Resident Evil 7 is in development and will make an appearance at the E3 2016 gaming expo next month, according to a gaming industry consultant in Japan.According to Tokyo-based Dr. Serkan Toto, who is building a reputation for breaking big gaming news, the long-rumoured title will be make a triumphant return to the franchise's "horror roots.Toto s impressive track record suggests the information is credible, but until Capcom makes the announcement at E3, we d treat this as a rumour.The last game in the series, Resident Evil 6, was released in 2012 and earned a credible 7/10 rating from TrustedReviews.Last summer Capcom also confirmed it is giving the classic 1998 Resident Evil 2 title a full remake, caving to years of demands from gamers.Do you still hold out hope Capcom's flagship series can recapture its glory days?
This episode originally aired on October 16 2012.We are currently working on a new digital culture and technology podcast that will launch in June.If you have a story about how tech has influenced or impacted your life, email us at [email protected] week s show celebrates Ada Lovelace Day.Aleks Krotoski is joined by a panel of women working in and around the tech industry to discuss the lack of women in many parts of the sector.On the panel is the chair of the government Digital Advisory Board and member of the Cabinet Office Efficiency and Reform Board Martha Lane-Fox, social software consultant and writer and Ada Lovelace Day co-organiser Suw Charman-Anderson, mobile media specialist Helen Keegan, and the Guardian s digital correspondent Jemima Kiss.
Tools to keep track of crashes, easier to create tests for Android apps and new APIs. - I think Fire Base will make a big impression on developers, especially when with a few exceptions, completely free and unlimited and available for both iOS and Android, says Erik Hellman, a consultant at Hellman Software that are in place on the I / O. Test Recording used to create automated tests in a simple way and Layout Designer for designing user interfaces for Android apps. Even the next Android version, called N, is interesting for developers, for example, with the new APIs. It is a collection of HTML 5-based APIs, for example, to build offline solutions, and also includes AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages is a solution to load webpages faster. - All this means that the Web is now a more realistic alternative to native apps, says Erik Hellman.
With my experience, I hope to contribute to reach these goals, he says of what attracts him to the new task. Pricer CEO defects Pricer CEO Jonas Vestin resigns from his position as President and CEO of pricing the company. Kenneth marries together different cultures and people in a natural way, and has a strong vision for Huawei at both local and global levels, says Wells Li. Now leave the software innovation-CEO Tieto Last year, Tieto acquired the Norwegian software innovation. The reason is, according to a blog post that he wants a break, when he should be more with the family, do some work as a consultant and does not go straight into a new, permanent employment. Staffan has experience in scaling up a business and selling a product that changes and digitizes a traditional industry and a traditional process.
Tesla has taken 373,000 orders for the Model 3 - which has a starting price of $35,000, about half its Model S - and has said it would begin customer deliveries in late 2017.Citing "tremendous demand," Chief Executive Elon Musk told analysts on an April call that the company planned to boost total production, including the existing Model S and Model X crossover, to 500,000 in 2018 - two years earlier than its original target and a 10-fold increase over the 50,000 vehicles it made in 2015.He said Tesla would drop suppliers that could not meet deadlines and would bring more parts production in-house than traditional automakers typically do.The company still is soliciting bids for parts and machinery, according to representatives from several of companies that have received them, as well as industry consultants who monitor such bids.Automaking consultant Ron Harbour of Oliver Wyman said increasing production at the Fremont plant to 500,000 vehicles in 2018 would require more stamping, welding and assembly machinery that "could take up to 18 months to order and install."Tesla's production push comes at a time of high demand for machinery and tooling created by a surge in product launches coming from established automakers, said a Detroit-based supplier sales executive.
Deutsche Bank May Punish Staff for Personal Trade With Firm Bloomberg -- Deutsche Bank AG halted bonus payments to a group of employees while examining whether they improperly traded with the firm.2.U.S. Stocks Rise Amid Buffett s Apple Bet, Oil Rally; Bonds Slip Bloomberg -- U.S. equities climbed as Warren Buffett s bet on Apple Inc. sent the iPhone maker s shares rallying, while crude oil s surge to a six-month high amid speculation a supply glut has eased boosted commodity-producer shares around the world.5.Dollar Jumps as Fed Minutes Boost June Hike Odds; Bonds Retreat Bloomberg -- The dollar rallied and Treasuries plunged after minutes of the Federal Reserve s last meeting showed officials discussed raising rates as early as June.The Commodity That No One Knows About But Everybody Wants to Buy Bloomberg -- The world s mines and steel plants got so devalued during the commodity slump that some were just given away by owners struggling to cut losses or debt.Bonuses for Traders, Hedge Fund Managers Seen Falling in 16 Bloomberg -- Bonus pools could decline by as much as 20 percent for some Wall Street workers this year, with incentive pay falling at almost every type of financial-services firm, according to compensation consultant Johnson Associates Inc.9.I Hate My IPhone, and I m Not Alone: Brooke Sample & Shira Ovide Bloomberg View -- I have an iConfession: I hate my iPhone.2.
Convoluted terms and bad processes make it easy to forget about making a great product that serves users needs.Ask about the difference between UX and UI at a design conference and you ll get about a half dozen answers.To be clear, interface is a part of the user s experience, and heuristics are important to any product development.Most people who ve read a textbook on industrial design are familiar with the concept of creating personas of users.But before you go to the whiteboard and write Sarah is a 23 year old dance instructor living in the Midwest … ask yourself these three questions:1.Never say you re the founder or person who came up with the idea.People in coffee shops like coffee, and they tend to like someone who buys them coffee, too.Mason Pelt is a marketing and product development consultant who now assumes the title growth hacker as founder of Push ROI.
Security consultant Arne Swinnen says Instagram has shuttered brute force authentication holes that allowed hijacking of some 20 million accounts.The NVISO infosec man says an absent authentication control coupled with an insecure direct object reference vulnerability meant attackers could commandeer some four percent of accounts held in a temporary lock state.Instagram owner Facebook paid Swinnen @arneswinnen $US5000 for reporting the holes, slinging a patch within 10 days of the disclosure earlier this month.Of those tested he found some 39,000 accounts could be accessed by changing the associated account phone number, a feat which also exposed a user's phone digits as it was pre-filled into the form."This case was the most troublesome, as an attacker could on one hand gather sensitive user information pre-filled phone numbers and on the other hand simply update the phone number linked to the victim Instagram account," Swinnen says.Swinnen says quick manual checks found many of those phone number -exposed Instagram accounts were "mostly human" that had been inactive for a couple of weeks with a "good amount" of followers.
- Swedish growth in IT today is totally consumer-led. When it comes to corporate IT purchase is basically zero growth and government investment in IT is declining, says Fredrik Lindberg, Nordic manager for technology, media and telecommunications at BCG. Neither the previous government nor the present has had a digital vision or ambition that is good enough, according to Fredrik Lind. It is very slow and is not very practical. By comparison, he highlights four countries in Europe that have clear digital strategies - Britain has a Technology Roadmap, the Netherlands has also had the matter up there a long time and has worked with aid to small and medium-sized enterprises to get them in digitization. - Estonia's aggressive policy terms.
- Swedish growth in IT today is totally consumer-led. When it comes to corporate IT purchase is basically zero growth and government investment in IT is declining, says Fredrik Lindberg, Nordic manager for technology, media and telecommunications at BCG. Neither the previous government nor the present has had a digital vision or ambition that is good enough, according to Fredrik Lind. It is very slow and is not very practical. By comparison, he highlights four countries in Europe that have clear digital strategies - Britain has a Technology Roadmap, the Netherlands has also had the matter up there a long time and has worked with aid to small and medium-sized enterprises to get them in digitization. - Estonia's aggressive policy terms.
This spring it became clear that Kjell Ahlzén should leave the CEO role in HPE to become Sweden-CEO of Salesforce on 1 June. She has been at HP since 2011, and has previously worked for two other IT giants, and as a senior consultant at Microsoft and previously at IBM. Anna Grano wants to wait to give an interview until she is on site at the new job, but leave some comments about his future assignments via email. When asked what changes she will enforce it becomes crystal clear no answer. - I'm going to give myself time to listen to our employees, customers and partners ideas and needs before I along with my management team decide how we will implement HPE's global strategy in the Swedish market, she says, and it seems anyway rhyme well with how she describes her leadership style. I believe in continuous learning and a focus on results.
A year ago, said Jacob Rudbäck up from work as a management consultant at BCG in Australia. If you have a good idea that you are really passionate about, you notice it, and then it can go fast to access capital, says the 31-year-old CEO and founder of Yepstr. The goal is to become a network for the world's most ambitious young people In this sense, the service is hardly unique. For Di Digital reveals Jacob Rudbäck that the company brought in 7 million from Dan Sten Olsson and three other major investors. So far, fine Yepstr only in test version, called a beta app, Taby, Lidingo, Nacka and central Stockholm. We open an area when we reached critical mass there, which we estimate at around 0.5-1 per cent of the population.
We need to talk more about the psychological work, and we must dare to ask for help from the boss and colleagues, says Eva Jakobsen of the Danish Union of Journalists. Reduce the demands and distance to work, the working environment consultant Eva Jakobsen's advice not to go into the wall. - If we try to move the focus from the individual to the production, we can provide more concrete feedback, says Eva Jakobsen. Often requires that an outsider will react to you to break the cycle. Say loudly that you feel stressed - to your family, your colleagues and your boss. Give your body the rest it needs.
Magnus Carlsson photographer: Sverker Brundin If you wish to procure an IT consultant you are often referred to a consultant broker. - Consultant Brokers eWork adds very little value, says Magnus Carlsson. The large consultant brokers take according to Magnus Carlsson 10-20 percent of the cost of the consultant. - There is a fairly extensive work. One advantage of the consultant broker is that it handles invoicing and contract management. Towards the middle of August it shall then open to buyers of consulting services.
It used to be that when you booked four tickets at once — say, because you re a perfectly normal family going on holiday — the airline would book the four of you in seats next to each other.But this is a brave new world, and airlines running on razor-thin profit margins must grasp onto every possible chance for cold hard cash:A few carriers are openly marketing the so-called family fee.Frontier Airlines, which since 2014 has charged for all advance seat assignments, has a drawing of two people with a child on its website saying paying is recommended to keep your party together.Parents face the choice of adding fees on top of fares or begging other travelers on packed flights to switch seats so children aren t sitting alone with strangers.But it s a whole new level of trickery when airlines use online seating maps to make the plane seem full, pressurizing you to pay a fee to reserve a seat, when the plane s actually half-empty:Louis Silfin, a banking consultant in New York, was traveling alone recently when he decided to pay $9 extra to move closer to the front of the plane on what appeared to be full Delta flights from New York to Boston and back.Why did I just pay for a better seat when I could have just moved around anyway?
Dangerous Things claims it has sold about 10,500 chips, as well as the do-it-yourself kits to install them under the skin, to people all over the world.It was founded by CEO Amal Graafstra , a man of some repute in the body-hacking world who rose to prominence in 2005 after implanting an RFID chip into his left hand — a chip he still uses to unlock the door to his house.Eventually, it got to the point where he thought he could make a real business out of sourcing and selling RFID chips, and in 2013, Dangerous Things was born.Cracking into an implanted RFID chip is a trickier proposition, but a hacker intent on stealing even encrypted or password-protected health or financial information stored on an implanted chip could do so.While RFID chips, in theory, can hold whatever information a person wants on them — passwords to their email and Amazon accounts, credit card information, medical records — in practice they're used today for only a limited number of functions."I don't worry about it being swiped, because in order to read the chip, you have to be within a few millimeters of it , and it takes a couple seconds to read," said Trenton Adams, a computer software consultant in Georgia who uses one implantable chip for buzzing in at work and another for storing his emergency contact information.
The last six years he has been a consultant in the lucrative market for gambling online. In parallel, Edward Ihre file on, and sought financing, Codeta - a new Swedish network-based gaming company with the ambition to become a global major player. The question must be asked directly: why do we need yet another gaming company? We have found a position that is completely vacant, said Edward Ihre confidently. Edward's brother, Christian Ihre who founded the brand agency LynxEye, is co-founder of Codeta together with the business developer Yrsa Thunholm. With the shareholder list is also Willem De Geer, former CEO of technology company panopticon sold to US Data Watch for SEK 300 million, and Max Kållberg and Karl Samuelsson, with a past sports rights giant IEC in Sports.
House of Lies - ShowtimeYes, this hilarious, raunchy comedy starring Don Cheadle as management consultant Marty Kaan, who lives by questionable morals and a willingness to do just about anything to win an account, will end after its fifth season this year.Supported by his just-as-ruthless loyal team that includes sometimes love interest Jeannie van der Hooven Kristen Bell , eager protégé Clyde Oberholdt Ben Schwartz and goofy Doug Guggenheim Josh Lawson , they manipulate their way into some of the biggest firms, squashing anyone who attempts to top them.The show is based on the book House of Lies: How Management Consultants Steal Your Watch and Then Tell You the Time, which was written by Martin Kihn, a former consultant, and the inspiration for Cheadle s character.The series finale will air on June 12.
Users themselves must turn on encryption. A "dangerous" and "unsafe" design, according to the whistle-blower. Besides unbroken encryption works much like the corresponding feature in the Chrome browser: all messages are deleted when you close the conversation. - Edward Snowden @Snowden May 27, 2016 Edward Snowden is far from the only one who questions the decision. Google makes even some criticism from within his own ranks. Thai Doung, a security consultant who worked with the app, saw the decision in a blog post.
Stealth Israeli startup Sirin Labs officially launched its super high-end Android smartphone at an event in London today, bringing to an end years of speculation about what the company s been cooking up behind the scenes.Sirin Labs was founded in 2013 by Kazakh entrepreneur Kenges Rakishev, Israeli venture capitalist Moshe Hogeg the same guy behind Yo and Mobli , and former McKinsey consultant Tal Cohen.The mission?The company had raised a $25 million seed round a couple of years back, followed by a chunky $72 million round just last month.Solarin promises the most advanced privacy technology, currently unavailable outside the agency world, and has partnered with KoolSpan to integrate chip-to-chip 256-bit AES encryption, similar to what the military uses to protect communications.It s activated via a physical security switch on the back of the phone.But plans are afoot to open additional retail stores across Europe, North America, and Asia later in the year.Ludicrously expensive phones aren t entirely without precedent — Nokia dumped luxury-phone brand Vertu back in 2012, but only after it had brought to market a number of eye-poppingly expensive handsets, such as the $310,000 Signature Cobra and the $5,000 Constellation.After leaving Nokia, Vertu brought out its first Android device — the $10,000 Vertu Ti — and was eventually acquired from Swedish private equity group EQT by a consortium of Chinese investors back in November.We ll also be trying to get a hands-on with the Solarin phone and update with more photos.