Notes an 'erosion of trust' – gee, wonder who could be responsible for that... Google says it will not come up with new ways to track individual netizens as they browse the web once Chrome phases out third-party cookies, commonly used for loosely observing people's online activities.…
Social media behemoth had been under pressure to rescind post-election moratorium.
Apple is making it easier for iCloud users to transfer their images and videos to Google Photos. The ability is made possible using a newly launched Apple service for iCloud users, one similar to the transfer option Facebook offers for shuttling content to a Google account. Images transferred to Google Photos will remain available in the user’s iCloud account. If … Continue reading
Why is everything on the internet getting so expensive? Blame ad-supported search and social networking
Facebook will lift its ban on political ads in the US on Thursday, the social media giant said on Wednesday. The company imposed the temporary ban after the November 2020 presidential election to curb the spread of misinformation in the aftermath. It will now resume advertising on “social issues, elections or politics,” Facebook announced in a blog post: We’ve heard a lot of feedback about this and learned more about political and electoral ads during this election cycle. As a result, we plan to use the coming months to take a closer look at how these ads work on our service to… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Facebook
Rishi Sunak has been accused of “divide and rule” tactics after his own constituency was made a priority for the government’s levelling up fund.The district of Richmondshire is listed as a category one area which will be given preference by the government when it is deciding which areas to give cash from the £4.8bn fund. The district falls entirely within chancellor’s Richmond parliamentary seat.In a prospectus published alongside his Budget, Sunak said the fund was intended to support investment in places “where it can make the biggest difference to everyday life, including ex-industrial areas, deprived towns and coastal communities”.But Richmondshire, a mainly agricultural area which also attracts tourism as it covers a large part of the Yorkshire Dales, is one of the least deprived areas in England, ranking at 251 out of 317 on the government’s own index of deprivation.Treasury sources said Sunak had no sight of the specific areas that would be deemed high priority for the levelling up fund, although ministers were able to see a provisional map showing how the cash would be spread under the categories.Sheffield City Region mayor Dan Jarvis questioned why Richmondshire was prioritised over the city (93nd on the deprivation index) and nearby Barnsley (38th), which are both in category two.He accused the government of pursuing a “divide and rule” approach, highlighting that Sunak also used the budget to announce a new Treasury campus in Darlington, which neighbours his Richmond seat.Jarvis said: “A cursory glance at the government’s criteria for the levelling up fund is symbolic of their divide and rule approach. “The chancellor has identified his own Richmond seat as ‘category one’ and relocated his Treasury office to a neighbouring constituency, but has labelled places like Barnsley and Sheffield as ‘category two’ – pushing them to the back of the queue for economic support.“Ministers must change their approach, or they will put the country on course for a deeply divided recovery.”The Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) placed areas into three categories according to their need for economic recovery and growth, for improved transport connectivity, and for regeneration.The controversy comes following concerns that the towns fund, also run by MHCLG, was targeted at key marginal seats the Tories wanted to win in the 2019 general election.Asked at a Downing Street press conference if he was using the levelling up fund for “naked pork barrel politics”, Sunak said: “The formula for the grant payments for the new fund to give them some capacity funding to bid for projects is based on an index of economic need, which is transparently published actually I think by MHCLG based on a bunch of objective measures.”He went on: “And remember, that’s only areas that have received some capacity funding to bid – no area is excluded for bidding it’s just that those areas on the basis of this formula might need a bit of extra help, so we’re giving those local areas some money to put their bid together to help them.”Labour’s shadow communities secretary Steve Reed said: “Just months after the government was criticised for diverting funding away from towns that desperately needed it, we discover that cabinet ministers own constituencies now stand to benefit ahead of more deprived areas. “This government should be investing to rebuild the foundations of our economy, but they’re pulling the country further apart by pitting regions and nations against each other for crucial funding then diverting the money to serve their own party’s needs.”Related...Universal Credit £20 A Week Increase Extended For Six MonthsBudget 2021: Boris Johnson’s Brexit Deal Will Shrink UK Economy By 4%, Watchdog SaysRishi Sunak's Budget Explained In Two Minutes
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Think Zoom meets Facebook meets Roblox but with holograms. Microsoft Mesh envisions the future of communication in virtual worlds.
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This results in lesser exposure and diminishing revenue.However, if you ask about it from those same marketers today, the answer would be vastly different.Soon after the social media giant rolled out pages for brands, marketers instantly got on board.This has pushed them to bank on paid advertising to reach the audience that they had already built.Nevertheless, these issues do not just end with the ratcheting down of organic reach.Nevertheless, we will get into this in detail soon.CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS AND DATA ARE CRUCIALThe haphazard bans of Facebook on ad accounts, pages, and groups have made one thing crystal clear to the marketers that it is foolish not to possess your customer data.Owing to this concept, many podcasting giants have literally established their empires while hundreds and thousands of people have used podcasts to help their businesses thrive.In addition to this, podcasts are mostly unscripted, meaning you are actually listening to the hosts and guests’ authentic and real selves.Nevertheless, this problem is bigger than Google or Facebook.Numerous businesses had ended up struggling to escape from an adverse and hopeless situation when their main, or in some more unfortunate case, only marketing channel was plucked out from right under them, pushing them to start over from scratch.However, to put things into perspective, we are in no way suggesting that you stop using Google or Facebook.
Democrats and Republicans in Congress are taking aim at a controversial law that shields internet platforms including Facebook and Twitter from lawsuits over content posted by users
The platform's absorbing endless scroll and karaoke features have built an overlooked disinformation machine.
Influencer executions look an awful lot like advertising, public relations and everything in between. Knowing where your philosophy falls leads to smarter execution.
Far-right pages that publish misinformation get the most interactions by far compared to other news sources, new research shows.
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The team at the popular messenger WhatsApp is working on a new feature designed to improve user security and privacy. Amid the ongoing scandal surrounding ... The post WhatsApp is testing disappearing photos for Android and iPhone appeared first on
Google Ads or Facebook Ads: Which one should you use? As a business owner, you often face this question. You might have come across both Google Ads and Facebook ads but both work differently. Both have a Pay-Per-Clicks format but have different purposes, where you have to place the bid to show your ads in their ad spaces. If you have a local business, Google Ads are best and On the flip side, on Facebook, products based on impulse buying are more effective. You can’t say which is better out of these two for your business as their ad mechanism is quite different.
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Last week, AT&T announced it would be spinning off its TV business — including DirecTV, AT&T TV, and U-verse — in a deal it claimed would greatly benefit the company’s customers, employees, and shareholders. The deal provides AT&T with a $7.8 billion cash infusion to pay down debt and recent wireless spectrum purchases, and a 70 percent stake in the “new” DirecTV. But it also values the entire operation at around $16.25 billion, a massive loss from the $67 billion AT&T paid just a few years earlier for just DirecTV alone. “It’s fair to say that some aspects of the transaction have not played out as we had planned,” AT&T said of the deal, trying to put a good face on a more than $50 billion loss, “such as pay TV households in the US... Continue reading…