Outdoor Apparel and Gear Amazon SaleOkay, so even though the high today in NYC is supposed to be 80, it s never too early to think about your winter apparel.Amazon s huge seriously, HUGE sale on apparel and gear from Columbia, Burton, White Sierra and more will have you covered.Everything from winter coats and snow pants, to snowboard boots and goggles, is marked down.If you re just looking for new apparel, it s broken down between men, women, boys, and girls but there are still 5-6 pages of options each .Gear is a little more broad, with basic winter needs like gloves and face masks, but also snowshoeing kits and ice skates.
Outdoor Apparel and Gear Amazon SaleOkay, so even though the high today in NYC is supposed to be 80, it s never too early to think about your winter apparel.Amazon s huge seriously, HUGE sale on apparel and gear from Columbia, Burton, White Sierra and more will have you covered.Everything from winter coats and snow pants, to snowboard boots and goggles, is marked down.If you re just looking for new apparel, it s broken down between men, women, boys, and girls but there are still 5-6 pages of options each .Gear is a little more broad, with basic winter needs like gloves and face masks, but also snowshoeing kits and ice skates.
If you re one of those people who loves to be outdoors but hates the cold weather of winter, than we have some good news for you.A Norwegian company called The Heat Experience has launched a new line of performance outdoor apparel on Kickstarter that features battery-operated heating elements integrated right into the design.That vest is meant to be used as a midlayer, and as such it uses Thinsulate – a high-performance synthetic insulation that is popular in outdoor apparel – to help keep the wearer warm.That alone would make this a viable option for use in cold weather conditions, but with the integration of a lightweight rechargeable battery pack and carbon heating elements, the vest can keep you even cozier for hours at a time.More: Joshua Holko braves cold and claws to photograph the Arctic s elusive beautiesThe integrated heating panels are located on the chest and in the upper back area.
Over the past year or so we have seen a number of major outdoor brands begin using recycled items to create the materials used to produce their products.For instance, each of Columbia s OutDry Extreme Eco Jackets is made from fabrics that were developed from recycled water bottles.Similarly, Adidas capitalized on this trend as well by making performance athletic wear and running shoes from plastics that were retrieved from the ocean.Now, Italian company Exkite is joining the ranks of outdoor apparel makers who are using recycled materials as well by making jackets from used kiteboarding sails.The concept of using kiteboarding sails to make clothing first came to Exkite founder, and former pro kiteboarder, Renzo Mancini while he was testing new gear on the island of Sardinia.Mancini knew he had a number of old kites just sitting around back home, but he wasn t sure of the best way to recycle them or find a new use for them.
This connected smart ski offers a wealth of performance measurables that has previously been unavailable to downhill enthusiasts.At the ISPO sports trade show in Munich this week, two French companies announced they were joining forces to create the first connected ski.The device is the result of a collaboration between outdoor apparel and ski manufacturer Rossignol and tech startup PIQ Sport Intelligence, a company that focuses on creating wearables that track motion and provides real-time feedback on performance.Both bring their considerable expertise to the project, creating a new ski that has the potential to revolutionize our time on the slopes.When building this high-tech device, Rossignol started with its popular and iconic Hero Master and integrated PIQ s Robot nano-computer directly into the ski itself.That computer is programmed with the Group of Artificial Intelligence Applications GAIA system, which was specifically designed to analyze movement in sports and provide constantly updating feedback on performance.
With our modern day civilization s reliance on plastic, you may wonder where it s all supposed to go.Some recycled bottles are washed and reformed, but there is still a lot of plastic that needs to go somewhere.Phunkshun Wear has long been a producer of outdoor apparel.Due to consumer demand, the company has announced that it will be entering the base layer market for the 2017/18 season.What makes this shirt different from traditional base layers is the use of Repreve fabric.This material is made up of fibers that were once recycled water bottles.
The North Face continues making strides in the mountaineering market with its FuseForm technology and the Summit Alpine 50L Pack is representative of the company s Seamless Vision as the first outdoor gear product in its Summit Series employing fused fabric.It is rated to carry 50L and weighs only 2.5lbs, making it the lightest alpine pack in its class.FuseForm technology was developed as a way to reduce seams and weight in apparel, and we realized this could have applications in equipment, Dan Rogers, the project manager for equipment at The North Face, told Digital TrendsThe North Face began its endeavor into FuseForm technology with the release of its first batch of Summit Series outdoor apparel in 2015 — geared specifically towards a minimalist approach within the alpine world.FuseForm technology involves weaving together 70 denier and 40 denier Cordura Nylon fibers to integrate abrasion resistance without sacrificing breathability.This fusing technology replaces traditional stitching, eradicating the flaws of needle points and minimizing seams.
After years of development and perfection of safety features, Patagonia will finally release its life-saving PSI vest on the market to certified big wave surfersOutdoor apparel company Patagonia has always sat on the cutting edge of innovation and environmental stewardship but now adds standards of safety to its burgeoning resume.The company’s research and development sector first presented a prototype of the Potable Self-Inflation Vest to big wave ambassadors back in 2013 and was greeted enthusiastically by its wearers.After years of extensive engineering, the PSI vest plans to finally release on the market this spring — but only to qualified buyers.The most difficult challenge in presenting a commercial product which offers an assurance of safety involves the potential individual response of consumers.Amateur surfers who purchase and wear the vest might perceive a false sense of security and take on risks they might otherwise avoid, resulting in injury or death.
PrimaLoft Gold Aerogel will be featured in boot insoles, cell phone pockets, and gloves, serving as the outdoor apparel market's warmest and lightest insulation to date.Reigning fabric designer PrimaLoft recently announced its new insulation PrimaLoft Gold Aerogel, which will be used in various aspects of outdoor apparel this upcoming year.Aerogel is a synthetic substance derived from a gel, physically recognized as a solid and yet weighing nearly nothing.An extremely low density and thermo conductivity attribute to its reference as “frozen smoke.” NASA extensively uses Aerogel as the primary thermal insulation in space suits and to protect electronics from damage in extreme conditions.Harnessing Aerogel for use in apparel has been a longstanding battle due to the friability of the substance, its sensitivity to water, and lack of ventilation.PrimaLoft Gold Aerogel will serve as the first successful utilization of the substance in outdoor gear on a wide scale.
I own an outdoor apparel company.Typed my website into similarweb and found their statistics to be very off, saying that I barely receive any traffic from mobile and the majority of my visitors come from desktop (which couldn't be more wrong).I use Shopify which tracks my visitor data as a comparison.Furthermore, I also entered in my competitors websites, and their numbers seem somewhat off as well.Anyone have any information on all the data discrepancy?
To make its 100 Year Hoodie as durable as possible, Vollebak integrated Kevlar into the fabric, giving it an unprecedented level of toughness and resistance to wear.If you’re the kind of person who tends to hold on to your favorite pieces of clothing long after they’ve become worn out, we have some very good news for you.Outdoor apparel brand Vollebak has made an incredible new hoodie that is not only very comfortable to wear, but is nearly indestructible, too.To prove it, the company put the garment through a series of tests, including dragging it behind a truck, hitting it with sparks from an angle grinder, and using a blowtorch to dry it out.In each case, the comfy looking pullover came out completely unscathed thanks to the unique composition of its fabrics.So exactly how did the 100 Year Hoodie: Granite Edition manage to survive this battery of brutal tests?
In a breakthrough for the environment, there will soon be a waterproof outdoor jacket made completely from recycled materials.European outdoor brand Jack Wolfskin announced a major breakthrough in the production of its line of outdoor apparel.Last week, at an outdoor gear show held in Friedrichshafen, Germany, the company unveiled its new Texapore Ecosphere jacket, which it claims is the first outer shell made completely from recycled materials.Best of all, the jacket is said to still offer a high level of performance, keeping wearers comfortable in a variety of weather conditions.Of course, we’ve seen other eco-friendly jackets before, most notably Columbia’s Outdry Extreme.But what sets Jack Wolfskin’s product apart is that every element of it comes from recycled materials, including the shell fabric, fleece lining, zippers, and even its technical membrane.
Do you want to use Facebook for more than just getting Likes and sharing your most recent blog article to 2% of your Fans?It's still, very much, a viable platform for growth.One with more than 1.7 billion users waiting for you to grab them.But, as with all digital marketing, it's about knowing how to do it most effectively.This article breaks down a Facebook marketing campaign from start to finish.I'll be using a totally made up e-commerce business as an example: Hipson outdoor apparel.
With up to 8 hours of battery life on a single charge, the Polar Seal heated pullover will keep outdoor athletes warm, even on cold winter days.Hikers, skiers, and trail runners searching for an extra layer to keep them warm during cold weather activities should look no further than the Polar Seal.This new active pullover recently launched on Kickstarter and features integrated heating elements designed to keep the wearer warm even in the coldest of conditions.Available in distinctive cuts for both men and women, the Polar Seal looks a lot like a typical quarter-zip athletic top that you might find in any sports or outdoor apparel store.It is made from lightweight materials designed to wick moisture away from the body, making it ideal for use in aerobic activities such as running or cycling.It even comes with thumbholes on each wrist to provide an extra level of warmth for the wearers hands on colder days, and should perform well both as a stand-alone garment and as a middle layer under a heavier jacket.
One economic sector’s implosion is another sector’s lucky break.Physical store closures are disproportionately occurring in the apparel category, pushing more consumers to online clothing shopping.Seizing the opportunity for more online sales, Walmart has already made several apparel ecommerce acquisitions in 2017.In January Walmart bought Shoebuy and in April Shoebuy purchased the shoes.com domain from a defunct Canadian company.Jet.com — which Walmart acquired last year — manages Shoes.com.In February Walmart snatched up Moosejaw, an outdoor apparel and accessory online merchant.
Outdoor apparel company LL Bean has ran an enticing print campaign with a manifesto that is only fully revealed in sunlight, the work ran as a full page ad in the New York Times last week.Echoing the brand’s efforts to get its customers venturing out into the great outdoors and its new ‘Be an Outsider’ tagline, Portland’s VIA agency developed the copy for the ad using specialised photochromic ink, reports AdWeek.When read indoors, away from UV exposure, the copy reads ‘Just bring this outside”.When brought outside, the above copy is incorporated into an, almost constitutional in style, ledger which reads as follows:Where there are no strangersOnly friends you haven’t met yet
For more than a year, retailers' play-calling has centered on deluging shoppers with discounts and other money-saving bargains—a tactic that resulted in a sea of sameness from one brand to another.While it's true that deals are still prevalent, with retailers from Bloomingdale's to J.C. Penney ramping up their promotions at the end of the month, several companies are tapping into more unique tactics to lure shoppers.Whether it's a short-term strategy such as better-targeted emails, or a long-term bet on delivering better customer service to shoppers, below are four ways retailers are adjusting their game plans to be less focused on price slashing.Making retail more than just shoppingShoppers—millennials, in particular—have become more interested in collecting experiences than spending money on physical goods, said Virginia Morris, vice president of global consumer and innovation strategy at Daymon Worldwide.Last month, the outdoor apparel retailer launched a virtual reality initiative at its Chicago store, through which shoppers are virtually placed in Yosemite National Park and Moab, Utah, via 360-degree 3-D audio and video.
A few months before launching his Jackson Hole, Wyo.-based company Stio last September, Stephen Sullivan introduced the outdoor apparel brand with a blog called The Town Hill Chronicles.The blog, by a team of professional writers, profiled people living in mountain communities across the U.S.An industry veteran who co-founded outdoor brand Cloudveil, Sullivan keeps the Stio blog fresh with new stories published at least twice a month."In this much more abbreviated world we live in, adding some depth and texture to the story of a brand is really key," Sullivan says.With 14 employees and no advertising budget, Shawn Askinosie, founder of Springfield, Mo.-based Askinosie Chocolate, decided to see if he could put an essential part of his product to work to tell the company's story: the wrappers.Each package features a photo of the lead farmer whose cocoa beans were used to make the bar.
Yakima and outdoor apparel brand Poler Stuff have joined forces to create a special edition of the popular SkyRise rooftop tent that brings the strength of both companies together in a single product.This version of the SkyRise deftly blends Yakima’s engineering expertise and understanding of the rooftop tent market, while adding a dose of Poler’s unique sense of style to the mix.Dubbed the Poler X Yakima SkyRise, the rooftop tent can reportedly be installed in under 15 minutes without the use of tools.Better yet, it sets up quickly and easily at the campsite, too, requiring just a minute or two to be ready to accommodate campers.And after getting a good night’s sleep, its users will be ready to hit the road again in matter of seconds, as the tent collapsing down to a height of just 12 inches for ease of transport.Made from 210D Nylon fabric, the SkyRise offers plenty of interior ventilation, as well as an unobstructed view of the night sky overhead.
Bay Area biotechnology company Bolt Threads has launched its second consumer-focused garment in the form of a Best Made-branded hat that combines bioengineered spider silk with wool fibers.Priced at $198, the head-warmer is limited to just 100 units and goes on sale today through BestMadeCo.com.Founded in 2009, Bolt Threads has previously stated that its mission is to engineer the “next generation of high-performance fashion fibers.” The company launched out of stealth in 2015 and went on to raise $90 million in venture capital funding, including a $50 million tranche last May that coincided with a new partnership with outdoor clothing retailer Patagonia.The company is also in the middle of raising another $106 million, according to this SEC filing, though it appears to have only secured around half that amount at this time.Bolt Threads recently announced its first ever acquisition when it snapped up Best Made Company, a New York-based outdoor apparel company.Thus, the duo’s first collaborative product is the Best Made Microsilk Cap of Courage.