The rise of tattooing from a hardcore niche to a booming industry has been a great thing for the Hudson Valley s many tattoo shops; it s estimated that the number of Americans with tattoos boomed by 50% from 2008 to 2015.Growing that much, that quickly introduced some new challenges for business owners, who have more options than ever for attracting new customers online, and for the next generation of tattoo artists, who are actively looking for ways to start their careers.These were the challenges that Mike Locasio, owner of Ink Inc. Tattooing in Kingston and Saugerties, laid out for us.Here s what we did to help him:Ink Inc s existing website had been around since the early 2000s, and it showed.Every location and artist has a contact form, which makes it easy for new customers to send an email to book an appointment.
Content marketing has already solidified its stature as a powerhouse in the digital marketing realm.In growing a brand s audience and customer base, it s certainly proved how formidable the practice is, especially when integrated with other data-driven disciplines like SEO .It s no longer a trend.It has already forced its way to stay.
Following Donald J. Trump s unfathomable electoral victory last week, Facebook found itself spastically and fruitlessly defending itself from claims it helped produce the outcome with its feed full of fake news.According to CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post—hell, even Fox News—Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.But if you ask Google, one of the first results to pop up is a WordPress website called 70news that bears the headline Final election 2016 numbers: Trump won both popular 62.9 m -62.2 m and electoral college votes 306-232 … Hey, scrap your loony petition now!The website, if the headline or the weird name didn t make it clear, is not a legitimate news source.One of its tabs is devoted solely to Hillary Clinton s health, and the copy of the story is full of SEO plays and nonsense maps.It also carries the following update at the top:
Over the last several years, Google has slowly reduced the amount of data available to SEO practitioners.You can read more about this in Russ Jones s excellent article that details the impact of his company s research and insights into clickstream data for volume disambiguation.Common Crawl data is an open source project that scrapes the entire internet at regular intervals.In addition to Common Crawl data, there is a non-profit called Common Search whose mission is to create an alternative open source and transparent search engine — the opposite, in many respects, of Google.This piqued my interest because it means that we all can play, tweak and mangle the signals to learn how search engines operate without the huge time investment of starting from ground zero.Currently, Common Search uses the following data sources for calculating their search rankings This is taken directly from their website :
We want more sales and more leads.This culture of more also means we re always looking to do more—a mentality that we bring into the content marketing practice.By old, I just mean posts that already exist on your blog — whether you wrote them last month or three years ago.More importantly, the results of this growth marketing experiment strongly suggest that historical optimization brings significant SEO benefits as well.Google Analytics is useful for this.We do newsjacking posts, but updating those posts for this experiment did not make sense since, by definition, their topics were around topical issues.
This of course takes into account that the majority of Google users now search on mobile devices, as opposed to desktop computers, and so a shift needed to happen somewhere at some point.The fact now is that businesses will need to adjust to this new algorithm.Even if the majority of your users are not searching for your company or industry on mobile devices, you will now need to take mobile search into account for best practice SEO.Mobile-first indexing: how it worksGoogle announced that to date, its search engine has prioritized analysis of desktop version of a webpage s content rather than mobile version in ranking on Google results pages—even though the majority of Google Searchers are using mobile devices.As you might expect, they found this to be problematic, as it did not account for the mobile version in determining quality of web pages.
Hi all, I have been doing SEO and PPC for a local company for several months already and my client actually ended up expanding their business to another state.Before they were working in one state only.So what we have now - Home page that is optimized for key phrase 1st state name Google My Business page for this let it be first location.Surely, we have a physical address.Several landing pages for other cities in the current state Several landing pages for other keywords/services The business is also listed correctly in major directories.I changed the NAP in the most popular ones.
With people performing over six billion searches each day, and visitors from search said to be closer to the purchase cycle than visitors from other sources, one would wonder what -- if anything -- could really go wrong with organic search marketing.While some marketers see high performing numbers from their organic search campaigns, which includes lead acquisitions and closing actual sales, others only report frustrating and fruitless results that make SEO feel like a waste of effort.If you've invested in driving traffic to your business through organic search optimization but have not been getting tangible results, you could actually be undermining your SEO efforts.Related: These 9 SEO Tips Are All You'll Ever Need to Rank in GoogleThe following four are some you should watch out for.Insights and data collected from measuring the right metrics will give you knowledge of where to make necessary changes in your strategy, and learn how your efforts are performing against your expectations.
The app market is a very competitive one, and without the right approach, there is a great possibility that a new product slips through the cracks and never attracts the attention of potential users.Although organic reach has its effects, it is always essential to think outside the box and come up with solid strategies that harness the power of creativity and originality if you want to maximise exposure and make maximum returns from your release.In this article, you ll find five creative ways to promote the launch of a mobile app.Giving potential users a sneak peek at your app is sure to pique their interest, and this is why creating a teaser website is such a good idea in working to build up your audience well before your release date.Awareness of your product is key to its success, and a high-quality teaser website raises potential users familiarity with your app and increases their chances of interacting with it.Get it right, and the hype and anticipation that builds up surrounding the release will all be to your advantage.
This got me wanting to start my own e-commerce site, so I could truly understand the process and what it takes to launch an online store from scratch.The steps outlined below will not only ensure you take the quickest and most professional route to get your site up and running, it will also set your marketing and SEO up for future success, which will increase your bottom line.Register your business, get a vendor's License and start looking into legal business issues.You will need to register the appropriate articles of incorporation or organization with your state s Secretary of State if you are starting a corporation, nonprofit, limited liability company or professional organization.We chose WP Engine for the hosting, which costs $29.99 per month and provides a fast and secure hosting solution.ThemeForest has over 28,000 website templates and themes from $2.
Learn how to get your local business site to rank well in search engines and what are the steps involved in getting top local rankings.
Anyone with an online business understands the importance of search engine rankings and that the best way to boost your ranking is to use search engine optimization SEO tactics.While you re probably familiar with the idea of SEO, you may be hearing more and more about another, more worrisome, concept: search engine manipulation.Unfortunately, these two terms are sometimes confused and can make some reluctant to use any tactics to boost their ranking because they don t want to risk being penalized by Google.But there is no reason to abandon SEO for your website.So, let s clear up any confusion and separate myth from the real story.
I am not in marketing myself, but I wanted to buy a few coworkers around the office mugs/cups with custom humorous prints.One of my coworkers does marketing for our company.It's not a big company, so she does a lot of things alone.Mostly internet stuff, so SEO, facebook, google ads, the few sites we have ad agreements with and probably other things I don't know about.Plus she is the go-to person when one of us needs to proof-read for grammar or other problems.Any internet marketing in-jokes that she might get so I can put them on her mug/cup?
In the past few years, we ve heard a lot of people say, recruiting is marketing.That said, it s no surprise we ve seen lots of professionals in recent years move from marketing to recruiting roles, or to a hybrid role like employer branding manager.Consistently Creating Good Content Is Really HardThere is perhaps no better medium for connecting with and nurturing buyers or candidates than content.Quality content can influence people s decisions, give credibility to your brand, and feed social, email, and SEO strategies.In our 2016 State of Employer Branding report, creating employer branding content was the number one employer branding challenge in 2016 ahead of proving an ROI for employer branding and securing budget for future campaigns .
During the holidays, we often let a fair part of ourselves go: diet, exercise, budgets and more.But for local search engine optimization SEO professionals, there is something very impactful that can get away from us little by little, until it is completely out of control:During the holiday season, we sometimes neglect a variety of strategies that help our businesses maintain positioning within the local pack during a high-traffic time.If you find yourself experiencing a case of holiday ranking drops, you may want to avoid a Scrooge-like boss muttering humbug under his breath until the ranking decrease can be remedied.Once we secure top local positioning, we must maintain and continue to keep up with user search trends — even during the holidays.Don t neglect your accounts during the holiday season; instead, implement monthly tracking strategies that allow you to continue maintaining position with a few key tips.
Don't get me wrong - the insights are brilliant.Just understanding what kind of title tags they use, or what keywords they throw in is a great indicator of how they look at themselves in the market.But going into page after page, looking for meta was just plain painful.Until I realized the magic of the "ImportXML" formula in Google Sheets.This little magic bullet lets you parse the contents of any webpage/ site and create your own nifty little SEO tracker.How it works: The core formula you'll need is "ImportXML ", which takes 2 parameters - the URL, and the Query.
When it comes to online sales and customer conversion, connecting with your potential customers and describing your products persuasively is one of the most important parts of selling online.Your online visibility determines the performance of your e-commerce websites.Well, the answer is to make your pages unique, descriptive and SEO-friendly.Follow my points below to see how to catch audience attention and turn them into leads.Keep your product description uniqueMost of the time you compete with other sellers, so you are required to connect with your audience differently.
Google that search term and what comes back in return is over 800,000 search results.In this in-depth post we are going to share with you 45 WordPress SEO tips to help skyrocket your traffic and hopefully help you dominate your competition.For businesses, this winning play comes with following the basic ingredients of WordPress SEO best-practices.One reason you still might see www being used a lot is simply because changing it after using it for years can be complex and cause issues.Most WordPress themes, if coded properly, will automatically assign the title of your page or post as the H1 header.Follow the steps below to quickly add an ALT tag to an existing image.
Organic SEO Search Engine Optimization refers to the process of making a website targeted so it can do well in web search results.The concept is important to understand when trying to build a website for success.If a website isn t heavily targeted toward the right keywords and topics then it will fail.Google has so much opportunity for web developers to gain traffic to their websites and yet very few are able to tap that power.If you didn t already know, there is a term referred to as CPC in the web industry.CPC or better known as Cost Per Click is how willing advertisers are to pay for each click on ads.