Gone are the days where websites look like a bad acid trip.Despite the ebb and flow of design trends, one thing is certain: In 2016, it s just as important for websites to have great functionality as it is to have great looks.If you re an admirer of beautiful websites, we have the perfect collection for your browsing enjoyment.Curated anonymously, SiteSee collects the most visually alluring and modern web design currently online.For example, An Interesting Day features colorful and stylish illustrations, while Plume uses a combination of animation and video to impress the user.Then there are others, like MSDS Studio, that combine a strong visual identity with technical trickery to create a striking portfolio of their work.
Network programmability has been a mixed blessing, Apstra Founder and CEO Mansour Karam said.SDN initiatives like OpenFlow take the functions of network devices like switches and figure out how to realize those in controller software.AOS takes advantage of APIs application programming interfaces for network devices that didn t even exist until a few years ago when networking began to open up, Karam said.The system uses real-time telemetry that can detect and show whether the network is carrying out policies as intended.If they can closely monitor what s going on, they ll be more likely to trust automation, he said.They don t all do the same things, but they aim to satisfy a hunger for information about what s going on in increasingly complex IT environments that combine elements like cloud, virtualization and mobility.
Meet the Sleepman, heralded as the first device to combine sleep-optimization and enhancement functions with daytime drowsiness prevention and concentration-loss alerts.Noting that the human brain is constantly generating biosignals, the Sleepman team claims that its revolutionary new device reads these signals from your wrist and analyzes them with its unique Electro-Dermal Activity tracking algorithms.With the Sleepman, you ll be privy to features like the doze-off alert, which is meant to improve road safety by warning drivers when they re losing their focus; the biosmart alarm, which monitors your brain s signals to wake you up at the optimal time during your sleep cycle; and the power nap, which catches you right before you fall into a deep sleep so that you get your ideal cat nap without losing the entire day.We ve been working on this for more than two years, always with the aim of improving people s sleep, said Dr. Alexander Praskovsky, founder of Sleepman.Sleep is one of the most important aspects of our well-being — and an essential element to staying healthy, happy and alert — but studies show that a majority of people suffer from some kind of sleeping problems or not getting enough sleep.After all, what wouldn t you pay for a better night s rest?
Tesla Motors Inc. s offer to buy SolarCity Corp. would combine two already deeply linked companies to offer consumers a one-stop shop for building the low-carbon home of the future.According to billionaire Elon Musk, Tesla vehicles would return nightly to homes powered by SolarCity s rooftop power systems.Energy stored in Tesla batteries could be used to recharge the sleek electric cars.The goal is to create a home energy network that reduces the use of fossil fuels, built around the Musk ecosystem: He s the founder and chief executive officer of Tesla, chairman of SolarCity and the largest shareholder of both.The challenge I see around this for both companies is that they re kind of strapped for cash,  said Hugh Bromley, an analyst for Bloomberg New Energy Finance in New York.Musk offered SolarCity shareholders $26.50 to $28.50 a share, a premium of as much as 35 percent from Tuesday s closing price, in a post on the Palo Alto, California-based company s blog.SolarCity offers a residential energy storage system to solar customers, using Tesla s Powerwall batteries.Rive and his brother Peter Rive co-founded the San Mateo, California-based solar company and are Musk s cousins.Tesla is building a large battery factory in Nevada, the Gigafactory, and has said from the start that the facility will supply components that will power cars and store solar energy.The company is actively involved in storage, Pavel Molchanov, an analyst at Raymond James Financial Inc., said in an e-mail Tuesday.
JonathunderImagine a $50 million diamond heist that isn't investigated by any police body, and more than four days later, the broken vault that made the whole thing possible remains unfixed and suffers follow-on attacks by a group of marauding copycats.The ransacked jeweler in this parable is The DAO, a crowdfunded investment fund that relies on highly specialized computer code and Ethereum to automatically execute investment decisions made by its members.While the smaller attacks don't pose the same devastating blow, they underscore a problem that's vexingly hard to fix.The attackers on Friday figured out that when a function called splitDAO was called, it could be invoked again and again before setting an existing user's balance to zero.As Martin Koeppelmann, an entrepreneur and developer of an Ethereum-based startup called Consensus Systems, explained here:The attacker managed to combine 2 exploits.Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin has said he supports such a plan, but in the same statement, he also recognized it would have to be supported by a majority of the miners, meaning it's out of his hands.
Samsung might not yet be jumping into the standalone VR headset race, preferring to remain on the smartphone-powered route, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have its fingers in other cookie jars.A new Chinese company has popped up with its own brand of VR, called the Idealens K2.However, it is also limited in terms of processing power to what the headset itself offers.The Exynos 7420 is paired with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage.Either it was a gross clerical error or Idealens was able to combine the best of the Exynos 7420 with the best of an NVIDIA Tegra K1.For a fun fact, the company boasts that the headset is produced by Foxconn, famed assemblers of Apple's iPhones and iPads.
In the spring there has been speculation about who would buy the TDC in Sweden.the TDC is a nordic operator headquartered in Denmark.The Swedish subsidiary, which is available in 20 places in the country, accounting for 11% of group sales.– To combine Telecom's and TDC Sweden's activities will create an even stronger player for the corporate market in Sweden.the TDC has traditional been strong in the mobile and fixed telephony, while the TDC Sweden has come further in the networking services, says Samuel Shot, ceo of Tele2 Sweden, in a press release.Erik Evening, who has been ceo of TDC Sweden since 2009, do not want to give any comments before today's press conference at 12.
With CrowdStrike kicking off its Australian office, the company's freshly-minted VP of technology strategy, Michael Sentonas, took time out for a chat to Vulture South.When you combine cheap products with a short life cycle, he explained, the cost models don't exist to update them .That's a good reason to move security into the cloud, going beyond the early approach of taking a physical product like a firewall , virtualising it and running it in the cloud.Sentonas agreed that it's easy to know how a thermostat should be talking to the network, but expects that we'll have more challenges with the control devices – the PC connecting the thermostat to the Internet is the thing an attacker will target .The real target is elsewhere: The app has credentials, and those credentials are installed on an Android device with no security , he explained.The arms race of discovering malware and pushing out new signatures isn't enough, he says, and indicators of compromise are just another way of talking about signatures.
But if you've been an early adopter of smart-home gadgetry, like the Nest smart thermostat, Ring video doorbell, or personal favorite Canary camera, chances are pretty good they won't work with Apple Home." To get the HomeKit certification, you need to comply with Apple's "MFi" standards — which, for HomeKit, includes using a special encryption chip that makes a secure connection between the gadget and your iPhone or iPad.Canary in the homeCanary, which makes a popular WiFi-enabled home camera, has already confirmed that it's building a new second-generation Canary Plus device that will include the MFi chip, among other hardware improvements.In Canary's case, working in Apple HomeKit support was a no-brainer given the two companies' similar focuses on design and security."They presented a similar obsession with privacy and security as we had," Canary CEO Adam Sager tells Business Insider.Meanwhile, there are other ecosystems of smart home products out there, including the Amazon Echo and the Works With Nest program, all of which are trying to similarly combine smart home stuff under one umbrella.Those don't require a similar kind of hardware integration, meaning they're adding support for more products as they go.Sager says Canary already supports the Wink platform, and is likely to pursue integrations with at least some of those others, as well.Given that Google parent company Alphabet owns Nest, though, don't expect those devices on Apple Home any time soon.The weird coda to all of this is that even if you bought the first batches of HomeKit-enabled stuff, there was no app to use it.
When I first saw the first world war pitch I had some initial reservations, but after putting it through various iterations, they had done a good job of removing my worries.Tanks vary in size and power, and all are susceptible to infantry gadgets like anti-tank grenades – especially during foggy weather when soldiers can creep up unnoticed Photograph: Electronic ArtsAfter a half-hour hands-on session at E3, it looks as though that sense of anticipation will be deserved.In fact, pretty much everything from grenades, to shells, to bombs can take out buildings and leave vast craters in the earth.What this leads to is a thrillingly dynamic environment.If you strip away all the content and look at the mechanics - it s a modern shooter in all respects; it s responsive, it s fast and the technology is more advanced in terms of bullet trajectory physics, weapon feel and animations.Certainly the Battlefield experience that many fell in love with – that idea of an intuitive military sandbox where air, vehicle and infantry combat seamlessly combine – is here again.
3D printed textiles from Modeclix are on display as part of London Technology WeekLondon Technology Week kicks off this week bringing together the leading fashion tech designers in the UK for a one of a kind showcase."From fashion start-ups, 3D printing and social media, to improving in-store customer experience, brands in London have been leading the way in how to incorporate the latest tech advances into their fashion message," Roberts said.One of the most exciting projects being showcased is the Bruise Suit, developed by the Royal College of Art, a suit that acts as an injury detection device.From pre-production, fittings and catwalks, Village created the footage to help shoppers make more informed decisions.Holographic mannequins from Headworks that combine traditional mannequins with hologram moving imageryLouise Page, co-founder of Village noted: "The communications industry is at an exciting and unprecedented change and London is at the creative hub of a technology revolution.When you combine this with the city's growing technology sector, it is no surprise to see London at the centre of the fashion technology movement," said Gordon Innes, chief executive at London & Partners.
Facebook today held its annual shareholder meeting, and the group approved the formation of a new class of voting shares that will keep CEO Mark Zuckerberg in control as long as he s with the company.Zuckerberg has said he will be giving away 99 percent of his family s shares to various initiatives to promote more equality in the world.During the question and answer session of the meeting, Facebook s CEO said that he was planning on running the company for a very long time, which elicited applause.Facebook has since addressed the issue, with chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg saying that Thiel s actions are his own and don t represent the company.If you re interested, Thiel wasn t in attendance at the shareholder meeting.He did pen a note to Zuckerberg and Facebook ahead of the vote, according to TechCrunch, and said in a speech last week:The move wasn t really surprising, as Zuckerberg retains majority control of the company and had considerable influence on all the proposals.He denied that there were any such plans, saying that there s a lot of space for both to grow and that they represent different utilities and philosophies.The bigger opportunity to go after is to provide the community with both tools than to combine both of them together.When asked about whether the social network would enter China, Sandberg remarked, We re learning about and studying the Chinese market.
Otherwise, players are free to spend hundreds or even thousands of real dollars to buy the virtual currency needed to supercharge the experience.This information gives the developers who use it effectively a great understanding of what players are likely to do, based on their similarity to other users doing similar things.Supercell, a company out of Stockholm, has managed to produce hits that are truly well designed, and precisely crafted.They combine an avalanche of user feedback with multiple iterations of development, crafting great ideas and throwing them away again and again, until every aspect of the game is honed to a gleaming finish that represents the pinnacle of development and data analysis.They also lack the millions more dollars needed to get acquire an audience from a pool that already has far more choices than hours to spend on their entertainment.They re designed so that each step up only leads to more options, and more opportunities to spend more money, and more time in the pursuit of the next goal.
Too taciturn is no good either.Chinese consumers don t mind handing over personal details that would spark outrage in the West, in exchange for lower interest rates.The Chinese willingness to share is key to China s plan to create the largest repository of online data on its citizens and their habits in the world.In January, the company raised $160 million.Other Chinese data miners have drawn global investors, too.Others include EFL Global, originally developed at Harvard University s Center for International Development, and Singapore-based Lenddo.Yet the breadth and depth of the data being collected in China is far greater because of fewer cultural and legal barriers to sharing personal information.Except for those concerning national security, commercial secrets and privacy, other resources and data shall be made accessible to the public, Premier Li said as part of his comments that 80 percent of China s data is in the hands of the government, made last month at the Big Data Expo in Guiyang, an undeveloped province that China wants to refashion into a global big-data hub.More than 20 percent of global data processing and storage will take place inside China s so-called Great Firewall by 2020, said Lin Nianxi, deputy chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission.It plans to combine search results with other data it collects to sell products like customized car insurance, a market which it expects to be worth nearly $200 billion by 2021.Ride-hailing app Didi Chuxing, which recently scored a $1 billion investment from Apple Inc., has promised to integrate its rider data into government transport networks.
Facebook, Adobe, Autodesk and Planet Labs all have started creative residency programs in the last year, but these kinds of programs aren t a new invention.Artist-in-residence programs started over a century ago and ranged from making studio space in offices to placing painters, sculptors, poets, and musicians at universities.Art has always been an important part of innovation.It actually helps Nobel Prize winners and everyone else  be better at science.And when you combine entrepreneurs and artists you get some fantastic results.Just as every entrepreneur-in-residence program is different, artist residencies vary widely and often depend on the organization they are inserted in.An artist-in-residence could be defined as an artist embedded within an organization and given space and time to create.In the eyes of companies, and outside the eyes of arts organizations, the role changes slightly and includes a strategic layer around combining the artist s creativity with the company s goals, as well as compensation.For example, Becky Simpson, one of Adobe s past artists-in-residence, worked on launching a product line that featured her hand-drawn illustrations.By sewing an artist into the fabric of your company  —  and giving them time to experiment  —  you can explore previously undiscovered opportunities.Autodesk artist-in-residence Anouk Wipprecht designed an electricity-conducting dress that encouraged Autodesk engineers to add a new function to their 3D printer software, allowing users to add breaks in 2D renderings.Wipprecht then used these breaks as seams in her 2D dress patterns.As we speed into mid-century, in-house artists of varying ilks are going to become the norm to bring excitement, curiosity, and maker spaces to office environments and coworking spaces.From mobile video to 3D printing to virtual reality, art is moving industries forward.And it can be done in different ways  —  employing artists with business skills, artist residencies in coworking spaces, focused creative projects in offices — but it is essential to building inspirational and creatively strong companies, brands, and spaces in our cities that need art more than ever.Who knows, maybe the next artist-in-residence you see won t be a painter, but a street artist, fiction writer, stand-up comedian, or improvisational dancer.Tristan Pollock is EIR/Venture Partners at 500 Startups.
Despite misperceptions to the contrary, farming in the 21st century is a high-tech endeavor."The combine has load sensors in it that sense the volume of crop coming in, recording that as you go across the field," Rose said.That tells him how many bushels per acre each field is producing, data that gets fed into multi-year maps of each field that are color-coded to indicate different yields."An increasing number of farmers want to use data to better manage their farm for business results," he said."What you're seeing with this generation of farmers—people in their 30s, 40s, and even 50s—they have much more of a technology bent, and they want to use data to help manage their operation."You're really spoon feeding the crops.
It aims to combine the reach and nuances of The Daily Mail and Snapchat's audiences, with the advertising and content-producing expertise from WPP's agency staffers.Speaking to Business Insider the day before Cannes 2016, Truffle Pig president Paul Marcum, who joined in October, explained how the agency has come a long way from the concept announced at the festival last year.Truffle Pig now has 10 full-time employees, plus 20 employees from Group SJR that are deployed on behalf of its clients.Marcum describes the ideal Truffle Pig staffer as a hybrid between a journalist and a media agency planner that understands how best to distribute content across the web.The agency has around 10 clients — on a mix of retained contracts and projects — from a range of sectors, including NBCUniversal, Tiffany & Co., Ford Canada, and Verve Mobile.So what does Truffle Pig actually do?Ultimately the more engaging the content, the less the client needs to pay, the more efficient it will be," Marcum said.Despite Truffle Pig's ownership structure, it isn't contracted to only create content for Snapchat or The Daily Mail: "I don't think any of our investors think we can run a successful business forever if you just act as an extension of their media sales and engagement with agencies.With many of Oxygen's Snapchat videos lasting around 1 minute, it suggests Truffle Pig — on this client at least — is creating the kind of content people like to watch.The next test for Truffle Pig will be to continue winning clients for work that extends beyond its Snapchat or Daily Mail expertise.As a small organization compared to other social media or content agencies, that might take a little more time.Zeller says he "would not rule out" using Truffle Pig on other channels, but adds that Oxygen also employs other agencies that specialize on Instagram or "more holistic" social media.I've been impressed with the level of service," Zeller added.NOW WATCH: Bumble founder: Here's what's seriously wrong with the growing trend in Silicon Valley called 'brogramming'Loading video...
Wall Street is cautiously optimistic about Microsoft's $26 billion mega-buy of professional social network LinkedIn, and now Bill Gates is adding his support too."I think it s a great transaction.LinkedIn brings in a lot," Gates told Bloomberg's Erik Schatzker in an on-screen interview.The opportunity, Gates says, is to combine Microsoft's productivity expertise with LinkedIn's social networking know-how to become the center of people's professional lives."If we can make that as valuable as say the Facebook feed in the social world, that s huge value creation, and that ll happen over a period of years," Gates says.Gates says that Microsoft is already an "expert in software and managing those audiences," and can now use the LinkedIn news feed to deliver a professional feed on everything that's happening inside and outside their company, tracking the skills they need to stay competitive."I certainly think the value of the two companies combined is greater than the two by themselves but I love the idea that the market wants us to show that," Gates says.Gates was reportedly the voice of dissent that killed a proposed $8 billion Microsoft bid for hot chat startup Slack, on the grounds that Microsoft could build something better in-house with Skype.In that light, for Gates to throw his support behind Microsoft's $26 billion LinkedIn deal, seen by some to be a too-steep premium, there might just be something for shareholders to celebrate here.NOW WATCH: 5 insider tips for getting noticed on LinkedInLoading video...
Microsoft says that Wand Labs' technology and talent pool will help in strengthening its position in conversational intelligence, which is an emerging area in technology today.The tech-giant wants to combine the power and complexity of human language with advanced machine intelligence for connecting people to knowledge, information, services and in relevant and natural ways.The company believes that the power of its products including Microsoft Azure, Bing, Office 365 and Windows platform will improve and can empower developers.In an interview with Backchannel, Vishal Sharma said: "The wall on your iPhone and Android looks like MS Windows from years ago."Since it is impossible to copy or paste songs, contacts or food dishes from one app or service to another, the Wand technology tears down app walls, integrates services in chat and makes them work together so that tasks can be performed with less taps.Wand Labs founder and CEO Vishal Sharma said: I'm proud of the work my team has done and what we've already accomplished in this emerging space - and I'm delighted to be joining a company that shares our passion and enthusiasm for this new era where conversation is the central focus.
Here s our daily recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Kiosked launches wrapper so any 360-degree video/still can fit into any mobile IAB ad formatJun 16, 2016 by Barry LevineThe wrapped video/still can then be served through a brand s regular ad ecosystem.How to quickly find and export all subdomains indexed by GoogleJun 16, 2016 by Max PrinPerforming an SEO audit?4 reasons to love the Marketing Technology Landscape supergraphicJun 16, 2016 by Erik MatlickWith the martech landscape hitting the 3,500 mark, it s easy to get overwhelmed.Taykey opens Trends Advertising targeting to programmaticJun 16, 2016 by Ginny MarvinAdvertisers can combine cookie-based audiences with Taykey s real-time trends data to automatically target audiences reading and sharing relevant content.From Around The Web:Google opens a Research Center in Europe, techcrunch.comMark Zuckerberg s foundation is investing millions in Nigeria s Andela coder training center, qz.comPinterest Acquires Team That Built Fleksy Inc., www.wsj.comGive Me Some Love: Ad Tech & Maslow s Hierarchy of Needs, www.cmswire.comMarketing tech company Performance Horizon raises $15.4M, techcrunch.comThe ripple effect of a market correction in adtech, venturebeat.comThe Secret Life of Brands: What Image-Recognition Technology Reveals, www.adweek.comFacebook rolls out a new look for Messenger, techcrunch.com9 Visual Tools to Create Awesome Social Media Images, www.socialmediaexaminer.comEye Tracking Shows Mobile Video Ads Embedded in Articles Perform Better Than on Social, www.adweek.comThe future of VR lies with collaborative experiences, www.mobilecommercedaily.com