Blackmailers are harmless, at least: AutoLocky HydraCrypt UmbreCrypt cryptolocker Petya Nemucod DMALocker2 HydraCrypt DMALocker 3.0 CrypBoss Gomasom LeChiffre KeyBTC Radamant CryptInfinite PClock CryptoDefense Harasom TeslaCrypt CryptXXX Rector Rakhni scatter Xorist CoinVault Bitcryptor . However, new threats raise their heads. The last defense of the islet there is always a backup. But even with those to be careful, because the retention of critical data in the cloud, for example, does not in all cases guarantee protection from kiristysohjelmilta. A normal user can achieve reasonable security by keeping your important data in your computer or smart phone in addition to some in the cloud, but also an external hard drive or memory stick, which is not connected to the Internet. To copy data from more than one location, it makes sense also in the event that other copies are lost, say, due to equipment failure.
When you look at the Finnish economy, one might reasonably ask whether Finnish companies and public organizations in the management succeeded in recent years well enough.What is the Finnish university sector produced the kind of management skills that companies are doing in the international markets and public service production to reform in a sustainable manner?among Others, Aalto university chairman of the board Anne Brunila, and the rector of Helsinki university Jukka Kola have recently demanded overlapping activities qualification and units in the of specialisation are understandable given that the economics taught in dozens of university and in many colleges.the Swiss St. Gallen university president Thomas Bieger and a bunch of other prestigious universities rectors published by the beginning of the year Global Focus -journal writing, where they describe the multidisciplinary management thinking of the necessity.the World has in recent years emerged a number of multi-disciplinary management of the university units.
Inside a hot-pink classroom glowing with sunlight, 20 teen girls sit at refurbished desktop computers, tapping at their keyboards with laser focus.These girls are part of Girls Can Code, an intensive intro-to-coding program in Kabul developed by education-based nonprofit The Womanity Foundation.The global organization started the initiative to help galvanize and empower girls to pursue career opportunities in computer science.And that, the organization argues, makes a big difference in providing girls with stable opportunities."Nobody in any public school in Afghanistan is teaching any kid to code — not boys, not girls," Elizabeth Rector, program leader for Girls Can Code, tells Mashable."With this program, we're trying to determine whether teaching coding skills at a young age can fundamentally change the trajectory of a young girl's life," she says.
Science Museum / Science & Society Picture LibraryMarconi followed his intuition rather than scientific formalityAT GUGLIELMO MARCONI s grand state funeral in Rome in 1937 – orchestrated with military-style pomp by the black-shirted Benito Mussolini – the largest wreath on the hearse, adorned with a Nazi swastika, was sent by Adolf Hitler.As did the 31 beam and wireless stations of Cable and Wireless s global network, and others in China, Japan, the Middle East and Europe.Yet we are far less confident about just which parts of this invention were his own work, in contrast with the inventions of near-contemporary, Thomas Edison.As Marconi remarked in 1934 in an exchange with the principal of the University of St Andrews, UK, after the students elected him lord rector: Have I done the world good, or have I added a menace?
Also, the Karolinska institute are now asking the patients who received synthetic trachea, and their families, apologize."We see very serious researchers at Karolinska institutet have contributed to this and we deeply regret that patients have had to endure unnecessary suffering, and we ask them and their families to apologize.We will do everything for it not to happen again", said the Karolinska institute's deputy principal, Karin Dahlman-Wright, in a press release.According to rector, it may "not be excluded" that the operations have contributed to a premature death.a Total of carried out the transplantation of a synthetic trachea for three patients, two died and one was severely damaged.the Patients underwent surgery at Karolinska university hospital, which recently performed a similar excuse.
the Karolinska institute's former rector Anders Hamsten.First out were the former president of Karolinska institutet, Anders Hamsten, who resigned from the post in February.a Few days later resigned even rektorsrådet Jan Carlstedt-Duke and the dean of research, Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren.All three had previously courted Paolo Macchiarini from the suspicions of research misconduct – despite the fact that the independent reviewer Bengt Gerdin come to the conclusion that there has been misconduct in research fraud .At the same time he was forced Urban Lendahl, secretary of the institute's nobel committee to resign.a month later, in march 2016, also got Paolo Macchiarini fired.
Molly Rector moves to Quantum to head up marketingHPC and enterprise high-performance storage company DataDirect Networks has lost Molly Rector, its chief marketing officer, who has moved to take up a VP marketing role at Quantum.Robert Triendl has been promoted to DataDirect's SVP global sales, marketing and field services from a position as SVP for HPC strategy.He tells us: "While this has been long in the making, and certainly a career step for Molly, it was a bit unfortunate at least from my perspective and certainly had nothing to do with my appointment.Rather, I guess I did arrive too late to prevent this from happening ... That said, like any change in an organization, this is also an opportunity to do things differently."He said, "It will be challenging to find somebody with the same level of charm and energy for outbound marketing."
Victoria Grey has left her CMO position at hyper-converged vendor HyperGrid to take on a chief marketing officer role at traditional storage array vendor Nexsan.Nexsan is Imation s storage array product set with added file sync and share capabilities.Grey s Twitter profile declares she is Acting CMO for Nexsan.She was CMO for hyper-converged vendor HyperGrid from March 2014 to August this year.Prior to that she was CMO for Soonr file sharing from May 2013 and SVP for Marketing at Nexsan from September 2010 to March 2013.She joined Nexsan from Quantum, where she was VP for Marketing from September 2008 – a role just assumed by DDN s Molly Rector.
Bérénice Magistretti is a Swiss freelance writer based in San Francisco.Nonetheless, these journals are typically known to have an acceptance rate of 5-10 percent, meaning that the other 90-95 percent whose papers have been rejected are forced to find other publishing outlets that simply don t have the same alluring impact within the academic world.We are trying to publish the same way top science publications published 50 years ago, explains Lawrence Rajendran, founder and CEO of ScienceMatters.In other words, scientists must not only present outstanding and unique results, but they also need to craft them within an appealing narrative that pleases the editors.Therefore what drives scientists today is no longer the curiosity of discovering something new, but rather the glorification of a high-impact factor i.e.It has been repeatedly said that the impact factor of a journal cannot be considered as the only proxy for the quality of the work it publishes, says Monica Di Luca, vice rector of the University of Milan.
the president of KTH, Sigbritt Karlsson welcomes a statutory definition of what misconduct means.And see the benefits of cheating will be investigated by a private authority.On Wednesday announced a government investigation of a new regime for dealing with suspicions of research misconduct – misconduct in research, as the concept is.the main proposal is to move the responsibility for investigating alleged research misconduct from the university and colleges to a new authority, called the Oredlighetsnämnden.Sigbritt Karlsson, vice-chancellor at the Royal institute of technology, thinks that their own authority can provide a more uniform and fair legal process than in the day. " The good thing with an agency is that you can develop knowledge and skills.
Ole Petter Ottersen will become the new president of Karolinska institutet (KI) in Solna, the government has decided.Ottersen, professor of medicine, is today the president of the university of Oslo.He begins his service on KI 1 August.the Appointment extends to 28 February 2022.the Choice of Ole Petter Ottersen has not been without controversy, as he also was when, as vice-chancellor of Göteborg university.the Idea was that he would begin as president on 1 July, but then it was clear that he was proposed as rector of the Karolinska institute drew the board of directors of the university of Gothenburg back the proposal.
Haaga-Helia university of applied sciences to inform that it has launched in Mexico four-year university of applied sciences leading to a degree training program in August 2017.Education, which leads to the International Business degree, to be implemented together Querétarossa located Mondragónin with the university.This is one of the first Finnish qualifications, which are carried out completely outside the Finnish borders.”This is a significant head opening Haaga-Heliaa and the whole Finnish education exports.we See a region of great opportunities, and growth in the future will come from international markets.the degree of export is a flexible way to sell education abroad”, says Haaga-Helia university of applied sciences rector Teemu Kokko release.
Excellent news from Berlin: TUD has been granted funding for all 18 proposed tenure track chairs as part of the Federal and State government programme for the promotion of young researchers.The decision was announced this afternoon (21 September 2017) by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).The Rector of TUD, Prof. Hans Müller-Steinhagen, considers the funding approval an outstanding success for TU Dresden."This success once again underlines the positive development of our university in the past few years.This decision enables us to offer our young researchers in particular, career paths that are easier to plan, and thus enables us to attract the brightest minds to TU Dresden and retain them at our university at a very early stage."During a university-wide co-ordination process, TU Dresden has identified and applied for 18 possible tenure track chairs, which are to be established within all schools (except medicine) as well as in two central TUD scientific institutions.
By supporting such basic research projects, outstanding areas of top research are further developed and the research profile of TU Graz is enhanced.In the second call since this TU Graz sponsorship initiative was established, the lead projects for 2018 have just been selected.The project "Mechanics, Modeling and Simulation of Aortic Dissection" will start in January 2018 and will be funded by two million euros for three years.Rector Harald Kainz enthuses over the quality of the submitted projects: "After the successful first TU Graz lead project on dependability in the Internet of Things, we're now nailing our colours to the mast regarding top quality research areas in Graz by demonstrating the quality and diversity of our research and sharpening our international academic profile."The aim of this lead project is to develop comprehensive simulation models and algorithms to support and point the way towards diagnosis and treatment of AD.Gerhard A. Holzapfel, head of the lead project explains: "By integrating TU Graz researchers from different disciplines - from fluid mechanics and mechanics of materials to statistics - we will go a completely new path in the comprehensive consideration of this clinical phenomenon, and as a result we expect new findings on diagnosis and treatment."
«A NUST MISIS research group led by Gennady Podgorodetskyi, a Candidate of Technical Sciences and the head of the NUST MISIS Research & Education Center IMT, jointly with Vtoraluminumproduct, one of the University`s industrial partners, have created and launched a unique pilot unit of airlift reactor (based on a gas purging approach) for the effective and environmentally-friendly production of iron and non-ferrous metal concentrates from waste sludge», said Alevtina Chernikova, Rector of NUST MISIS.Hundreds of millions of tons of waste in the form of sludge, dust, cinder, etc.accumulates annually as a result of the chemical industry's metallurgy work with ferrous and non-ferrous metals.This waste contains large amounts of metal that isn't currently extracted because of a lack of effective industrial technologies capable of separating its useful components out.The new innovative blast developed at NUST MISIS is built on an airlift approach and the technological processes are carried out in a liquid slag bath blown by gas.The bubbles formed greatly speed up the chemical processes in the bath, and aggressively mix the iron liquid and slag.
With the help of electronic microcopy, scientists have managed to track defects in the surface of two-dimensional photonic crystals, but there was a problem with bulk photonic crystals.The new system will help to create microprocessors for optical computers.It`s not a coincidence that the work was published in Small journal, one of the most cited journals in the field of biotechnologies, biomaterials, and interdisciplinary engineering", said Alevtina Chernikova, Rector of NUST MISIS.As Ilya Besedin stated, their research group led by Professor Ivan Vartanyants from MEPhI has applied the recently developed method of ptychographic to photonic crystals.Sources of such radiation are called synchrotrons, and their experiments were conducted during the third generation synchrotron commissioned to research particle physics in Germany (DESY)."With conventional x-rays you can scan either macroscopic or very ordered structures.
An international team consisting of Russian and German scientists has made a breakthrough in the creation of seemingly impossible materials.They have managed to create the world`s first quantum metamaterial which can be used as a control element in superconducting electrical circuits.Metamaterials are substances whose properties are determined not so much by the atoms they consist of, but by the atoms' structural arrangement.Thanks to the outstanding properties of the new material, it will be possible to create one of the key elements in superconducting electronic devices», said Alevtina Chernikova, Rector of NUST MISIS.Kirill Shulga, a researcher at the NUST MISIS Laboratory of Superconducting Metamaterials and the first author of the project, noted that a conventional qubit consists of a scheme that includes three Josephson junctions.«Twin qubits were supposed to serve as a more complex system than the conventional superconducting qubits.
The CD lab for Location-Aware Electronic Systems under the leadership of Klaus Witrisal focuses on radio-based positioning systems for applications in which satellite systems are not available or are not accurate enough.The CD lab for Mass Transport through Paper is under the leadership of Karin Zojer and is devoted to various problems concerning the porosity of paper.As the go ahead was celebrated in the Hall of TU Graz, Rector Harald Kainz was present along with the president of the Christian Doppler Society, Reinhart Kögerler, and representatives of the respective corporate partners.Economics ministry promotes basic research as a competitive advantage'There are no topic requirements for Christian Doppler labs,' says Margarete Schramböck, Federal Minister for Digital and Economic Affairs.'All topics for which companies have need of research are important and eligible.
Composite materials have become an integral part of our lives: they are used in aviation and space technologies, as well as the automobile and mining industries."Scientists from the NUST MISIS Center of Composite Materials, led by Professor Sergey Kaloshkin, have proposed a non-contact method of internal voltage control in polymer composites.It is now possible to more effectively assess the degree of internal damages during the operation of aircraft parts, oil pipelines, ship hulls, and other industrial and transport facilities", said Alevtina Chernikova, Rector of NUST MISIS.Andrey Stepashkin, Candidate of Technical Sciences and Senior Research Associate at the NUST MISIS Center of Composite Materials, discussed why the problem of assessment is so critical:"There are composite materials in which the internal stress reaches 95% of the tensile strength after fabrication.For example, a number of composite materials, processing excellent heat and thermal resistance and created for the 'Buran' spacecraft, had a high level of internal stresses due to the characteristics of their manufacturing.
A polymer used mainly to manufacture drink bottles (but also clothing, carpets, and other objects), PET is appreciated by the industry for the same reason that makes PET a threat for the environment: its resistance to degradation.Between 4.8 billion and 12.7 billion kilograms of plastic are dumped in the oceans every year.A research with results published ( recently in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) showed how an international team of collaborators managed to boost PETase's capacity to break down plastic."In our research project, we characterized the three-dimensional structure of the enzyme that can digest this plastic, engineered it to boost its degradation capacity, and demonstrated that it also acts on polyethylene-2,5-furandicarboxylate (PEF), a PET substitute made from renewable raw materials," said Rodrigo Leandro Silveira (, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Campinas's Chemistry Institute (IQ-UNICAMP) supported by the São Paulo Research Foundation - FAPESP, who co-signed the article.A Full Professor at UNICAMP and also its Pro-Rector for Research, Skaf runs the Center for Engineering and Computational Sciences (CCES - one of FAPESP's Research, Innovation and Dissemination Centers (RIDCs - which also provided funding for the research.>A bacteria which survives metabolizing PET