In today's time, where the digital world is flooded with huge volumes of data, technologies like AI and Big Data prove to be of great help.When working in a silo, these technologies can offer huge benefits, but what happens when these two technologies come together?Big Data and Artificial IntelligenceThe world is now recognizing the benefits of getting detailed insights from various data forms.With Big Data, organizations can capture, store, analyze and visualize business data by efficiently handling the volume, variety and velocity of data.Artificial Intelligence- AI is defined as- "the simulation of human intelligence processes performed by machines allowing them to collect data and convert it into meaningful and actionable information."AI can rationalize and take actions that fulfill the desired goals.Combined, these technologies can be used to identify trends and patterns out of historical and real data, allowing organizations to make decisions out of intuition but supported with substantial proofs.The Combined Working of Big Data and AIThe earliest shreds of evidence of Big Data have proved it transformed the decision-making process for enterprises.The launch of AI with Big Data gives enterprises new chances to explore a whole new world comprising exclusive use cases and data types.Big Data with AI algorithms can drive enhanced insights into modern-day business problems, resulting in improved time and accuracy.The following are some ways where AI and Big Data work together for creating improved business results-Improved & Faster Data AnalysisPrior to AI, the results of Big Data analysis had to study for gaining insights manually.
Big data Hadoop framework has many applications where the data is analyzed in big volumes.Big Data with Hadoop enables multiple types of analytic workloads to execute on similar data, at the same time, at a huge scale on industry-standard hardware.Hadoop is written in Java programming language.As the future scope of Big data Hadoop is high, it is used in social networking platforms like Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Linkedin, Twitter and etc.Hadoop is one of the most in-demand skills, so master the skills through industry experts training to become a Hadoop Developer expert.
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Work from home is the new way of life and for the companies whose business is not badly impacted may continue this work culture till the situation comes under control. The Top Trending jobs are: Data Science: Every day large amount of data is generated through our devices. Data science helps to improve the decision-making process by interpreting data. Top Programming Languages like Python, R, Scala, Java, Julia etc you can master any one. This is a vast field and sometimes companies hire project specific. The data is of both the forms structured and unstructured.
Our off-site application hosting caters to businesses that require an accessible, most efficient and ideal hosting environment for critical hosting.Applications are hosted on our state of the art Cloudaeon platform which is developed by our highly skilled engineering team.The platform uses VMWare technology to achieve the highest levels of durability and performance and offers 100% up-to-date availability.Application hosting is offered in two variants: standalone and container.An application hosted on a network device can serve several purposes.This ranges from automation and configuration management monitoring to integration into existing tool chains.When network devices are managed by configuration management applications such as Chef and Puppet, your network administrator can no longer focus solely on the command line interface (CLI).Due to the abstraction provided by the application, your administrator can now focus on design and other high-level tasks while the application does its job.Minimize the investment and maintenance costs of your infrastructure by hosting a web application or cloud hosting service provider that maximizes user mobility.
If companies fail to take reasonable precautions to protect their servers, they are open to potentially damaging data loss. Cyber attacks or systemic accidents can cause disaster for the company.Cloudaeon uses proven backup and restore solutions for multiple enterprise infrastructures and offers stable, scalable and closely guarded data protection. Hardware failures, human errors, system failures, natural disasters, computer viruses, theft, and accidental deletions all add to the data loss problem. Regardless of the problem, irreparable loss of data affects customers and employees and can have serious consequences for your business, including loss of revenue and damage to reputation. Waiting until it's too late is not an option. We can take care of worries that keep you from focusing on important aspects of your business.
Cloudaeon is a leading provider of enterprise computing solutions for the challenges of today and tomorrow.We offer all kinds of specialties in the sale of Enterprise Computing Services that meet the needs of every customer.Our solutions and services are designed to help customers grow quickly, perform well, and transform their processes to meet the needs of the rapidly changing IT market.The computing solutions our company offers to our customers.We'll develop a step-by-step implementation plan that will allow you to step carefully into an environment with minimal distraction to maximize knowledge transfer.Each phase will contain business-related indicators and achievements to confirm that we are achieving our goals before moving on to the next phase.Our main Enterprise computing Offerings include:DataBase AdministrationVirtualization & Cloud SolutionsDataLife Cycle ManagementBusiness ContinuityConsulting ServicesServer Storage & Backup SolutionsBenefits :20%-30% reduction in IT OPEX24x7x365 Data center supportWith Cloudaeon's Enterprise Computing Solutions, companies can reduce complexity by dramatically increasing usage, maximizing return on investment, and exceeding market entry requirements.
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    The depth and breadth of Cloudaeon's IT infrastructure and cloud technology make us our partner of choice in many of our customers' digital transformations. Our investment in patented tools and technology, complete partner ecosystem, knowledge of new technologies such as everything software defined, open source, DevOps, IoT, etc. make sure we can handle all cloud and IT infrastructure requirements from one fulfilling source. Cloudaeon Managed Infrastructure Services consists of a complete, integrated suite of services for managing distributed and hybrid IT environments from across the enterprise with a single reporting point. Our main Infrastructure service Offerings include : Reducing IT operating costs Improve user experience Uniform visibility in infrastructure Consumerization of IT We help you transform your operating system and infrastructure to meet the requirements of an agile and secure hybrid IT environment. Our next generation infrastructure solutions and services are cost effective to deploy and build operations to finance digital transformation and other businesses.
Big Data training is designed to give you an in-depth knowledge of the Big Data framework using Hadoop and Spark.In this hands-on Hadoop course, you will execute real-life, industry-based projects.
It is no secret that how Big Data has evolved in recent years and has been impacting and easing the different operations of leading organizations.Several industries have already utilized the benefits offered by the implementation of Big Data.And this has eventually instigated the growing need of professionals versed in Big Data Analytics.Big Data Analytics as a Career routeWhat is Big Data Analytics?Big Data Analytics enables to analyze the enormous amount of data or Big Data being generated and later being collected by the organizations and various industries.However, the ultimate motto behind figuring out these huge data is to unveil patterns and connections that might be beneficial in recognizing new opportunities and business scopes along with enabling them to make smarter business decisions.“Data is useless without the skill to analyze it.”–Jeanne Harris, Lecturer at Columbia University in the City of New YorkThe Soaring Big Data Analytics MarketNASSCOM in its report – “Future Skills”, claimed that new technologies such as AI and Big Data/Analytics are projected to give rise to ~800,000 job roles by 2021, which was ~510,000 in 2018.The Big Data and business analytics (BDA) solutions are expected to reach $189.1 billion in 2019 and by 2022, BDA revenue is projected to attain $274.3 billion worldwide.India being counted among top 10 Big Data Analytics markets in the world, Big Data Analytics sector in India is all set to witness eight-fold growth by reaching $16 billion by 2025.“If Big Data can be put to cutting-edge use for our corporations and clients, it can very well be a catalyst for the economy and the country.”–Keshav R Murugesh, CEO at WNS Global Services and Chairman of NasscomIs Big Data Analytics a good career?The above-mentioned facts might have already given you a fair idea regarding the opportunities associated with career in Big Data Analytics and the urgent need to enrolling into Big Data Analytics Course right now.Check out the points below!According to a latest report, around 97,000 positions related to analytics and data science are vacant- out of which 97% of job openings are in India.Analytics India Magazine, in its study – “Analytics and Data Science Jobs In India 2019” stated that the top industries embracing analytics include: Banking & Financial sector with 38% analytics-related job postings and e-commerce sector with 12% of analytics jobs.The Quant Crunch Report– conducted for IBM and Business-Higher Education Forum forecasted that there will be 2.7 million Big Data and analytics positions open by 2020.Quick facts for Big Data aspirantsSpanning from 2016 to 2019, there has been a striking growth in median salary for analytics professionals across all experience levels- which increased from INR 9.5 lakh per annum in 2016 to INR 12.6 lakh per annum across all experience levels in 2019.However, the mid-level analytics professionals reportedly earn between the bracket of INR 6 lakh to 25 lakh per annum in 2019 and the senior managerial level professionals get salary of INR 25 lakh onwards.The senior analytics leaders holding 12 years of experience can expect almost 60% increase in their salaries.Analytics professionals apparently get remuneration 26 percent higher than software engineers in India.Hadoop, Data Mining, SQL Database Querying are some of the skills and expertise you should consider earning, before getting into Big Data Analytics jobs.The top designations in Big Data Analytics are Business Analyst, Research Analyst, Data Analyst, SAS Analyst, Hadoop Developer and so on.While the job opportunities of Big Data analysts have been multiplying with the passing time, there is a prominently visible scarcity of skilled professionals.
Today, as the public have changed and are taking ample interest in knowing their preferred political leader, major political parties are also playing smartly in terms of communicating with the public in a better way and understanding their views, by utilizing Big Data.5 ways your Business can leverage Big DataStatista claimed that the global Big Data market is estimated to grow to 103 billion U.S. dollars by 2027, which is more than double the expected market size in 2018.Emphasizing the growing importance of big data, Geoffrey Moore, an American consultant opined that – “Without Big Data, you are blind and deaf in the middle of the freeway.” The impact of big data applications is loud and clear – from comprehending the thinking of the general public to enabling businesses to flourish.Big data for Businesses (whether it is a large company or start-up) acts like wonder!How businesses are using big data?Walmart – With big data, businesses can understand the requirements and preferences of their customers more precisely, the biggest example of which is the world’s largest retailer – Walmart using big data analytics since the world barely knew about big data.This is all because of the vast data collected by the cab service which helps them to know the appropriate time when the fare should be on the higher side.Here’s where big data comes into the picture.How Netflix uses big data to drive success?Netflix decides its content be offered based on its ‘recommendation engine’ which is driven by data analyzing its customers’ choice and inclination.Amazon – Does your favorite e-commerce app have ever sent you a pop-up text of the product you view sometime or a few days ago?If yes, then this is because of the implication of the big data by e-commerce companies which continuously tracks your searches and wish list followed by frequently reminding you to go back to the app and purchase the product.
To define in the simplest form, big data is nothing but the collection of structured and unstructured data which is not in any specific format and originates from different sources.According to a report by Wise Guy Reports (WGR), the global big data in the healthcare market is on the verge of valued at USD 34.27 billion by 2022 along with witnessing 22.07% growth rate over the forecast period of 2016 to 2022.In a nutshell, Big Data Applications in healthcare are revolutionizing the way healthcare used to operate.Banking- In a time, when digital banking is been practiced by a good population of youth, banks are also taking the plunge and leaving no stone unturned to offer comprehensive customer-centric services, with the help of Big Data Applications in banking.Considering this, Reserve Bank of India is all set to initiate a Big Data analytics division which can provide meaningful growth in its progression.Education- From traditional classroom education to now adapting to the interactive education system, educational institutions of the country is giving much priority to students’ overall learning experience.On that account, it becomes quite important for the TV channel owners, media owners, gaming companies and video publishers to comprehend their customers’ consumption behaviour and choices which big data real-time applications make possible.For a matter of fact, Google processes 3.5 billion requests per day, Google stores 10 billion gigabytes, Facebook collects and processes 500 TB of data every day and so on.This mammoth amount of data surely can enable the media and entertainment industry to churn out more relevant and useful content.Transportation- With the growing population and economy, the uses of public as well as private transportation is also increasing simultaneously.
Big Data training is designed to give you an in-depth knowledge of the Big Data framework using Hadoop and Spark.In this hands-on Hadoop course, you will execute real-life, industry-based projects.
Big Data training  is designed to give you an in-depth knowledge of the Big Data framework using Hadoop and Spark.In this hands-on Hadoop course, you will execute real-life, industry-based projects.
This blog discusses the impact of Big Data Analytics in the Travel and Tourist Industry in the present era and its disruption in the future.Learn More at : Big Data Analytics solutions.
Big Data certification can offer your career a big boost, whether you’re just getting started or you’re a seasoned professional.If you’re new to the field, a Big Data certification will get you trained so you can make the transition and land that first job.
According ro market research report "Hadoop Big Data Analytics Market by Component (Solutions and Service), Deployment Mode, Organization Size, Business Function, Vertical (BFSI, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Manufacturing), and Region - Global Forecast to 2025", published by MarketsandMarkets™, the Hadoop Big Data Analytics Market size to grow from USD 12.8 billion in 2020 to USD 23.5 billion by 2025, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 13.0% during the forecast period.Various factors such as the growing focus on digital transformation, rise in investments in analytics, increasing focus on remote monitoring in support of the COVID-19 pandemic, growing adoption of smart payment technologies, and business need to build a digital infrastructure for large-scale deployments are expected to drive the adoption of Hadoop Big Data Analytics Market.They have also influenced supply chains and logistics owing to complete or partial halting of operations in various verticals.The condition is expected to come under control by early 2021, while the demand for Hadoop big data analytics solutions and services is expected to increase owing to surging demand for remote health monitoring of individuals and assets, sales and customer management, predictive asset maintenance, energy management, and inventory management.Download PDF [email protected] in various verticals are already planning to deploy a diverse array of Hadoop big data analytics solutions to carry out the digital transformation of mission-critical processes, which are expected to improve their operations and strengthen customer relationships.The growth of the BFSI vertical can be attributed to the dynamic and competitive nature of the BFSI market, characterized by changing consumer demands, evolving macroeconomic landscapes, and evolving regulatory frameworks.Hadoop big data analytics solutions can empower the vertical to navigate challenges by lowering infrastructure costs, automating non-core business applications such as CRM and ERP, and bringing innovative products in the market.Speak To Analyst @ Among services, the managed services segment to grow at a higher CAGR during the forecast periodThe Hadoop Big Data Analytics Market is segmented on services into two categories, namely, professional services and managed services.