The Finnish flag is now very competitive. Tonnistoverouudistus a few years ago has reaped a bonanza - if the legislator wanted that shipping companies operating in Finland would drive their ships under the national flag. Finnish ship register is already more than 700 ordinary merchant vessel, approximately 1.7 million gross tons, and the Finnish flag of attraction seem to taper off. Finnish Shipowners' Association's President and CEO Olof Widén says a clear example of Finnish tonnage tax competitiveness. All new ships are placed directly under the Finnish flag. At least, therefore, that the International Maritime Organization, IMO decisions have the most voting power, the zones is the most ships.
Photograph: Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty ImagesIt was less than one week after Uber and Lyft pulled out of the city of Austin – and a crowdsourced ride-sharing alternative began to emerge.Uber and Lyft lost despite a vicious $9m lobbying and publicity campaign by the two ride-sharing companies, which included a recall effort against the legislator who proposed the measure.In response, both companies pulled their operations from Austin, perhaps hoping that the people of the city, starved of the convenience of their ride-sharing apps, would try to overturn the measure at a later date.It s you choosing to help them, and them choosing to help you.Now people are saying we don t want Uber to come back, we re doing fine , he said.An Arcade City app is in the works, though it has not yet launched, and seven Austin drivers have been selected to begin trialling a beta version – Hapshire is one of them.
Regulations arising from the global financial crisis have sought to significantly change how UK banks operate, and in order to comply with the changing requirements they have had to restructure large sections of their business.This takes times and money and with the threat of significant fines looming over the heads of banks that fail to change, combined with challenger banks plotting a beeline for markets that traditional banks have controlled, change can't come quickly enough.Since its change of role the FCA has become a proactive legislator, meaning that it has introduced and proposed legislations that would help to promote competition, make it easier for fintechs to break into the financial services market, and change the way banks operate.Banks are faced with preparing for ring-fencing, which will force the largest UK banks to shift their retail operations into separate subsidiaries that operate independently from riskier activities such as investment banking.To tackle the problem of competition in the banking sector, the Competition and Markets Authority has recommended the creation of open application programming interfaces APIs and data sharing, in addition to creating more competition it is hoped that this will promote greater transparency for account holders.What this all points to is a large amount of work that businesses, including banks, will have to undertake in order avoid being potentially hit by a maximum fine of €20 million or 4 percent of annual global revenue.
Tax-free shopping weekends have been a back-to-school tradition in many states for years.More and more states are doing away with these holidays, though.Some states have tax-free shopping holidays where they exempt certain items from state sales tax.During the back-to-school season, these items are typically clothing, uniforms, and supplies.Massachusetts is the latest state to nix the holiday, and in the past few years, Kansas, North Carolina, Nebraska, Rhode Island and Wisconsin have also put an end to tax-free weekends.Officials in Massachusetts decided not to reinstate the state s sales tax holiday this August due to slowing state revenue, said Democratic legislator Stanley Rosenberg, who is president of the Massachusetts Senate.
With the blessing of Governor Jerry Brown, a California legislator plans to increase pressure on carmakers to produce zero emissions vehicles.Assemblywoman Autumn Burke, D-Los Angeles, said today she s going to present legislation next week to require that 15 percent of all new cars be emission-free within 10 years, according to the Associated Press.Carmakers that don t hit the mandated level would pay fines to the state or make payments to competitors.If we create more competition in the market, that automatically will trigger a more affordable vehicle, said Burke.California s current law calls for vehicle manufacturers to gradually increase cleaner technology.Automakers have annual targets and get credits for hitting them.
The Netherlands wants to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2025The Netherlands is planning to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by the year 2025.The ban has been heralded as a crucial move "to save the Earth".The ban is an initiative outlined by the Dutch Labour Party, which currently governs the country as part of a coalition with the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy.Dutch politician and Labour Party member Jan Vos is the main legislator behind the project.Vos said recently: "We need to phase out CO2 emissions and we need to change our pattern of using fossil fuels if we want to save the Earth," reports Yale Climate Connection, adding that the proposed ban will likely become law.
MoreThe logo of car-sharing service app Uber on a smartphone over a reserved lane for taxis in a street is seen in this photo illustration taken December 10, 2014. Reuters - Global ride-hailing giant Uber Technologies Inc will pull out of the gambling hub of Macau on September 9, less than 10 months after it launched there, Macau media reported, citing a letter they said was sent by Uber's Asia regional chief.According to a copy of a letter uploaded onto Macau legislator Au Kam-san's official Facebook account, Uber's Asia Regional General Manager Mike Brown said the firm planned to exit the small China-ruled city, saying its drivers have been fined a total of 10 million patacas $1.25 million in the short time in which it has operated in Macau.Brown couldn't be reached by Reuters and Uber officials didn't immediately respond to requests for comment.There was no immediate response from the Macau government, and legislator Au couldn't be reached for comment.Uber has around 2,000 full-time and part-time drivers in the territory, Macau's news agency TDM reported, saying drivers had been notified of the impending halt in operations.
Nokia ceo Rajeev Suri is concerned about the gender imbalance in the technology sector.Grief write in his blog, women are still underrepresented, especially in the ICT Nokia, our aim is as a company to get a gender balance that reflects the world around us, where men and women have equal opportunities for success in every activity and at every level , Grief to write.Grief scolds companies that they want to their employees, 30 percent are women, although the world in the gender divide almost evenly.He admits that imbalance is not able to fix overnight, but the long term goal it is morally right.Grief said that the barriers to getting women on an equal footing are large and they require the skills of the legislator, the understanding of the whole society and commitment from the leaders to remove them to work.
A voter fills out his ballot at a polling site in Stillwater, Oklahoma, March 1, 2016.Amid concerns over the possibility of foreign nations meddling in the upcoming US presidential elections through cyberattacks, a US lawmaker has proposed two bills that aim to protect the US voting systems from malicious hackers.Representative Hank Johnson, a Democrat from Georgia, proposed two bills on Wednesday 21 September to bolster the US voting systems security that would prohibit connecting voting machines to the internet to defend against online threats and possible digital tampering.Johnson announced the bills with the Twitter hashtag donthackmyvote.The Election Integrity Act of 2016 would also require all voting machines used in federal elections to produce a paper trail by 2018 and mandate random audits of voting machines by election officials to check counting accuracy.The Election Infrastructure and Security Promotion Act of 2016 would designate voting systems as critical infrastructure, requiring the Department of Homeland Security to protect and provide support to election infrastructure as they would for the nation's water supply, electrical grid or the banking sector.
the Situation is the Us EPA according to been going on for decades.European cars consumption and emissions tests have been known since the 1990s as incomplete.So said the European parliament hearing was the Us environmental protection agency Epa director Christopher Grundler.Grundler urge the EU legislator to much stricter practical measures, so that the Volkswagen kind of scams can be stopped, told the Reuters news agency.Europe is shifting from the current test cycle for emission and consumption measurement in real traffic.The RDE test of Real-Driving Emissions is hoped to prevent the car manufacturer of the scams.
It s not uncommon to feel a bit helpless at the end of a news binge.Oftentimes, the news leans toward the negative side and doesn t offer much in the way of a solution.But Speakable, a startup founded by Jordan Hewson, wants to give people the opportunity to do something at the exact time and place that they feel called to take action.The year-old startup today introduced the Action Button, which is a snippet of code that lives on publishers article pages and gives their readers the option to take direct action.Speakable s technology is able to understand the content and sentiment of an article and match it with the proper non-profit partner.From there, users can click the Action Button to send an email to a legislator or tweet to a decision-maker or even make a donation.
The question of search warrants for foreign data is better addressed in Congress, they sayFour U.S. lawmakers are questioning a Department of Justice decision to appeal a July court decision quashing a search warrant that would have required Microsoft to disclose contents of emails stored on a server in Ireland.Last Thursday, Preet Bharara, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, filed an appeal of the ruling by a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.But the four lawmakers, two Republicans and two Democrats, said the DOJ should be working instead with them on legislation that gives law enforcement agencies access to data on foreign servers in limited cases.The DOJ should instead help fine tune the International Communications Privacy Act ICPA , introduced earlier this year, the four sponsors said in a Friday letter.The appeals court suggested that legislative action is needed to revamp the "badly outdated," 30-year-old Electronic Communications Privacy Act that governs law enforcement access to electronic communications, the lawmakers noted.
It's been less than a month since President-elect Donald Trump's victory, and everywhere you look, people are struggling to organize.On Facebook, it comes in the form of repetitive pleas to "Call your legislator!"On Twitter, people retweet every 140-character nugget of pseudo-profundity they can find.It can be confusing to know what to do when so much of our democracy is at stake, but a few new sites and apps and even a couple of old ones can help activists and concerned Americans pave a manageable path forward.Below, we've compiled a list of digital tools that make it easier for those who want to organize, but need specific solutions, coordinated guidance and helpful information at their fingertips.Flippable's main goal is simple: to help "turn America blue" by building power at all levels of government, both federal and state.
British prime minister Theresa May announced on Wednesday that an independent Scotland would not be part of the European union, told Reuters news agency.Last year the vote of the majority of scots favour of the EU, and scotland's ruling party, which lost the independence vote in 2014, has said that independence should hold a new vote.the Scottish national party believes that a new vote should be held, if the perspective of brexit for combat in a future brexit negotiations in Brussels.on Tuesday, the Scottish parliament May brexit plans symbolic, non-binding vote.When the national party legislator, asked from may, will this advance the British separation with the EU without agreeing to the whole of the Uk-wide negotiating positions, answered May: He refers to the continued of Scotland's interests within the European union – but an independent Scotland would not be part of the European union.
The government has dismissed a research report ranking Hong Kong only fifth last year among leading fintech hubs, saying the study did not directly compare financial technology development but rather financial and business environments as a whole.During a Legislative Council meeting on Wednesday, finance sector legislator Chan Chun-ying asked the government why Hong Kong ranked three spots behind rival Singapore – which ranked second – in the report by global accounting firm Deloitte.Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury Professor Chan Ka-keung said the report did not specifically compare fintech development but rather compiled results from three organisations which ranked the competitiveness of financial centres, their innovation capacity and business environment.The three organisations each had their own unique research approach and took different criteria into consideration, and so a direct summation of their results may not be entirely appropriate , Chan said.According to the treasury minister, Hong Kong s rate of fintech use by digitally active people in 2015 was double that of Singapore, according to the Fintech Adoption Index complied by consultancy Ernst & Young.Asked by legislator Chan what measures the government had taken to enhance Hong Kong s competitiveness in fintech, the treasury minister referred to a report released in February last year by the Steering Group on Financial Technologies, which secretary Chan chaired, which introduced several measures on regulation, facilitation, talent, promotion and funding.
At some point during my slumber tonight I am going to "lose an hour" of sleep.Here are four scientific (and not so scientific) things you need to know about DST.There is no "s": There is no "s" at the end of Saving though you will certainly hear people refer to it as "savings."No daylight is actually saved in a physical sense.There are scholarly studies of the "Pros and Cons": A study in the New England Journal of Medicine suggested that the "loss" of the hour of sleep during the spring adjustment leads to increased risks of traffic accidents.A Nebraska legislator recently introduced a bill to end daylight saving time, citing health problems caused by setting the clock ahead.
If you’re an American citizen, and you don’t like the fact that Congress just voted to remove laws preventing your ISPs from selling your information, Representative Jim Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin has a simple solution for you: don’t use the internet.Sensenbrenner was taking questions in a town hall meeting, and one of the attendees asked him about the internet privacy laws he voted to roll back.Specifically, they asked why internet service providers should be treated the same as websites, saying, “I do not have to go on Facebook … I don’t have to go on Google.My [ISP] is different from those providers.”Nobody’s got to use the internet at all.The internet companies have invested an awful lot of money having almost universal service now.
Jim Sensenbrenner long on bluster, short on thoughtFaced with an angry citizen asking why he had voted away their online privacy rights, US House Rep Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) had a remarkable answer: you don't have to use the internet if you don't like it.Speaking at a town hall meeting in Wisconsin on Friday, the Republican legislator was asked about his vote to kill off proposed information safeguards – a move that effectively gave American ISPs the green light, as well as the right, to sell subscribers' sensitive personal details without requiring their consent or even having to inform them.The voter disputed the Republican line that ISPs should not have to deal with stricter rules than companies like Google or Facebook, arguing that: "Facebook is not comparable to an ISP.He went on to praise broadband providers because they had "invested an awful lot of money" in building up networks.He argued that "I don't think it's my job to tell you that you cannot get advertising for your information being sold.
Hong Kong is losing out to Singapore in fintech development because securities and insurance regulators have not done enough to encourage the development of a flexible regulatory culture supportive of new services, several lawmakers said at a monthly financial affair panel meeting on Tuesday.“While the Hong Kong Monetary Authority has introduced the ‘sandbox’ to help banks to develop their fintech services, the Securities and Futures Commission [SFC] and the Insurance Authority have not had much progress.This is not good for Hong Kong as fintech is not only related to banks but it is also an important area for brokers, insurance companies and other non bank organisations,” said Charles Mok, a lawmaker representing the information technology sector.Fintech refers to the emerging industry where companies use new technology to compete against services provided by traditional financial institutions and intermediaries.The HKMA “sandbox”, a pilot scheme that allows banks to try out new fintech products without the need to get full regulatory approval, was introduced in September.Banks such as Citibank and Standard Chartered Bank are already running trials under the softened regulatory regime.
In Nebraska, you have Silicon Prairie, then there’s Silicon Alley in New York City, Silicon Roundabout in London, and Silicon Beach in Venice, California.Working with the local community, the government has been pursuing efforts to establish a tech hub that is being dubbed Startup Paradise.So fast forward, once I became a legislator, I was on a mission to create more job opportunities for tech people and engineers…out of five friends in my EE class, four of them went to the mainland and never came back.” /p p Finding a thriving tech ecosystem in Hawaii is really difficult — I tried.Though there are accelerators, such as Blue Startups and Elemental Excelerator, and innovation centers, it’s rare to see a local startup make it big in Hawaii./p p When I graduated from the University of Hawaii (UH), working in tech didn’t seem like a viable option — the focus was on travel and hospitality at that time.So how can the state offer its young tech workers and entrepreneurs a reason to remain in Hawaii and contribute to the local economy?