To hundreds of millions of Hindus, in India and around the world, the Ganges is not just a river but also a goddess, Ganga, who was brought down to Earth from her home in the Milky Way by Lord Shiva, flowing through his dreadlocks to break the force of her fall.In 1615, Nicholas Withington, one of the earliest English travellers in India, wrote that water from the Ganges will never stinke, though kepte never so longe, neyther will anye wormes or vermine breede therein.Why are the Martinis always better at work?In 1990, Modi, already recognized as a future leader of the B.J.P., was one of the main organizers of a protest pilgrimage from Gujarat to the town of Ayodhya, in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.The Nehru-Gandhi dynasty had exhausted its political appeal, and its choice for prime minister, Rahul Gandhi, the grandson of Indira, was a feeble campaigner, no match for Modi s dynamism.Four battalions of soldiers would be organized into the Ganga Eco-Task Force.
To continue providing news and award winning journalism, we rely on advertising revenue.To continue reading, please turn off your ad blocker or whitelist us.India's leading political party, BJP Bharatiya Janata Party , allegedly directly commanded online abuse against key Indian public figures, including journalists, actors and political opponents, claims a new book.Former volunteer Sadhavi Khosla, who quit the BJP in 2015, claims in the book that she was part of the party's social media unit and was one among many party volunteers who was allegedly pushed to target public figures, perceived by the party as dissidents and/or anti-Modi.Khosla claims that she received orders from senior members of the party's digital unit, via WhatsApp, adding that she also met certain senior party officials.However, Khosla claimed that she began having misgivings about the trolling, when ordered to tweet out criticisms, sometimes featuring "slanderous claims", against prominent Indian journalists.
Co-founder Sam Rosen has stepped down and co-founder and COO Rahul Gandhi will become CEO.The company says the departure, which has been in the works for the last month, was “completely amicable” and plans to announce the news Monday morning.MakeSpace was founded in 2013 amid a surge in interest from investors and consumers in new on-demand services enabled by mobile phones.The company sold itself as a “cloud storage for physical stuff” a concept that contributed to some observers declaring the on-demand trend—"Uber for X"—had gone too far.Indeed, self-storage units for peoples’ junk is more of a tech-enabled service than a digital innovation, but investors took the idea seriously.MakeSpace raised more than $57 million in venture funding from investors including NBA star Carmelo Anthony, rap legend Nas (Nasir Jones), and the investment firm of the Winklevoss brothers.
Makespace, one of the many startups that launched to give consumers a new option for storing their stuff, has a new chief executive, TechCrunch has confirmed.The company’s thirty year-old co-founder and chief executive Sam Rosen is stepping down to make room at the top for Rahul Gandhi, Rosen’s fellow founder and Makespace’s chief operating officer.News of the change at the top was first reported in Wired.The 37 year-old Gandhi said the executive change had full approval of the board and discussions had been underway for the last several months.Always more operationally minded than Rosen, Gandhi said that “along the way we always had conversations that as the business would hit scale he would hand over the keys.”New York-based Makespace has raised $57.6 million in financing from leading venture capital firms including Upfront Ventures and 8VC.
A petition has been filed in Delhi High Court for Netflix to delete any scenes that reference India's former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.One scene in the show depicts a cop calling Gandhi "fattu," which is translated to "p----" in the subtitles.According to Time, Netflix is in the process of replacing the word with "wimp" in the subtitles.Another police complaint against the show was filed, but dropped after Rahul Gandhi, son of Rajiv and leader of the Congress party, defended freedom of expression.The show centers on a Sikh cop in the Mumbai police force named Sartaj Singh (played by the Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan), and a mysterious Mumbai criminal, Ganesh Gaitonde (Nawazuddin Siddiqui).At the start of the series, Gaitonde calls Singh to tell him of an attack on the city set to take place in 25 days.
India, Uttar Pradesh's capital Lucknow to 80 kilometers southwest of Ribery railway station in an express train partially derailed when at least seven people, is dead. Police said that New Farakka Express derailed is further at least 35 people injured. ‘Times of India’Train to West Bengal to Malda Town station from Delhi going to. The injured 9 people, situation, alarming, also a few trains between the trapped, said the suspect is being.On Wednesday, local time, 6 pm, the train engine and 9 t derailed is said that the Uttar Pradesh Police Director General, beyond Singh. After the incident, quickly arrived at the scene of the rescue investigators. Injured condition at least 35 people taken to hospital. Among them, 9 people, situation, alarming, said learned.Stuck passengers to rescue the rescuers going to work. Due to the accident that the line on all train movement stopped. Today at noon, 2 pm, 30 minutes later train to Delhi to reach. Train in the station zone, entering the alien's accident in the fall. However, the key reason this train crash has erupted, it is not clear.Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Congress president Rahul Gandhi in this incident, grief and mourning expressed. Northern Province Chief Minister, on behalf of the families of the victims, two million and wounded, the families of the 50 thousand money, the financial support to speak, have been announced.The Central Railway Ministry, the families of the victims five million and seriously injured the families of one hundred thousand and slightly wounded, 50 thousand money to the the announced. Central Elementary Pius Goa to this accident about the high-level investigation ordered. Accident playback in any subversion, whether or not to have weighed in, Uttar Pradesh Police's counterterrorism branch members to the scene.In India, the state-controlled railway system, nine thousand passenger trains, manages, and every day two million to 30 million passengers carries.
Famous French aircraft manufacturer agency these Anil Ambani firms with symbolizing to work somehow had to be forced, say French media reports revealed until a few hours after Congress president Rahul Gandhi phase of the investigation, demanded to 59,000 shipping by deal.He said it with these words, also said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself is corrupt and he, in fact, Anil Ambani, Prime Minister. Mediapart reported to have been told, son, one ranking executives, people of Segal last year, his agency employees to Raphael deal to explain to said, this agreement, the interests of the reliance defense with the hand matched one are mandatory. That report publicly come after a cry start.“It is now utterly clear that our country's Prime Minister itself corrupt. I repeat, our prime minister is a corrupt person. Sadly, his campaign overwhelmingly, across a have with corruption, fighting talk” press conference, that this said Rahul Gandhi.
Citing this reply dated January 4, 2019, the piece argues that since the larger part of the amount is shown under the ‘media activities’ heading, publicity has been the key motive behind the whole scheme.This is blatantly erroneous on the following counts:The so-called publicity or the media activity surrounding the BBBP programme is anyways very favourable for the programme given that it is about bringing awareness about saving girl children and educating them.Then enabling girls’ education, effective enforcement of the Pre-Conception & Pre Natal-Diagnostic Techniques (PC) Act, and preventing gender-based sex selection and elimination are the stated goals of BBBP.The above instances conclusively bust the misleading interpretation of media activity and publicity.It has been made amply clear that ‘publicity’ is about sensitizing people to the laws against gender discrimination and the expanding avenues of educating the girl child.Rahul Gandhi Wants You to Believe That Beti Bachao is About P
The Goa CM has been in news recently for taking stock of development projects in his state while fighting the lethal disease of cancer.He has been widely photographed by media for living up to his reputation of committed and devoted leader even under difficult circumstances.But what can be more painful to such a strong man than insulting him and maligning his image.The Congress President, Rahul Gandhi made a courtesy visit to Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar.The media heaped lavish praise on Rahul Gandhi for such a gesture.Immediately after the meeting, Rahul Gandhi went on to attend a meeting in Kochi, Kerala where he reportedly said, “Friends, the ex-defence minister Mr Parrikar clearly stated that he has nothing to do with the new deal that was orchestrated by Mr Narendra Modi to benefit Anil Ambani.”
In an article in The Hindu on February 08, 2019, journalist N. Ram has published a story titled Defence Ministry protested against PMO undermining Rafale negotiations.This article has been published by him after his previous, widely discredited article on Rafale about how Modi’s decision to buy 36 Rafales shot the price of each jet up by 41%.In the previous article, N Ram had contradicted himself on various counts.As soon as this latest story was published in The Hindu, Congress President Rahul Gandhi spared no time in holding a press conference and attack the government on Rafale, and paint it as a ‘scam’ of Rs.In his latest article, he has published a Defence Ministry’s internal note dated November 24, 2015.It is desirable that such discussions be avoided by the PMO as it undermines our negotiating positions seriously”. 
To raise the morbid spectre of death right in the soldier’s face and then to picturise some monetary reward for it, many felt, is grotesquely cruel and downright inhumane.We already know how Congress has for years blocked the modernisation of our defence forces.In other words, this is not the sole incident depicting the ‘soul-lessness’ of the prince of the Congress party.When a similar question was posed to Mr Gandhi at an event at the University of Berkeley in September 2017 by a student: “Why are certain politicians like Kamal Nath, Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar being shielded by the Congress?”, Mr Gandhi had calmly avoided it.Who can forget his infamous theorising or rather philosophising on poverty in 2013.At an event in Allahabad, Mr Gandhi had defined poverty as “…just a state of mind.
An announcement by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a rally in Amethi appears to have disturbed Congress President Rahul Gandhi so much so that he tweeted alleging Prime Minister to be lying.He said that he himself laid the foundations of ordnance factory in 2010 with the production of small arms continuing for some years now.Prime Minister Narendra Modi, among many projects in Amethi, also announced the setting up of a new unit to manufacture AK 203 assault rifles, the latest version in the Kalashnikov series.It will be made by a joint venture of India & Russia.”This is what the official handle of PMO India had tweeted,The decision to set up an ordnance factory at Korwa, Amethi was taken in 2007.
When his party was at the helm, it had categorically said that there was no proposal to grant martyr status to CAPF (Central Armed Police Force) personnel who are killed in action.In any case, Rahul Gandhi’s utterings on ‘martyr’ status are wrong on many counts as has been already explained in the previous article.Here are the relevant facts to recall from that article.Each slain CRPF personnel will get the following:Liberalised Pensionary Award – Amount equal to emoluments (salary) last drawn given to next of kin for life time or till the marriage of the widow. 
A report in Business Standard published on March 21, 2013, said that IAF over 5 financial years (2008-2013) had lost a total of 50 aircraft in crashes.In other words, IAF had lost the equivalent of one fighter squadron (16-18 fighters) in crashes every two years.Also, 6 civilians were killed and 25 injured.”Not only the crashes and casualties, IAF had continued to express its concern to the then UPA government about the declining capability of the forces.He had said that the government didn’t have money to buy Rafale Jets.Towards that end, the government signed the deal with the French government to buy 36 Rafale aircraft in flyway conditions.
Rahul Gandhi who referred to the dreaded terrorist Masood Azhar with utmost respect as ‘Masood Azhar ji’ has been busy questioning the release of terrorists in Kandahar hijack incident thereby attempting to create a misinformed debate.Congress and the other oppositions parties were taken into confidence by the then government before arriving at a decision to free Masood Azhar to secure the lives of hostages in the hijacked plane.No one in the opposition including Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh who were present in the meeting had expressed their reservations on obliging to the demand of hijackers back then.There was also pressure from public, especially from the family members of the passengers, on the government to secure the lives of people inside the hijacked plane at any cost.In fact, his contribution in containing the Punjab insurgency in the 80s are legendary.Rahul Gandhi is targeting such a decorated officer for scoring political points.
This was an extraordinary operation which will go in the annals of history as an epic and a heroic one.There have always been a few people in India who have been suspect for their stand on whether they stand with their own country or against it, at a time of crisis, a crisis which is particularly fraught with national security implications.On February 27, when Pakistan tried to violate Indian airspace along the LoC only to appease its domestic audience, and immediately following it up with Imran Khan’s peace offering speech the same day, this entire group lost no time in pushing Pakistan’s case.Leading this cabal, Congress Party led by Rahul Gandhi has crossed this other Rubicon by openly presenting a divided polity from India, at a time when India should have been presenting a united face.One look at the image below will shock you as to how India’s opposition parties led by Rahul Gandhi have played directly into the hands of Pakistan and strengthened the enemy’s case against India.No surprises that the following tweet by Radio Pakistan answers it in the affirmative.
In the first eight months of 2017 alone, storage locker incumbents and startups spent about $2.27 billion to expand their infrastructures — more than the entirety of 2016’s $1.9 billion spend.MakeSpace is one of the many firms vying for a shot at the top, and it’s aggressively raising funds to do it.Today the New York startup announced that it has secured $30 million in financing from information management services company Iron Mountain and that the two are entering a strategic partnership.(That might sound like a lot of space, but it’s a tiny fraction of Iron Mountain’s more than 90 million square feet across 1,450 facilities in 50 countries.)The fresh capital comes after MakeSpace’s $30 million series C raise in April 2017 and an $8 million series A in April 2014, which included individual contributions from NBA star Carmelo Anthony and rap legend Nasir Jones (Nas).This brings MakeSpace’s total raised to $87.6 million, which CEO Rahul Gandhi says will enable the company to immediately scale to 20 new markets — including San Francisco, Boston, San Diego, Seattle, Philadelphia, and Toronto — bringing its total footprint to 24 markets.
Sam Pitroda, the trusted advisor of the Congress President has not only belittled the role played by our army in attacking the terror camps of Pakistan but also exposed the very casual attitude of Congress in dealing with the terror and national security.This is not an isolated incident where the top functionaries of Congress have shown a casual and careless attitude on fighting terrorism.“Attack happened in Mumbai also, we could have then reacted and just sent our planes but that is not the right approach.According to me, that’s not how you deal with the world.”: With this, Pitroda opposes the very idea of retaliation and pre-emptive measures against terror.“I would like to know more as I have read in New York Times newspapers, what did we really attack, we really killed 300 people?”: With these words, Sam Pitroda echoes the sentiments of Pakistan and certain sections of international media which try to stoke doubts about the valor of our armed forces.Long ago, Rahul Gandhi had already tried to normalise terror with his response that it is “difficult to stop every terror attack.”  
A day later on Thursday, she visited Sonia Gandhi’s parliamentary constituency Raebareli.The program of Nukkad Sabha has been decided in three places.Actually, Priyanka Gandhi’s roadshow will start from Kumaraganj, the road show will end in Hanunaman garhi of Ayodhya.Priyanka will worship in Hanumangarhi.As well as discussing road shows with the workers.The Congress has also started reducing this protest.
India stands united after the Pulwama attack, with major political parties speaking in one voice against terrorism and paying tribute to our martyrs.Holding the press conference along with the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Congress president Rahul Gandhi has said,“The aim of terrorism is to divide the country, no one can divide this country and the entire opposition stands united with the security forces and the government.”BSP chief Mayawati has issued a press statement and said,“We strongly condemn the terror attack and firmly stand with our soldiers’ family in this time of grief.”UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi has issued a statement which reads,