kiss.
Robert Schifreen has donated documentation relating to his landmark Prestel 'hacking' case, which led to The Computer Misuse Act 1990, to TNMOC.The National Museum of Computing TNMOC has announced the acquisition of an archive relating to a historic 'hacking' case from the 1980s, from the subject at the heart of the matter: Robert Schifreen.In the mid 80s, Robert Schifreen made a name for himself cracking into popular telecommunications service Prestel - ending up with access to mailboxes for some major public figures, up to and including Prince Philip.But 6pm was a significant start-time because the Prestel security staff had gone home and weren t there to deal with automated messages telling them that there had been three unsuccessful attempts at a log-on to Prestel,' Schifreen told the Museum of his exploits.The Computer Misuse Act came into existence in 1990.'We are extremely grateful to Robert Schifreen for donating his fascinating archive to TNMOC and giving us an insight into what now seems a very strange world in which computer security was not treated very seriously,' said Museum Trustee Margaret Sale of the donation.
Similarly the P9 has tools for delivering HDR images, night and timelapse photography, special light painting modes, and even direct access to the device's monochrome camera.I've quickly grown fond of the P9's monochrome photography tools, and its colour effects are ideal companions to Instagram's library of filters.Perhaps the most important of them is Microsoft's Office Lens, which lets me quickly take pictures of slides and whiteboards, and drop them into a OneNote notebook ready for annotation as part of my personal, searchable archive of meetings and conference sessions going back more than a decade.It's easy to find big name apps like Photoshop and Snapseed, but there's a long tail of applications that's hard to explore.Drilling into the app list lets you see reviews, but most of the time they're not particularly informative.Then there's the perennial issue of identifying the real reviews from real users, and trying to determine how their taste aligns with yours.
Every month brings the same news -- that month was the new 'hottest' month on record, edging past the previous month to paint a dire picture for the planet's climate.Soon enough, the record-breaking had formed a trend, and now NOAA has confirmed the news: we ve officially had a year-long streak of record-breaking warm weather.Before last month, the previous hottest April on record was April 2010, which was only 0.28 Celsius above average.Of all the continents on Earth, April s overall temperature fell into the top nine recorded, at the minimum.The month was particularly hard on South America, Africa, and Asia, where record temps for the month were recorded.Southern Europe also experienced especially warmer temps, as did eastern Australia, southern Alaska, and central Africa, among other places.
He and Steve Gold took control of Prestel and penetrated the email inbox belonging to the Duke of Edinburgh.Robert Schifreen said the whole saga had begun by accident.The number gave access to Prestel - a basic, text-based computer system developed in the late 1970s and early 1980s that gave people an early taste of online information services."One day, after months of trying, I dialled up this test computer, and it showed a page saying, 'This is the system manager password'.""The golden rule they broke was that in this test computer they used live data," Mr Schifreen said.The hack was aided by the fact that the two men were dialling up after 18:00, when phone calls got a lot cheaper.
China s government fabricates about 488 million social media comments a year -- nearly the same as one day of Twitter s total global volume -- in a massive effort to distract its citizens from bad news and sensitive political debates, according to a study.Three scholars led by Gary King, a political scientist at Harvard University who specializes in using quantitative data to analyze public policy, ran the first systematic study of China s online propaganda workers, known as the Fifty Cent Party because they are popularly believed to be paid by the government 50 Chinese cents for every social media post.Contrary to popular perception inside China, the Fifty Cent Party avoids engaging in debates with critics and doesn t make fun of foreign governments."In retrospect, this makes a lot of sense -- stopping an argument is best done by distraction and changing the subject rather than more argument -- but this had previously been unknown, King said in an e-mail.Although those who post comments are often rumored to be ordinary citizens, the researchers were surprised to find that nearly all the posts were written by workers at government agencies including tax and human resource departments, and at courts.The archive included a mix of multiple e-mail formats, programs and attachments that required King and his team to build customized computer code to crack the archive and deploy automated text analysis and extraction.Typically, the Fifty Cent Party workers would go into action right after some kind of social unrest or protest and try to distract public opinion with a wave of social media that researchers said was interesting, but innocuous and unrelated topic.They researchers said they deduced the rules for the messages: First, don t engage in controversial issues.Second, stop discussion about potential collective or street protests by active distraction.
The future of long-distance travel is looking more exciting than ever -- forget Amtrak, we'll have a Hyperloop.The effort, a collaboration between U.S. and Australian military research teams, involves hypersonic technology able to take planes from Sydney to London in a mere two hours.According to the AFP, the Hypersonic International Flight Research Experimentation team sent an experimental rocket to an altitude of 278 kilometers during a trial yesterday, hitting speeds of Mach 7.5.The team s goal has been creating an engine able to fly at Mach 7, eventually leading to the development of a commercial plane that could take travelers very long distances in relatively tiny amounts of time.The research team will be conducting a total of 10 trial runs in South Australia at Woomera, and at Andoya Rocket Range in Norway.As such, the contraption is lighter and faster than typical rockets that have to transport a bunch of fuel.
People often worry about what Facebook knows about them, so I downloaded my personal Facebook archive to see for myself.There were some surprises — I now know all the people I've unfriended since 2006 — but overall I realized just how much of my life I've lived on the social network.Here's all the stuff you can find out if you decide to download your Facebook archive:  View As: One PageSlides
To save you the trouble of digging through his archive, this article will share 10 hacks that Neil himself uses to quickly grow his email lists.Not all of these will be applicable to your business, and trying to do them all at once is just plain crazy.By choosing one or two that fit with your business and following through with them you re sure to see results.
The groundbreaking report reveals that the state s internet propaganda machine known as the Fifty Cent Party, in reference to the amount per post its workers are paid churns out a staggering 488 million fake social media posts a year.It also appears that the 50c party is mostly composed of government employees … not, as has been claimed, ordinary citizens paid piecemeal for their work.In order to conduct their research, the authors used leaked archives of emails from 2013 and 2014, attributed to the Internet Propaganda Office of a Chinese district known as Zhanggong.To crack the archive s multiple formats, the academics built their own computer code with which they extracted 2,341 emails, reports Bloomberg.As noted in the study, social media is as popular in China as any other region in the world.It is, however, not unusual to find fake posts on Western social media platforms as well.
We all know that the rings on a six-pack can be dangerous.However, once discarded, it can cause some serious issues for various wildlife that can get trapped inside the rings.It's always good practice to cut up the rings of those plastic six-pack holders, but not everyone bothers to take the time to do that.The rings are made from the barley and wheat byproducts that are leftover from the brewing process.As it turns out, it's actually great as fish food.Which is perfect for a company called SaltWater Brewery.
Version 7 adds support for the newest Mac and Windows operating systems, automatic cloud-based backup and syncing, and a new plug-in for Adobe After Effects.The new TypeSync feature doesn t replace the Archive and Restore feature introduced in version 6, which lets you copy your entire Font Vault to your Dropbox or Google Drive, and then restore it on another computer.Version 7 adds a completely new plug-in for Adobe After Effects CC 2015, which is being used by more and more designers to create animated text.With this plug-in, you no longer need to remember which fonts were used in each composition, a giant benefit since After Effects on its own doesn t help you determine which fonts are missing.As with earlier versions, Suitcase Fusion 7 includes auto-activation plug-ins for recent Adobe and Quark products, specifically: Photoshop, InDesign, InCopy and Illustrator versions CS6 and higher , and QuarkXPress 10 and 2015.In addition, Extensis new Suitcase TeamSync is an affordable alternative for teams who want to share the same font library but can t justify the cost or maintenance of Extensis Universal Type Server product.
The perfect vacuum"It's the perfect vacuum," says David Iron, CEO of Lunar Missions Ltd and the founder of Lunar Mission One."We will deep-drill into the Moon to create a hole with wonderful environmental qualities for preservation, probably better than anywhere else – it's -150 C down there, there's literally zero atmosphere, and whatever goes down the hole could survive a very, very long time."The billion-year archiveLM1 will bury two archives – one for private individuals, and one global database publicly assembled over the next decade, a lot like the internet.Image credit: Lunar Missions LtdAs well as storing their digital files, archivists can also submit their DNA code in the form of a single strand of hair, which will be permanently tagged with an individual's personal details.Organising the competition and choosing the final design/concept/idea will be down to the British Interplanetary Society, which is holding a Lunar Mission One event in June 2016."It's an opportunity to use an existing idea for a space-science mission to deep-drill on the Moon," says Iron, "because there are good scientific reasons for driving beyond a couple of metres."
As part of its recent global advertising campaign, Getty Images has teamed up with Brazilian ad agency AlmapBBDO to create one of the most impressive collections of advertisements we ve come across.Called Endless Possibilities, the ad campaign uses Getty Images massive archive of stock photos to re-create portraits of four famous people, using photos of random people s faces.The four faces reconstructed from random stock photos are those of Prince Charles, Pope Francis, the Dalai Lama, and Angela Merkel.Below are the resulting portraits:The idea behind the ad campaign was to show off how much variety Getty Images stock portfolio has to offer.There are 25,000 genes that made every human being unique with the right combination.Every intricate detail of the portraits was the result of a massive search, Oksenberg added.
Unchecky can help here by unchecking all tickboxes in software installers, and warning you if you are about to install a PUP.When faced with the program's terms of use it's tempting to just click 'Next', but it's worth taking the time to read them in case the program is going to bring some unwanted friends to the party.Unchecky automatically unticks checkboxes in software installers so you don't miss anyIt might be worth seeking out a portable version of the software you want to use; by definition, portable programs don't have to be installed they are usually supplied in a ZIP archive , so won't include an installer with bundled add-ons.If your antivirus software doesn't pick up the culprit, and you can't remove it through the browser's plug-ins menu, try Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.Have you come across any particularly pernicious PUPs?Let us know in the comments below!
The evidence that they occur with some frequency really began to pile up in the 1990s, when DNA evidence began to exonerate convicted criminals—including many who had confessed.Others confess to appease an aggressive investigator, desperate to put an end to a grueling interrogation—these are called compliant false confessions.Estimates vary, but anywhere from dozens to hundreds of people came forward to falsely confess to her killing, including transient Daniel S. Voorhees above .Clarence David / NY Daily News Archive via Getty ImagesTYPE: CompliantEXAMPLE: The Central Park FiveFollowing the rape of a female jogger in Central Park in 1989, five teenage boys of color—Raymond Santana, Kevin Richardson, Antron McCray, Yusef Salaam, and Kharey Wise—were accused and interrogated for 14 to 30 hours each.They confessed but later recanted, saying they had only given in to end the lengthy interrogations.The saga inspired the 1978 TV movie A Death in Canaan.