If you grew up in the golden age of coin-op arcades, you probably dream of having your own machine (or machines) in the den, where you can play all the Pac-Man or Galaga you want -- no quarters required.Full-size cabinets are generally crazy-expensive, though, which is what keeps most of us from living the dream.The antidote: Arcade1Up has a line of affordable three-quarter scale upright cabinets and slightly pricier cocktail-table cabinets.We've seen deals on the former, but very few on the latter.Thankfully, that just changed: Right now, you can get the Arcade1Up Deluxe 8-in-1 Head to Head Cocktail Table for $420, down from the regular price of $500.To get that deal, you need to sign in to Rakuten.
Within the last several hours, Fortnite has been unplayable due to the season 10’s insane finale.Aside from a few cryptic tweets, Epic Games has remained silent in regard to what is going on with its popular IP.In the meantime, if you are looking to fill a void that Fortnite has currently placed in your heart, there is some good news.If you are a retro gaming enthusiast, there is a small Galaga-inspired mini-game you can play.For those of you out there (specifically younger Fortnite players) wondering what Galaga is, it’s a popular arcade shooter developed in the early 1980s by Bandai Namco, which at the time of Galaga’s release was known as ‘Namco.’ Much like the Fortnite minigame, players are tasked with completing the stage while shooting/avoiding as many projectiles as possible.It is certainly no battle royale shooter, but it’s a fun minigame that will let you play as a pizza while you shoot down Durr burgers.
New York City Comic-Con officially kicks off on Thursday and to celebrate the occasion, arcade cabinet maker Arcade1Up announced its plans for a limited-time discount, along with the addition of two Head 2 Head gaming tables to its 2019 lineup.Best known for bringing back classics with its arcade cabinets, Arcade1Up says that both of its new gaming tables are designed to include a black theme with each respective table containing original artwork for each title.The latest gaming tables also feature a 17-inch full-color display and, as the product name implies, includes two control decks.The Pac-Man gaming table offers eight games, six of them are installments in the Pac-Man franchise, including the original Pac-Man and Pac-Mania.The other two games included are popular old-school hits Dig Dug and Galaga.The Street Fighter II table offers 12 games; six of them are entires from Capcom’s popular fighting game franchise.
With teeth the shape of the Galaga video game spaceship, a new creature was found and named as such.Found in the dust left over after uncovering the most complete tyrannosaurus rex ever (Sue), this Galagadon was a shark – but a very, very tiny shark indeed.The rock left over after sorting out the bones of Sue, the additional sediment, the matrix, sat unsorted in storage for decades.Sue was discovered back in 1990 by fossil collector and explorer Sue Hendrickson, and also goes by the code FMNH PR 2081.The bones of Sue are giant – the final skeleton construct is over 13 feet tall.The find went to retired chemist Karen Nordquist, a Field Museum volunteer who’s been sorting through sand, dirt, and bone to find miniature fossils for the past decade and a half.
We have a new contestant in the competition for most awesome dinosaur name ever: Galagadon nordquistae.Paleontologists named the shark for its teeth, which resemble spaceships from the '80s arcade game Galaga.The itty-bitty river-dwelling shark lived during the late Cretaceous period.Researchers discovered its remains in South Dakota alongside the famous T. rex fossil Sue.A paper published Monday in the Journal of Paleontology delves into Galagadon and its dainty dental protrusions.The shark likely maxed out at 12 to 18 inches (30 to 46 centimeters) in length and is a relative of carpet sharks alive today.
The remains of a small prehistoric shark that lived during the age of dinosaurs 67 million years ago have been found, to the surprise of scientists and onlookers alike, according to a new study.Fossilized shark teeth were discovered in what is now modern-day South Dakota and were found in the same deposits as Sue the Tyrannosaurus rex, perhaps the famous T. rex specimen fossil ever unearthed.The freshwater shark had odd triangle-shaped teeth and, due to its resemblance to the spaceships in the 1980s video game "Galaga," it's been dubbed Galagadon nordquistae."It was so tiny, you could miss it if you weren't looking really carefully," said retired chemist Karen Nordquist, a volunteer who discovered the fossils, in a press release."To the naked eye, it just looks like a little bump, you have to have a microscope to get a good view of it."MEGALODON MAY HAVE GONE EXTINCT FOR THIS SHOCKING REASON
If you’re looking to get started in virtual reality (VR), or are hoping to show some friends VR for the first time, it’s not a great idea to dive right into the wildest games out there.TechRadar and PC Gamer are diving deep into virtual reality this month with a series of guides, how-tos, and features digging into every aspect of VR that we're simply calling VR Month.Adjusting to movement in VR can be tricky, especially for anyone sensitive to motion sickness.Instead, we’ve focused on games that keep movement simple, comfortable and that give players time to adjust to the VR world.Instead, the player in VR will focus on manipulating and disabling a bomb as players outside of VR will try to provide instructions on defusing it.Beginners can enjoy the familiar platformer-style gameplay while getting comfortable with using their own perspective to look around in VR.
Texting games (text-based games) are some of the oldest computer games.Mobile gave the genre a chance at a rennaisance and there are actually a bunch of good ones.It comes naturally on a smartphone.You get a bunch of choices, choose the one you want, and the game continues down that story branch.Facebook Messenger is a weird entrant on this list, we know.Some of the options include Tetris, Galaga, Space Invaders, Pac-Man, and some other arcade games.
Apple showed off a real-time augmented reality game Galaga AR, based on the old Galaga arcade game but far different, with three players.This AR adaptation of Galaga comes from Directive Games, and the company showed it off onstage at Apple’s event today.Three players were in the same AR gaming experience.When you look at your iPhone screen, you can see a bunch of alien-bug spaceships that you have to shoot down.You’re not only trying to survive, but you’re also trying to beat the other players.It was a pretty cool demo, with a lot of blasting on screen and loud sounds.
The Nintendo Switch has become many players’ go-to console for commutes and other periods of limbo, and short arcade games are the perfect choice for this type of downtime.With Bandai Namco’s Switch-exclusive Namco Museum Arcade PAC, you’ll have a comprehensive colleNamco Museum Arcade PAC combines two previous titles from Bandai Namco: The Namco Museum and Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus.Namco Museum comes loaded with some of Namco’s most iconic arcade games from the ’80s and beyond, including Pac-Man, Pac-Man VS., Dig Dug, Galaga and Galaga 88, Splatterhouse, Tank Force, and Rolling Thunder, as well as new challenge modes for all games and a vertical screen option — with the new Kickstarter-backed Flip Grip accessory, you’ll be able to more easily play the games as they were in the arcade.Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus, meanwhile, is a modernized version of the classic arcade game that originally hit the system in February for $20.It features updated visuals that fit more in line with the look of the character on advertisements and cartoons, a Switch-exclusive cooperative mode, and 3D action that doesn’t sacrifice the gameplay for which the series is famous.
Yes, at first glance, that sounds odd, as new Nintendo Switch titles do not support portrait mode.Games like Donkey Kong, Galaga, Dig-Dug, Pac-Man, and Ikaruga.All told, the number of eShop games that support vertical orientation is only 21 right now (you can check out the full list on the Kickstarter page).A small number indeed, but that figure should grow as more arcade games find their way onto the eShop.It has the same color palette as the Joy-Con grip and Switch console.Then, like the Joy-Con grip, you simply slide each Joy-Con in on their respective sides and you’re good to go.
If you would rather not play retro games on your cell phone, but the idea of building your own arcade cabinet seems like a little too much effort, we might have just the thing for you.We caught up with My Arcade at the company’s booth on the CES 2018 show floor and took a look at its mini-arcade cabinets, which just saw a new batch of games announced.The mini-arcade cabinets aren’t brand new, as it has been selling models based on a number of Data East games like Burger Time, Heavy Barrel, Caveman Ninja, Karate Champ, and the classic Bad Dudes.Just in time for CES, the company announced a new licensing deal with Bandai Namco that will see My Arcade selling a mini-arcade cabinet carrying the popular Pac-Man.In addition to Pac-Man, the Bandai Namco licensing deal will see My Arcade selling cabinets featuring Galaga, Galaxian, Dig-Dug, Rolling Thunder, and Mappy.These models are expected to go on sale in May or June, and while a price hasn’t yet been finalized, My Arcade is planning to sell the cabinets for $35 a piece.
Facebook announced this week, in celebration of its first year of Messenger games, it’s adding new community features such as livestreaming and video chat.When Facebook announced Instant Games last year, it had 17 games in its repertoire, including Pac-Man, Galaga, and Space Invaders.Now it’s got over 70 games with several more to come next year, including the likes of Sonic, Angry Birds, and Disney Tsum Tsum.The biggest update to Messenger is the addition of a livestreaming option.To stream yourself playing your Messenger game, you tap the camera icon in the corner of the screen.The broadcast will be saved to your Page or profile after it is complete.
Two things are quickly apparent about the second season: it’s a worthy followup to last year’s debut, which was one of 2016’s best new shows, with a mix of ‘80s nostalgia, scares and fun that proves Season 1 was no fluke.Also, creators The Duffer Brothers have included even more brands this time around, spotlighting everything from 3 Musketeers to KFC (or Kentucky Fried Chicken, as it was then known).While Netflix partnered with several brands to market Stranger Things 2—including Lyft (which is offering rides in “Strange Mode” this weekend to users in Philadelphia and Los Angeles), Snapchat and Eggo—a Netflix spokesperson told Adweek that no brands paid for integrations in Season 2, and none of its marketing partnerships extended into production.But at least one of the brands was aware of its inclusion ahead of time: Ross and Matt Duffer told Entertainment Weekly that they needed Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman and the film’s star and co-writer Dan Aykroyd to approve the use of the movie’s costumes in the show.Only the mildest of spoilers are ahead, and this story avoids any mention of the season’s biggest plot twists:A new character, Keith, works at the local arcade, and can’t stop stuffing his face with Cheetos puffs.