the next president of the Donald Trump praises Exxon Mobil ceo Rex Tillersonin "world class player", who has made a "massive contracts", told the BBC.Tillersonin, 64, are expected to have in several international journals to rise to Us secretary of state as a Trump administration.tillersonin have said to have good relations with Russian president Vladimir Putin.He has also been criticized by the international, against Russia imposed sanctions.He led the oil company, which is almost twice as large as its nearest competitor", Trump praised Tillersonin Fox News in an interview.Trump, according to Tillerson knows many international leaders and they know him.
the Producing companies to raise the price of oil may, however, get bogged down the U.S. shale oil producers, with oil production already led to the 2014 oil price collapse.the shale oil producers have large quantities of semi-finished holes waiting for the opportune moment in the production to start.the Us energy agency EIA follow so-called Ducie.the DUC will be the word of drilled but November, these semi-finished production for the seven shale oil fields a total of 5 219, after a couple of months earlier they had 5 097.the Same period also the production of taken the number of holes is again slowly increased.
The shipping company Viking Line will publish its first quarter results at 9 o'clock. Beginning of the year is traditionally the company's weakest and often at a loss. Oil prices by lower prices benefit the company, but the increase in other expenses is hampered results. Also, the growth has been the stumbling. Statistics on Wednesday, says the number of bankruptcies in April and road freight transport volumes last year. On Wednesday, the Japanese are also obtained preliminary gross domestic product figures for the euro area consumer price index for April.
You ve most certainly had—or at least heard of—kale chips, but kale isn t the only leafy green that can be transformed into a crispy snack.Brussels sprout chips are just as easy as the kale version and I think a little bit tastier.Click the link below for the full recipe and description of health benefits , but all you really need to do is remove the tips of the sprouts, toss the leaves in olive oil and seasonings garlic, rosemary and sea salt are all great , and roast in a single layer at 450F for 7-10 minutes, until the leaves crisp up.Serve hot, eat up, and feel slightly smug about your healthy snack choice.I like to top mine with nutritional yeast for extra flavor and smugness.Nutritionist Know-How: My Favorite Healthy Snack Cupcakes & Cashmere
Neste Group runs benign and may bypass öljymatalikon reasonable you go alone. According to forecasts, the $ 50 limit will soon receive. Renewable diesel is known as the company has been able to navigate the profitability öljykarikoiden past more successfully than traditional oil companies, the results of which collapsed earlier this year. The interim period suggests that the refinery is capable of producing such high profitability of Russian oil for petrol and diesel. Porvoo sells bensiiniään a record pace in North America and the United States. Neste's CFO Jyrki Mäki-Kala says that the United States, Chevy is left increasingly to the roads, which is reflected in the sharp curve of the total gasoline consumption.
Thailand has the second-highest obesity rate in south-east Asia, largely due to the fact that its delicious cuisine can be rather greasy.Since people in Thailand are unlikely to change the food they eat, the Thai Health Promotion Foundation and BBDO Bangkok decided to tackle how they eat their food.We first saw this campaign over at Adweek.And so the "AbsorbPlate" was born.The design of the plate was inspired by the surface of a sponge and contains hundreds of tiny holes to allow oil to slip away from a meal and be absorbed at the bottom.The promotional video claims the plate can soak up about 7 ml of oil, or 30 calories on average, from each meal.Here's the full ad:NOW WATCH: How to see everything Google knows about youLoading video...
Executives including FedEx Corp. Chief Executive Fred Smith and retired U.S. generals associated with a Washington group that lobbies to reduce America s oil dependence plan to meet with politicians in the nation s capital on Thursday to discuss recommendations for speeding introduction of driverless cars.The proposals aren t likely to gain immediate traction on Capitol Hill, where Republican lawmakers are at loggerheads with the Obama administration on a variety of fronts during a presidential election year.The Obama administration earlier this year proposed spending nearly $4 billion over a decade to accelerate acceptance of driverless cars on U.S. roads and curb traffic fatalities and travel delays.U.S. regulators are expected this summer to release guidelines for preferred rules for driverless cars, in part to coax local governments to avoid pursuing different policies that could subject autonomous vehicles to different decrees when they cross state lines.That would essentially prohibit the kinds of autonomous vehicles Google envisions, as well as driverless taxi efforts under way at ride-hailing companies Lyft Inc. and Uber Technologies Inc.FedEx s Mr. Smith, an advocate for alternative fuels in the shipping company s vehicles, expressed concerns over regulatory patchworks.Currently, the same tax credit disappears once a company sells 200,000 electric vehicles.
The economy Olli Rehn Chemical Industry Federation of Finland and the Industrial Union TEAM have announced that they had reached an agreement on the competitiveness of the agreement on the matters to be negotiated. The agreement will cover the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, basic industry, the chemical and plastics and chemical products industry employee contracts. the negotiated result in the chemical industry is very important in terms of the full application of the competitiveness pact, because it is a key export branch. This and the outcome of negotiations previously achieved in the forestry sector will certainly pave the way for other unions to reach an agreement, Rehn says the release. They lay the foundation to expand the local agreements and to strengthen confidence in the workplace. Chemical Industry Federation of Industries and the trade union negotiators must be congratulated for negotiating the outcome now achieved. Hopefully, the other negotiating tables is performed facto ropes and continue negotiations at a rapid pace, said Rehn.
Step two: Destroy the infestation at every life stage, from egg to queen.The chemical cocktail you apply to your furry best friend s back uses a double tap—fipronil zaps flea and tick nervous systems, and S-methoprene keeps flea eggs from hatching—bound together with a secret blend of inert chemicals.Almost three decades ago, chemists working for French pharma Rhône Mérieux now known as Merial noticed that its fipronil-based flea killer was lethal for a lot longer than expected.Turns out, fipronil is fat-soluble and accumulates inside the oil glands that animals have on their skin.The poison attacks Jumpy McFlea s nerve cells, binding to receptors meant to receive signals that keep the critter s nerves sort of relaxed.One thing we do know: Without them, Frontline Plus would be less vigorous at vanquishing those tiny vampires.
Not only are they beautiful to behold, they also are unique in how they stretch and move.Not surprisingly, scientists have been studying spider webs for years, hoping to uncover the mechanism that allows the material to stretch, yet remain tight.The sticky glue that encases the thread does more than capture prey; it also functions like a fishing reel that coils up the excess parts of the thread.The scientists were able to recreate this unique property using a plastic filament that was covered with tiny droplets of oil.Our bio-inspired hybrid threads could be manufactured from virtually any components.These new insights could lead to a wide range of applications, such as microfabrication of complex structures, reversible micro-motors, or self-tensioned stretchable systems, said Dr. Hervé Elettro, a doctoral researcher at Institut Jean Le Rond D Alembert, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris.
To be more specific, he needs to convince several thousand of them, aged around 24, to be weighed, prodded and quizzed, donate blood and urine as well as undergo scans of their livers, hearts, necks and entire bodies.Their data has been used in more than 1,200 academic papers worldwide, including ones showing the benefits of eating fish during pregnancy, that peanut oil in baby lotions is linked to later peanut allergy, and that 15 minutes of exercise a day halves the risk of childhood obesity.This may sound a lot, but the Bristol study is part of a bigger and more unusual enterprise, a remarkable series of birth cohort studies that have tracked successive generations born in Britain.Researchers around the world are keen to use the data: "We have a clutch of proposals every week," says Nicholas Timpson, a genetic epidemiologist who leads many of the omic studies for ALSPAC.Around 1,000 cohort members have already attended the latest clinic, Focus @ 24 , which will collect measurements when these young adults are at their physical prime.Another project will also start this year involving wiring up the bodies and homes of 30 study members with sensors to measure how active they are, and in-house sensors and cameras to monitor eating, sleeping and TV watching.
Images from the ground and satellites have helped quantify the destruction, but this shot from the International Space Station somehow ties the scale of the destruction together much more clearly.The photo was taken by an Expedition 67 crew member on May 14th, from 240 miles away.Yes, the astronauts have some pretty sweet cameras.DON T MISS: Bionic eye restores man s vision after being blind for 40 yearsIn the top of the river, you can see the Athabasca river, and the oil sands that give Fort McMurray a reason for existing.This photo was taken four days ago; since then, the fire has been driven further north, into the mining camps you can just see in the top of the image.Firefighters are continuing to battle the blaze, but until a combination of lower winds and rain comes together, it will be difficult to get the situation under control.
The acquisition means that BeMyEye s crowd is now 250,000 person-strong and, according to the company, makes it the market leader in Europe for real world mobile crowdsourced data insight .The startup s founders, Livio Lumbroso and Colin Valière, are also staying on to play a part in BeMyEye s growth going forwards.Ultimately, we want to offer as many people as possible a new way to earn money and we want to improve the way they perceive work by making it fun, rewarding and on their terms.He also says the idea for the startup was informed by BeMyEye founder and Chairman Gian Luca Petrelli s experience running the family olive oil business after it managed to secure a promotional campaign with Wholefoods.If only someone could have visited the store, taken a photograph and sent it to him…To that end, the types of tasks that have been crowdsourced through BeMyEye include checking in-store promotions and prices, generating sales leads, and gathering street level data for mapping enrichment.Meanwhile, for the businesses that use the BeMyEye platform, the draw is that they get access to people and locations with unparalleled precision and, thanks to the proliferation of smartphones, in a way that was unthinkable only a few years ago .
Two years ago, the French Thales Alenia Space's project Stratobus. Now, the development started with a grant from the French state on the equivalent of SEK 150 million, writes of Thales in a press release. The airship that is about 100 meters long and 30 meters wide will be able to unload 250 kg. For example, surveillance equipment and cameras that can be used for border surveillance, reconnaissance by pirate ships, monitoring of oil platforms, environmental studies and meteorological data acquisition. But Stratobus can also become a platform for telecommunications and become a link between satellites and ground or used to provide internet access, better mobile coverage and accuracy of GPS positioning. It is hoped that Stratobus to be kept in the air for up to a year before a shutdown is needed for service and maintenance.
The wildfire that swept through Fort McMurray two weeks ago has now breached a critical firebreak, threatening Canada s largest oil production facilities, and forcing the evacuation of thousands more workers.Some 4,000 workers from a dozen work camps, including those run by Syncrude Canada and Suncor Energy, had to be evacuated.A worker camp with 665 rooms burned to the ground on Tuesday.Earlier this week, the Suomi-NPP satellite captured a natural colour image of active fires near Fort McMurray.Areas outlined in red represent hot spots where the satellite s Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite VIIRS detected warm surface temperatures caused by the fires.NASA Earth Observatory, Calgary Herald, Reuters
And it's probably also my best tips for those who want to buy second-hand - there is no test protocols you do not know the actual condition of the car, says Jessica Malmgren, information on KVD. The key then is to not only look at the car's price tag, but also on what the cost of ownership. Please use KVD's app Car prices where you get full control of what the used car you want to buy is worth and what the monthly cost including fuel cost, taxes and insurance will land on. Enter an identification number or to enter a car in the app, so made a cost estimate immediately. Test drive the car, check rust, paint damage, oil leakage and more. Are they worn out and you need to buy new means major additional cost.
The wildfire that swept through Fort McMurray two weeks ago has now breached a critical firebreak, threatening Canada s largest oil production facilities, and forcing the evacuation of thousands more workers.Some 4,000 workers from a dozen work camps, including those run by Syncrude Canada and Suncor Energy, had to be evacuated.A worker camp with 665 rooms burned to the ground on Tuesday.Earlier this week, the Suomi-NPP satellite captured a natural colour image of active fires near Fort McMurray.Areas outlined in red represent hot spots where the satellite s Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite VIIRS detected warm surface temperatures caused by the fires.NASA Earth Observatory, Calgary Herald, Reuters
photographer: Pixabay During cold snaps and other consumption peaks, when Sweden's so-called power reserve needs to be taken into use, the electricity is produced renewable. The Swedish Parliament recently took a decision on the bill on the extension of the power reserve from 2020 to 2025 presented by the government in February. Now Clubs government regulation on environmental requirements for reserve power production. It is up to the Swedish power grid to procure, but it is perfectly possible to replace coal and oil for example, tall oil and the need not to import them, says Baylan. There is a concern that other energy not to have yet been expanded so much so that it covers up. comments Welcome to have your say on new technologies.
View photosMoreA prototype of Google's own self-driving vehicle is seen during a media preview of Google's current autonomous vehicles in Mountain View, California September 29, 2015.REUTERS/Elijah NouvelageWASHINGTON Reuters - A group seeking to reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil on Thursday called on policymakers to remove regulatory hurdles in order to accelerate the deployment of self-driving cars, as well as revise tax incentives to boost sales of less expensive electric vehicles.The influential group Securing America's Future Energy SAFE and its leadership council chaired by FedEx Corp President, Chairman and CEO Frederick Smith and retired U.S. Marine Corps Commandant James Conway, unveiled a report seeking broad commercialization of autonomous cars "once they are as safe as today s cars."SAFE has been pushing U.S. policymakers since 2006 to boost fuel efficiency standards, increase U.S. energy production and encourage alternative fuel vehicles in a bid to cut oil use in half by 2040.The group of business and military leaders helped prompt then-President George W. Bush and the U.S. Congress in 2007 to approve the first increase in passenger car fuel economy standards in more than two decades.The SAFE report was released at an event that included John Krafcik, the CEO of Alphabet Inc's Google Self-Driving Car program.
The new documents, Muffett said, show that oil companies clearly preferred to invest in research to explain away the climate risks, instead of on technologies to reduce emissions.Burn off oil fume flames are seen on an offshore oil platform.There is no doubt that increases in fossil fuel usage and decreases of forest cover are aggravating the potential problem of increased CO2 in the atmosphere.The research included burning oil to clear areas of fog and smog, and constructing massive artificial heat mountains out of asphalt to increase rainfall.Bigger drilling rigs, Muffett said, are an example of the profound distinction of how these companies were protecting their own interests and not the public s.This week, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced that April 2016 was the 12th consecutive month to set a global temperature record.For now, the group s new searchable database allows users to identify connections between companies, research institutes and individuals.