About a month ago I posted on my Facebook business page what I thought was a fairly lovely — and innocuous — photo of two beautiful women, Maggie Smith and Judi Dench.They simply inspire our admiration and grab our attention because of who they are.Grateful women from all over the world wrote in to thank me for showing real women with real wrinkles.But I posted the photo specifically because our popular culture has bred a deep fear of wrinkles, age spots and white hair, as if they are symptoms of a communicable disease.Here s my response, young ladies: aging is not communicable, but it is inevitable.For me, just as Joni Mitchell gladly accepted spots on her apples I ll take spots on an older face.
Steven Spielberg s adaptation of The BFG, out this weekend, is the 10th film based on a children s novel by British author Roald Dahl.We know what you re thinking: There s only one choice for the top spot and it has a division of Nestlé named after it.But we re taking into account all of Dahl s stylistic strengths—social commentary, plucky child leads, dark comedy, etc.—and judging the films adapted from his books not on how well one element stands above the rest, but how they complement each other.Also, we restricted the list to just include movies adapted from Dahl s novels for children, eliminating his screenplays and films based on his writing for adults.Here s each Dahl adaptation—from the worst to the best.Ronald Dahl s Esio Trot 2015
Robert Downey Jr. has volunteered as tribute.Robert Downey Jr. has offered to lend his signature voice help Mark Zuckerberg bring his personal AI assistant to life.Every year, the Facebook founder sets new goals for himself ― learning Mandarin, meeting a new person every day, wearing a long sleeve T-shirt ― and in 2016 he pledged to create his own AI to run my home and help me with my work.You can think of it kind of like Jarvis in Iron Man, he wrote in a post shortly after the new year.On Thursday, Zuckerberg gave an update on the project by crowd sourcing opinions on who should voice the personal AI.Followers chimed in with suggestions like Arnold Schwarzenegger aggressive , Morgan Freeman long shot and Judi Dench PERFECT , but in the end, Downey reigned supreme.
Between July 2015 and July 2016 more than 112,000 new complaints were lodged with Australia s telecoms watchdog about landline, mobile and internet services.Sluggish internet speeds are driving more complaints from Australians than those about patchy mobile services.Internet-related complaints to the industry ombudsman have hit a five-year high, surging by more than a fifth between July 2015 and June 2016.During those 12 months, more than 112,000 new complaints were lodged with the telecoms watchdog about landline, mobile and internet services.Complaints about mobile services fell by more than a quarter to their lowest level in nine years, but it was a different story for internet services with complaints up 22%.Consumers told us that slow data speed was the biggest problem with internet services, the telecommunications industry ombudswoman, Judi Jones, said on Thursday.
p One of the world's most famous college dropouts finally donned a cap and gown and got his degree -- well, sort of.Instead of his customary gray T-shirt, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sported a crisp Navy suit and told Harvard University grads to have a "sense of purpose" during his commencement speech on Thursday.Zuckerberg, sounding at times presidential, told the Class of 2017 that it's this generation's turn to do great work, one that needs, yep, purpose.Earlier, Zuckerberg, 33, posed with his parents after getting an honorary law degree, a photo of which had nearly a million mentions.Zuck was among 10 public figures receiving honorary degrees, including Oscar-winning actress Dame Judi Dench and acclaimed actor James Earl Jones, perhaps known best as the voice of Darth Vader in Star Wars.It's been well documented Zuckerberg created Facebook inside his tiny dorm room at Harvard before leaving school 12 years ago.
‘Murder On The Orient Express’ is finally set to arrive in cinemas, but before we can see it, it’s time for the film’s A-list cast to hit the red carpet at its world premiere.Sir Kenneth Branagh’s hotly-anticipated film will get its debut airing at the Royal Albert Hall, with its stars - including *deep breath* Johnny Depp, Daisy Ridley, Penelope Cruz, Josh Gad, Derek Jacobi, Dame Judi Dench and Michelle Pfeiffer - all hitting the red carpet first.Willem Dafoe, Leslie Odom Jr and Sergei Polunin will also be there, joining their co-stars a selection of celebrity guests to have a first look at the big screen adaptation of Agatha Christie’s most famous novel.And you can watch as all of the stars as they arrive on the night, with BUILD’s exclusive live stream.Tune in here at 6pm to see all the action.
Chalk up another big win for Marvel Studios, which kept its streak alive with the 17th straight film in its live-action cinematic universe to debut in the top spot at the weekend box office.Thor: Ragnarok lived up to the early buzz it received with an impressive $121 million opening weekend in U.S. theaters, as well as some big numbers overseas, too.Reviews of Ragnarok seemed to support the film’s hefty ticket sales, too.Director Taika Waititi’s first foray into mainstream blockbusters received an exceptionally positive “A” grade from audiences (as reported by CinemaScore) and while it didn’t finish the weekend as Marvel’s best-reviewed movie of all time, its 93-percent positive rating on review aggregator RottenTomatoes currently puts it in second place overall, just after the movie that launched the studio’s interconnected movie-verse, 2008’s Iron Man (which received 94-percent positive reviews).People who bought tickets to the film seemed to enjoy it, too, as the movie ended up with a “B” grade from audiences despite a fairly negative assessment from professional critics.It will be interesting to see whether Bad Moms Christmas can use its Christmas theme to extend its run deep into the holiday season, which officially kicked off this weekend.
The characters are perfunctory; their actions are described in galumphing style (“Hector MacQueen leaned forward interestedly”); the ethnic stereotyping is an embarrassment (“A big, swarthy Italian was picking his teeth with gusto”); and the Queen of Crime, as she is worshipfully known, cannot resist slipping into breathless italics at the prospect of something significant (“Neatly folded on the top of the case was a thin scarlet silk kimono embroidered with dragons”).He may not have been the commercial equal of Dame Agatha, with sales as paltry as half a billion copies, yet he outdid her in industry—he produced more than four hundred novels, to her sixty-six—and in pretty much everything else, displaying a frighteningly intimate acquaintance with mortal weakness for which she could only grope.There is nothing to desecrate, and younger viewers will not recall, let alone cleave to, the 1974 version, which starred Albert Finney as Hercule Poirot, the dandyish Belgian detective.Well, we are still in the mid-nineteen-thirties, Branagh being loath to scrape off the period charms that encrust the story.For those of us whose main concern, as we board a train, is whether or not we will get a seat, there will always be something dreamily bracing about the sight of the rich and lazy wondering what cocktail to sip in the restaurant car.Judi Dench, as the frosty Princess Dragomiroff, arrives in feathers and fur, and coat fetishists will swoon: Poirot’s has a collar of the rarest Astrakhan, while that of the villainous Ratchett (Johnny Depp) appears to have been stitched from the hide of a well-bred mammoth.
It was another big weekend for Marvel Studios’ god of thunder, with Thor: Ragnarok reigning supreme at the box office for the second consecutive week.The celebrated superhero sequel from director Taika Waititi needed just two weeks to pass the domestic and worldwide ticket sales for both previous installments of the solo Thor series, and the film’s positive reviews and impressive word-of-mouth buzz should help push it into the top tier of Marvel’s cinematic universe in the months to come.Ragnarok is currently the ninth highest-grossing movie of the year in U.S. theaters and the 10th highest-grossing movie worldwide — and because it’s a point worth repeating, the film has hit those lofty marks after just two weeks in theaters.Although the news wasn’t quite as good for the weekend’s two major new releases, it certainly wasn’t bad, either.The comedy sequel Daddy’s Home 2 debuted in second place over the weekend and managed to outperform pundits’ predictions with a respectable $30 million premiere.It will be interesting to see how the film plays internationally as time goes on, given its high-profile cast that includes Johnny Depp, Kenneth Branagh, Penelope Cruz, Judi Dench, and Michelle Pfeiffer.
David Attenborough has joined the likes of Al Gore, Sir Mo Farah and Dame Judi Dench to support The Trash Isles campaign.The Trash Isles was created by AMV BBDO for and in conjunction with the LADBible and The Plastic Oceans Foundation.It has been attracting big names to the cause and it now has the support of more citizens than 27 other countries', having overtaken Samoa in population size and breathing down Iceland’s neck.The campaign has been described as “An innovative way to raise awareness of a problem that is often not seen” by the spokesmen for the secretary general of United Nations.Advertising Week Europe is already throwing its weight behind the campaign by banning single-use plastics from its event next week.
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