As part of the deal, 50 Limonetik employees will move to Thunes.
EPFL students have created a high-performance 3D printer capable of printing structures that are extremely small, measuring only a few microns across. The project started when professors at EPFL were looking for a new 3D printer, but the options were either too expensive or not up to the standards required for their work. Professors Christophe Moser and Jurgen Brugger decided … Continue reading
Photo by CHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT/AFP via Getty Images In fits and starts, the US is reopening — in many cases to the chagrin of office workers who have settled into work-from-wherever setups they’ve had the past 16-ish months to perfect. And given the willingness of many of those same workers to quit rather than go back to full-time cubicle life, many companies have offered some form of “hybrid” arrangement as a compromise. It seems that benefit isn’t being extended to all workers, though. Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft were short on concrete answers as to which contingent workers — which comprise sizable, sometimes majority portions of their workforce, and perform functions from hospitality and security to content moderation and coding — if any would be allowed to work... Continue reading…
(VIB (the Flanders Institute for Biotechnology)) Cancer cells can develop resistance to therapy through both genetic and non-genetic mechanisms. But it is unclear how and why one of these routes to resistance prevails. Understanding this 'choice' by the cancer cells may help us devise better therapeutic strategies. Now, the team of Prof. Jean-Christophe Marine (VIB-KU Leuven Center for Cancer Biology) shows that the presence of certain stem cells correlates with the development of nongenetic resistance mechanisms.
When it comes to our wedding, we get more conventional and want to perform everything keeping in mind all the customs and traditions.A wedding brings upon us a nuptial bond that is to stay with us forever.Once the proposal is finalized, we move towards engagement, which is a formal occasion that also announces both the partners willing to join their nuptial bonds.The Kelowna jewelry shops shall help you get the best of these bridal sets and you can have it at good prices at the ‘pawn shop near me.You can have your own ring set with a traditional wedding band or you can try to go bold with alternative women bands inlaid with some unique material, such as exotic wood or meteorite, which is too popular these days.Generally, the bands are either straight or curved, but the features of both can vary from multi-stone and inlaid.
Private-equity firms KKR & Co. and Clayton Dubilier & Rice will take Cloudera private in a $5.3 billion deal, handing $16 a share in cash to investors.
An intensive care mask to repair even the most damaged hair.This best selling product of Christophe Robin absorbs perfectly into the hair for deep and lasting action from root to tip.
(Technical University of Munich (TUM)) An enzyme could make a dream come true for the energy industry: It can efficiently produce hydrogen using electricity and can also generate electricity from hydrogen. The enzyme is protected by embedding it in a polymer. An international research team with significant participation of scientists from Technical University of Munich (TUM) has presented the system in the renowned science journal Nature Catalysis.
The fragrance was developed by perfumers Olivier Pescheux, Christophe Raynaud and Michel Girard, and features notes of fragrance include grapefruit, rose, cinnamon, spice notes,mint, blood orange, blond leather, white woods, amber and patchouli.The 1 million bottle is modelled after a gold ingot.
IDEMIA’s facial recognition 1:N algorithm achieved best for accuracy in the latest Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)1.IDEMIA today announced that its facial recognition algorithm 1:N came top among 75 tested systems and 281 entrants in NIST’s latest FRVT.FRVT measures how well facial recognition systems work for civil, law enforcement and security applications covering accuracy, speed, storage, and memory criteria.FRVT test results are acknowledged to be the gold standard of the global security industry.NIST’s March 26, 2021 test results establish beyond all doubt that IDEMIA has the best identification system on the market.Taking border control systems as an example, IDEMIA achieved the best accuracy score of 99.65% correct matches out of 1.6 million face images.One of the important aspects of AI-based automated facial recognition is to teach its various algorithms not only to be accurate, but equally important fast and optimized for fairness.It is all about striking the right balance when dealing with large volumes of face images.IDEMIA’s facial recognition solutions work with or without mask2 and with the best trade-off between speed and accuracy3, demographic parity4 and are able to process face profile images1.FRVT evaluated IDEMIA’s core algorithms underlying all its systems using facial recognition which address access control, public security and border control needs.IDEMIA’sChief Technology Officer Jean-Christophe Fondeur said: “IDEMIA has always advocated for responsible and ethical use and development of biometric technologies.The test results confirm IDEMIA’s long-standing expertise in facial recognition AI-based research and how advanced our technology is.
Authored by Christophe Barraud, As I previewed, US new vehicle sales rebounded sharply in March.What is more surprising is that they rose 13.3% MoM, reaching 17.75 million SAAR (highest since December 2017) and largely exceeding expectations of 16.40 million SAAR (Bloomberg consensus).“Everything,” said a Ford dealer.
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Effective for all skin types.The synergy of essential oils and vegetable oils in mon huilette Night smoothes and restores suppleness to my skin.Thanks to the sensory virtues of essential oils, mon huilette Night provides a state of relaxation conducive to sleep.Mon Huilette Night is an effective anti-aging oil-serum enriched with essential oils of Myrtle, Italian Helichrysum, Oregano and, Bourbon Geranium, which provide smoothing,tightening, and regenerating properties.
Bluetooth- and UWB-based contact tracing both compelling, though UWB may be poised for post-pandemic takeoff
Excess Savings Will Be A Massive Economic Boost From 2Q” Submitted by Christophe Barraud U.S. personal incomes soared in January as Americans received a
– Through this collaboration with Microsoft, UCB seeks to discover and develop medicines faster for people living with severe diseases in immunology and neurology– Microsoft will provide AI technology and applied scientists to work alongside UCB’s scientists and data specialists, aiming to allow UCB to discover new correlations and patterns critical to finding new and highly individualized medicinesUCB and Microsoft have announced a new multi-year, strategic collaboration to combine Microsoft’s computational services, cloud, and artificial intelligence (AI) with UCB’s drug discovery and development capabilities.As several drug discovery activities require the analysis of high-dimensional data sets or multi-modal unstructured information, Microsoft’s platform can support UCB’s scientists, including its data scientists, to discover new medicines in a more efficient and innovative way.The collaboration builds on the work UCB and Microsoft have already embarked on around COVID-19.As part of the COVID Moonshot project, UCB’s medicinal and computational chemists contributed compound designs to this worldwide open-science project to create an orally bioavailable anti-viral for COVID-19 – with the most potent series of compounds coming from UCB designs.This combination of cutting-edge science, computing power, and AI algorithms aims to significantly accelerate the iteration cycles required to explore a vast chemical space to test many hypotheses and identify more effective molecules.The collaboration plans to extend this model and identify other areas where computing power, AI, and science can accelerate the development of life changing therapies for people living with severe diseases in immunology and neurology.The work will augment UCB’s scientists, subject matter experts, and research partners across every part of the drug discovery and delivery value chain by harnessing diverse research information and AI models alongside human expertise and creativity.“We are delighted to be collaborating with Microsoft to uncover new insights to better understand a patient’s condition, as well as the science, and to enable an enhanced patient experience,” said Jean-Christophe Tellier, CEO of UCB.
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christophe barraud’s creative blog on DashBurst.After a Master II in Finance, I wrote a thesis in Financial Economics at Paris-Dauphine University (France).Although I enjoyed my time in the academic sphere, the overly theoretical framework and the lack of daily risk-taking led me to pursue a career as a market economist.Being also passionate about macroeconomics, I chose to adapt my models and methodology to the forecasting of economic statistics (growth, inflation, unemployment rate, etc.).This forecasting work has been very useful in extending my field of expertise to that of strategist.Chief Economist and Strategist at Market Securities since 2011, I have been awarded by Bloomberg the title of Top Forecaster of the U.S. Economy (since 2012), Eurozone Economy (since 2015) and Chinese Economy (since 2017).
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