Preschool is the foundation for a long road of education ahead. Parents play a vital role in enrolling their toddlers to preschool. And since the journey is not easy because it is natural for parents to be concerned about their children.Everything from food to company of other toddler and quality of teachers makes parents anxious. Choosing the right toddler preschool and preparing your little one for the same requires a smooth transition.When the time comes to venture out of the comforts of home and leaving mother behind for a day school is a tough ask from toddlers. Here’s some quick advice to follow before enrolling your child in a preschool.Introducing PreschoolIt’s a great idea to introduce children to play school in a rather exciting manner. Try taking your child out on a trip to the prospective preschool allowing him/her to meet new teachers and other staff in a controlled environment.Take them for some time after every few days till they feel comfortable to be themselves in that environment. Let teachers, toys, or other people there be the reason for them to keep visiting the place.This is how you familiarize with the preschool so that they don’t feel strange and cry out of fear or helplessness. Teachers at toddler preschool in Ahmedabad sets the right example for this is don’t subtly to help a smooth transition.Exploring Preschool Idea in Daily RoutinesStart with taking turns as a parent, child, and a teacher. It all begins with toddlers learning the daily routine like wishing goodbye to mom and dad, singing songs aloud, reading story or picture books.This means they start doing all the toddler preschool activities at home itself. Reading Preschool books is again a great idea for introducing preschool in a positive manner.Give them the idea of preschool by weaving it in their bedtime stories. It’s also a good idea to teach them sharing with their siblings or neighborhood children.They will gradually adapt to little things considering everything around them is an opportunity to have fun and learn. Such activities will eventually help them feel more in control and ultimately reducing the anxiety on the first day of preschool.Original Source : Preschool In Ahmedabad
Preschool activities play a substantial role when to nurture children aged 3 to 5 years. With child in the zenith to learn new things, development through learning during this period fosters their language, socialization skills, emotional response and creativity.Most of the preschoolers’ activities are focused towards physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development. Such an all-round development is possible at the top preschool in Ahmedabad through holistic child development program.Why preschool activities for child are important?Preschool activities not only help to develop their physical and social skills but also motor skills and emotional development takes place. Such playschool activities build confidence and sense of self in child.Preschools Activities and its Need in Preschool Programs for Child DevelopmentThe Pennsylvania Child Welfare Training Program states a preschool child between three and five years old are at their peak to acquire certain skills which are developmental milestones.  Read more : How to Prepare Your Toddler for Preschool Activities for preschoolers are aimed at fostering physical, emotional, social and cognitive abilities. Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development go on to show why and how preschool activities to cater those are important during such an age.Concluding the importance of Preschool Activities in ClassroomThese skills prepare them for the next step of education – elementary school. No learning is complete without the social cognitive and emotional self-control in the classroom. Also, for a holistic child development at an early age, preschool activities are highly important. That is why we being a top preschool in Ahmedabad focus on all the preschool activities for children ensuring their ideal growth and preparing the best for their elementary schooling. Original source : Important Preschool Activities to Ensure Better Child Development
Parenting programs across the world are aimed at improving parent-child relationships and getting a parent to contribute their best for a child. Most of the parenting programs provide support and information to make parents more accomplished and expert in raising their child. This demands a parenting program staffs to come up with a more family oriented approach and must be centred professionally to build parenting capacity. The key takeaway for parents, in this case, includes treating their child with dignity and avoids comparison with other children of their age. They must be trained to make informed choices and emphasis on the family choice before anything else. Child development requires activities for toddlers that are family-oriented and make them comfortable around parents. These programs must also include participation from children at an optimal level to improve the outcome and drive results ensuring child growth. The parenting support programs are feature-rich with essential inputs from experienced professionals extending support to families. One of the major inputs is also early support to families with family involvement aimed at baby development.Children’s development is the end result of cumulated efforts by parents. The need for parents and children depending on their family context, family values, upbringing and cultural influences. Often, parents use manualized approaches that naturally fit in their core family value system. In other cases, differently-abled children will require an altogether different approach. This is where child development activities are distinguished depending on the disability characteristics and thereby designing interventions. Such personalized parenting program approach works best when teachers and experienced instructors consider each child’s requirements for matured growth. In metros, even parents may be facing adverse mental conditions due to the inability to balance the work and life. This is when customized kids’ development training help managing the rising conflict and makes it easier for parents to regulate child behaviours. There are parents with borderline personality disorders and in such cases program must weave around benefitting children the most with scheduling holistic child development activities. Our preschool in Ahmedabad is well-equipped with tailoring such courses based on individual requirements of parents and children. A consistent routine makes way for better nurturing and provides necessary ailments for those parents suffering serious mental disorders like schizophrenia, etc. Their inability to respond to emotional cues from infants and children can really hamper smooth child development. Original Source: Early Childhood Development
Being in your house during this can be stressful, monotonous, and outright boring for your children.We at ‘The Class of One’ want our kids to overcome these hurdles while focusing on their safety, therefore, today we bring to you the best at home preschool activities so that our children keep growing!Listening to music - Listening to music can help children understand the value of an expression and it helps the child’s cognitive ability, including intellectual, social-emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy.Dancing to music helps children build motor skills while teaching them the value of self-expression.Colours help in the development of creativity, productivity, and learning.Children often use pictures and drawings to relate and express their emotions and it can also be helpful for the parents to get an insight into their children’s emotions.