One of the most iconic restrictions of Snapchat is that the app makes you hold your finger on the screen to record.Just try to record a video in Snapchat without keeping your finger held down.Unless you know this surprisingly simple workaround on the iPhone.Open the Settings app and go to General.Turn AssistiveTouch on and then Create New Gesture.Press and hold with one finger in the center of the screen to let it record your touch.
Google engineering director Erik Kay talks about the new Allo messaging app and Duo video calling app during Google I/OGoogle has revealed its latest project to the world - an app which can effectively write your text messages for you.Allo learns over time from your style of writing and emoji use, and will present replies accordingly.Its Smart Reply feature is capable of analysing pictures sent to you - for example, a dog or a baby - and generating suggestions such as "Aww, cute dog!"will return results without the need to clarify who 'he' is.Clever feature Whisper Shout is an amusing way to enlarge or downscale your text in order to convey your emotions more clearly, and you can write and doodle on photos using Ink - similar to the way you can draw over Snapchat photos.Alongside Allo, Google launched new video messaging app Duo, which provides a live video preview of the caller in order to make the call feel less intrusive.
First, there was the Bob Marley blackface feature, and now, there s the alleged skin-lightening filter.A number of Snapchat users have recently lambasted the popular social media app for filters that seem to make users complexions seem whiter.Particularly problematic, some users note, is the association of words like pretty and beauty with— panda @pandaprince ss March 9, 2016For Coachella, Snapchat debuted a flower crown filter that does indeed whitewash the entire photo or video in question, but Snapchatters are also taking issue with beautify, a filter that makes the skin lighter, the face slimmer, the eyes wider, and blemishes disappear.But the effects were a bit less noticeable on a colleague, who said that her own change was fairly subtle.The filter evened out her skin tone and added pink and yellow hues to her complexion.
Chinese mobile dating app Tantan has raised a $32 million USD series C funding from a group of investors, including LB Investment, Vision Capital 元璟资本 , and DST Global.The latter is headed by Russian billionaire Yuri Milner, whose investment portfolio includes big name tech companies, including Didi Chuxing, Xiaomi, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter.After this round of funding, we plan to continue focusing on user pain points, improving daily usage, and consolidating our position in the social application industry, a PR spokesperson from Tantan told TechNode.Well this looks familiar…The company claims to have 2.5 million active users, about 80% of which are part of China s post-90 s generation.According to Chinese media, the male-to-female ratio on Tantan s app is 6:4.Founded in 2014, the Chinese app is almost identical to Tinder, down to its UI which lets users swipe left and right for potential matches.In 2015, the Beijing-based company came under fire when multiple security risks in the app were revealed by Hong Kong-based entrepreneur, Larry Salibra.By reverse-engineering the Chinese app, Mr. Salibra discovered that sensitive user data, including passwords and telephone numbers, were not encrypted and vulnerable to hackers.
Facebook s aggressive pursuit of video continues unabated, as the company is now testing video replies in the form of comments on a post.A bunch of users are now seeing a pop-up message above the camera icon on a Facebook comment box alerting them to the fact that they can now add videos.The same goes for if you wish to reply with an existing video stored on your device.Details for the desktop version are scarce at this early— The Deli Agency @TheDeliAgency May 17, 2016At present, most users have the ability to post an image or text-based response on a comment thread underneath a post.Although Snapchat comparisons get thrown about a lot in regards to Facebook, the feature would no doubt bring it closer to the visual messaging app, which is generally built upon image and video exchanges.
From Marketing Land:VR is coming to the Google Play store this fall with DaydreamMay 18, 2016 by Ginny MarvinGoogle s new Daydream platform is set to deliver virtual reality to Photos, YouTube, Street View, apps and movies.Amazon reaches $100B in annual salesMay 18, 2016 by Amy GesenhuesCEO Jeff Bezos says Amazon is the fastest company ever to reach the $100 billion sales milestone.Google I/O Live Blog: Home voice-activated assistant, Allo messaging app announcedMay 18, 2016 by Danny SullivanGoogle announces its rival to the Amazon Echo, unveils yet another messaging app.How to understand the value of content and measure digital emotionMay 18, 2016 by Erika TrautmanColumnist Erika Trautman explains why marketers need to go beyond surface metrics and instead focus on delivering personalized content.Recent Headlines From Search Engine Land, Our Sister Site Dedicated To Search News & Information:Online Marketing News From Around The Web:AnalyticsContent MarketingConversion 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t Share Company News on Social Media, www.marketingprofs.comVideoAbout The AuthorAmy Gesenhues is Third Door Media's General Assignment Reporter, covering the latest news and updates for Marketing Land and Search Engine Land.
Google I/O: Google attempts to monopolise mobile life even further with video app Duo and smart messaging app Allo that can reply for youGoogle is attempting to compete with WhatsApp, Snapchat and iMessage with two new messaging applications that hope to keep people using its services, and inputting information, even when they re communicating.Allo and Duo will be available on Android and iOS this summer and claim to take a fresh look on how people connect – either with friends or family or in a business environment.Allo AlloGoogle AlloIntegration with Google s newly announced Google Assistant is a key distinguishing feature of Allo, which learns how you interact and can even reply for you depending on the context of the message or even a photo thanks to image recognition technology.This includes weather, flight details, maps and sports scores and Assistant can even perform tasks like booking a table at a restaurant.Crucially for businesses, Allo offers end to end encryption for chats with an incognito mode similar to the one in Chrome.Messaging has become an increasingly important battlefield for technology companies that want to keep users in their ecosystems for as long as possible so they view more ads and provide more information.
You can unlock your computer with it, automatically have your photos sorted by who s in them, and even swap your face with your dog in Snapchat.Strangely, in its video demo and marketing images, FindFace seems to focus only on women, which makes the app look like it could be used for nefarious purposes.Already, the startup has been approached by the local Moscow government to work alongside the city s 150,000 CCTV cameras to help identify criminals on-the-fly.Kabakov imagines a world where cameras fix you looking at, say, a stereo in a shop, the retailer finds your identity, and then targets you with marketing for stereos in the subsequent days, The Guardian reported.In today s world we are surrounded by gadgets, Kabakov told The Guardian.This means the FindFace algorithm can t access multiple profile images like it can with the less secure Vkontakte.
When you think of artificial intelligence these days, it's easy to think of the chat bots that the tech industry seems obsessed with.And chat bots as they exist today are pretty underwhelming.But Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff says that AI is way bigger than that, and is really the next big thing after mobile and social changed the tech world over the past five years.Smart computers that can think, talk, reason, and predict will be able to do more than just search Google for us or order a pizza.They will eventually do stuff we haven't even imagined yet.Benioff, talking to analysts during Salesforce's quarterly conference call, called this the "AI-first world.It's an email inbox that takes a salesperson's email and calendar info and the customer data in Salesforce's cloud to help salespeople prioritize their work.He's not alone with this vision.IBM CEO Ginni Rometty has been preaching this concept for a while.She calls it cognitive computing and believes that smart computers are going to be part of every decision humans make and eventually change who you are.IBM's AI tech is called Watson, and it's already being used for everything from personalized health to powering human-like robots.Google chairman Eric Schmidt predicts that AI and machine learning — i.e., computers that can teach themselves stuff — will be what drives all the next huge successful startups and IPOs in the next five years.He compares AI to the mobile revolution that gave us Uber, Snapchat, and others.The prime example of Google's AI engine is Google Now and Google Photos.Cortana is its flagship example — you don't count Tay, the Twitter bot that quickly turned racist and was unplugged.
Launched in April 2014 as a mobile in-app ad network and beefed up in August 2015 with some new ad formats and a new name, until now, TAP was mainly a way for brands to extend their on-Twitter campaigns outside of Twitter.It s also adding some pieces that recall an old-school desktop display ad network, such as the basic banners that have been shown to Internet Explorer users for years.Some advertisers in the US will be able to use TellApart — the automated ad-buying firm Twitter bought in April 2015 — to run their TAP ads across the desktop and mobile web.A born-and-raised Angeleno who graduated from New York University, he currently lives in Los Angeles.He has broken stories on Snapchat's ad plans, Hulu founding CEO Jason Kilar's attempt to take on YouTube and the assemblage of Amazon's ad-tech stack; analyzed YouTube's programming strategy, Facebook's ad-tech ambitions and ad blocking's rise; and documented digital video's biggest annual event VidCon, BuzzFeed's branded video production process and Snapchat Discover's ad load six months after launch.He has also developed tools to monitor brands' early adoption of live-streaming apps, compare Yahoo's and Google's search designs and examine the NFL's YouTube and Facebook video strategies.
Today, Google has announced its new Daydream mobile VR technology, the Review on Antimicrobial Resistance warns that drastic measures are required to avoid mass deaths caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria, Zika virus may reach Europe this summer and more.Google announces new Daydream VR headsetGoogle has announced Daydream VR, a new virtual reality headset and development standard that'll work with the forthcoming generation of Android N phones The Verge .Report: Superbugs will kill one human every three seconds by 2050A new report by the Review on Antimicrobial Resistance warns that without intervention, by 2050, one person will die every three seconds as a result of antibiotic-resistant superbugs BBC .The review recommends a huge global awareness campaign to inform people of the risks, selective bans on antibiotic use in agriculture, a bounty for the discovery of new antibiotics and the promotion of various methods of disease prevention.Nintendo to branch out into medical devices, restaurants and computer softwareNintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has announced that the company intends to expand its business purposes to cover new areas, including computer software, alongside its existing console and mobile offerings Gamasutra .Following fantastic events in 2013, 2014 and 2015, this one-day conference returns on June 23, 2016.
It s a common revenue generation model, but one that seems to have taken some time for other tech platforms reliant on the community to develop.The 10-year-old Twitter and 5-year-old Snapchat are still experimenting with monetization strategies and Pinterest, going on seven years, only adopted a similar sales model to Product Hunt s with Buyable Pins last summer.The CutThe percentage Product Hunt is getting from each sale will vary, depending on the price of the product, volume sold, and the deal that each product creator is able to negotiate.Though Hoover says the new buying feature is more of an experiment and that he s still very focused on building the community and getting feedback on the process.But what I will say is maybe seventy-five percent of makers on Product Hunt are right there involved in the conversation and answering questions so we have an interesting opportunity in that direct connection with those makers already, which makes it easier for us to move in this direction.Not every product seller can set up shop right away, but a handful of startups have worked out a deal to start selling on the platform today, including Eero, Electric Objects, Oristand, Blockhead and Octobrellas from Blunt.
50 Cent, the rapper who most recently made headlines for going into massive debt and having to file for bankruptcy, has quite a way with humor.In light of news that MTV s Cribs will be revived via Snapchat, the rapper teamed up with a travel site to parody both the show and his financial struggles.And that, ladies and gents, is how we get to 50 Cent giving you a tour of Hostelworld.No vertical videos, Snapchat-style here though.If you ever watched Cribs when it was on the air, the nostalgia is there – except for the irony that some of the stuff shown on 50 Cent s real episode of Cribs were allegedly never really his.Gotta at least give him credit for being able to make fun of himself, though.
New social platforms are launched all the time.Just like Richard Branson s famous quote business opportunities are like buses; there s always another one coming , you can rest assured that there will be another social platform or app coming soon.Perfecting tried and true methods on some of the more established networks is sometimes overlooked in favor of marketing immediately on the hottest social media trends.Recognizing this, as well as the importance of video as we enter the second half of 2016, can have a real impact on the success of your digital marketing campaign.The Growth Of Video MarketingWhether you refer to it as video marketing or social videos, it is undeniable that videos have never been more important than now when launching a digital marketing campaign.
Twitter, like Facebook, adds old-school elements to its mobile ad networkMay 19, 2016 by Tim PetersonTwitter is bringing its Twitter Audience Platform mobile ad network to the worldwide web and adding IAB-standardized ads to its portfolio.Taykey launches a free online trend-watcherMay 19, 2016 by Barry LevineCalled Trend Pulse, it shows trends in four categories, changed daily.How to increase sales through broadcast messagingMay 19, 2016 by Daniel FaggellaLooking to gain more profits from your email list?Recent Headlines From Search Engine Land, Our Sister Site Dedicated To Search News & Information:Online Marketing News From Around The Web:AnalyticsImprove Your Web Analytics Data Quality, www.blastam.comLeveraging the Power of Predictive Analytics to Control Churn, www.cmswire.comBlogs & Blogging14 Tools for Bloggers, www.socialmediaexaminer.comBusiness IssuesAlphabet CEO Larry Page defends Android s use of Java APIs in court, techcrunch.comGoogle s CEO sums up his AI vision: Hi., www.cnet.comMicrosoft has its own Bing Assistant bot in the works, www.zdnet.comContent Marketing3 Steps to Creating Content Audiences Love and Share, www.socialbakers.com9 Content Marketing Gems Hidden Within Game of Thrones, www.komarketingassociates.comContent Syndication 101, www.copypress.comHow Journalists Help Build a Strong Content Marketing Foundation, www.convinceandconvert.comHow to Think Mobile-First for Your Content Marketing Strategy, www.verticalmeasures.comSupercharge Your Sales Funnel Velocity With Content, www.convinceandconvert.comCopywriting, Design & UsabilityDomainingThe .blog Domain Extension Is Now Open to Registrars, wptavern.comE-CommerceAmazon Plans More Stores, Bulked-Up Prime Services, Wall Street JournaleBay Valet Program Lists, Sells and Ships Products for You, smallbiztrends.comGoogle s Secret Weapon Against Amazon Echo?Just Being Google, www.fastcodesign.comTop 500 spotlight: How meal-kit e-retailers are redefining food shopping, www.internetretailer.comWhat Leads Consumers to Shop for Groceries Digitally?, www.emarketer.comEmail MarketingDesign Tips: Creating an Email Template, www.verticalresponse.comEmails we love: The nonprofit edition, myemma.comHow to Boost Email Marketing with Customer Match Gmail Ads, www.clixmarketing.comGeneral Internet Marketing3 Attributes of a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy, www.toprankblog.com5 tips on branding, yoast.comHow Real-Time Marketing Changes the Game, www.marketingprofs.comThe Influencer Perspective On Cross-Channel Marketing, adexchanger.comThe Top 3 Tools to Create Your Marketing Presentation, www.ducttapemarketing.comInternet Marketing IndustryFull Circle Insights Launches Campaign Attribution, www.prnewswire.comAdobe Launches Spark: Visual Storytelling Apps for Everyone, spark.adobe.comCriteo Helps Marketers Boost Incremental Sales with Dynamic Email Retargeting, www.criteo.comRapt Media Survey Reveals Personalization Drives Content Discovery, www.businesswire.comSwirl s New Mobile Presence Management and Marketing Platform Helps Brick and Mortar Retailers Better Compete with Amazon, www.swirl.comMarTechMobile/Local MarketingApp Customer Retention Spring 2016 Report, blog.appboy.comFamily Library For Google Play Purchases Is Official, App Purchases Will Be Shared Among Up To Six Family Members Starting July 2nd, www.androidpolice.comHow to Gain Visibility in the App Store, www.searchenginejournal.comMobile App Install Ads Score Big via Facebook Audience Network Report , www.adweek.comMobile App Users See Ads from Morning to Night, www.emarketer.comMobile networks have taken another hit in the fight to regulate apps like WhatsApp in Africa, qz.comYahoo Esports Expands Mobile Offering with iPhone Launch, yahoo.tumblr.comSocial MediaAdding Video to Carousel Ads, Facebook s Algorithm – and More Facebook Ad Tips, www.amyporterfield.comConfessions of a Snapchat influencer: What seems like overnight success usually wasn t, digiday.comCreating Facebook Lookalike Audiences with Behavior Targeting, www.practicalecommerce.comDrive more scale for your performance campaigns with Twitter, www.Twitter.comFacebook s Power Editor Getting Upgraded Over the Weekend, www.adweek.comInstagram s Banned Hashtags Reveal Moderation Challenges, www.adweek.comLinkedIn 2012 Data Breach May Have Hit Over 100 Million, www.wsj.comSnapchat Advertising Data Reveals What Kinds of Brands Have Bought Into the App, www.adweek.comSnapchat Plans to Take the Algorithm Route for Content Feed, www.martechadvisor.comWhy Your Brand Doesn t Need Anyone To Participate In Anything, www.fastcocreate.comVideoAbout The AuthorAmy Gesenhues is Third Door Media's General Assignment Reporter, covering the latest news and updates for Marketing Land and Search Engine Land.
Snapchat and Instagram got their start at Stanford University while the founders were just students.So it's no surprise today's Stanford students are tapped into the hottest apps in social networking, productivity, and messaging.On a recent visit to campus, we stopped 13 students on the street and asked them to tell us the apps they can't live without.Here's what they said.View As: One PageSlides
Apple just opened a brand new, feature-packed store in San Francisco.The new design shows off some of the plans the company has for its corporate retail future.The most noticeable addition: Giant, 42-foot glass doors across its front and back facades.Take a look at them opening: Here the Apple Store doors are opening — Matthew Panzarino @panzer May 19, 2016Whoah, dude.Read the original article on Tech Insider.Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.Copyright 2016.More from Tech Insider:How to find Snapchat's hidden dalmatian dog selfie lensHBO just dropped hints about what will be in the next 2 'Game of Thrones' episodesThis woman trying on a Chewbacca mask is now the most-watched video on Facebook Live FB A company in North Carolina will give you a Tesla Model 3 if you work for themApple might soon let you unlock your Mac with your iPhone AAPL NOW WATCH: Everything we know about the iPhone 7Loading video...
To learn more and subscribe, please click here.Snapchat is reportedly working on introducing a new algorithm that will determine the ranking of new content from brands and media accounts in user feeds, Digiday reports.Currently, when a user opens up Snapchat and navigates to the Story page — the landing page where Snapchat Discover, Live Stories, and individual account stories live — content from accounts that a user follows — whether friends, media companies, brands, or celebrities — are displayed in a ranking based on which accounts updated their stories most recently.Now, Snapchat is apparently looking to introduce a different algorithm that will give the company more control over what a user sees first in the feed.The move could be a welcome move for publishers that are not a part of Snapchat's Discover feature.Discover partners —including Daily Mail, Vox, MTV — have their accounts featured on a Discover landing page that all users are able to access.For reference, Discover is a content portal where partnering publishers have their own "channels" that they post new content to every 24 hours.But for those publishers that want to reach Snapchat's audience but don't want to invest in creating lots of new Snapchat native content every 24 hours, getting discovered on the platform is harder.Publishers not on Discover have to create their own private accounts and encourage audiences to "follow" these accounts to view content.Content from these accounts then gets placed into a user's Story feed along with all the other content from every account that user follows.In the current system, if a user follows a lot of accounts and the publisher does not post frequent updates, then its content can be lost in the feed.A new algorithm based on user preference the frequency with which a user watches that account's content would help publishers elevate their content to the top of the feed among engaged viewers.
Since Apple Music is now integrated with Siri, con artists are using scam songs to trick Siri into playing them to generate streaming revenueCon artists have found a new way of making money – tricking Apple's artificially intelligent assistant Siri into playing 'scam' songs on Apple Music that are named after common Siri search requests.As Bottarini has Apple Music enabled on his iPhone, instead of bringing up search results for his request, to his surprise Siri opened the music app and started playing a two-minute-long house music track it had found on iTunes entitled How to Write a Letter of Recommendation credited to 'Average electronic producer & DJ Pulsar'.Apple Music is a monthly subscription music-streaming service costing £9.99 a month $9.99 in the US that aims to combine your own MP3s with tracks you've purchased on iTunes, as well as offering internet radio stations, offline listening, expert-curated playlists, and a social network and blog platform for artists to communicate with their fans.Every time an iTunes track is streamed over Apple Music, the artist is paid 71.5% of the revenue earned in the US and around 73% of the revenue outside the US, Apple executive Robert Kondrk explained to Re/code in June 2015.House Pills contains 17 mp3 tracks of house music with titles such as How to Use Snapchat, How to Upgrade to Windows 10, How to Get Rid of Stress and the aforementioned How to Write a Letter of Recommendation, as well as titles themed after commonly searched-for movies such as Zoolander and Deadpool."From what I can make out of it all , it seems like a case of people try to toy with Apple's Siri feature and bank off the fact that people, like me, are going to accidentally stumble upon the mass-produced songs — and then get paid a royalty for each song play," Bottarini writes.
Snapchat didn t immediately respond to our request for comment.Snapchat s move to refresh its Discover feed appears to be part of the company s broader battle for video views.Although YouTube s dominance was relatively unchallenged for years, these days the spotlight is on Facebook and Snapchat — and both are embroiled in a fierce battle for our eyeballs.And Instagram, vague as ever, recently shared that the time people spent watching video on the service has increased by more than 40 percent since October.Two days ago, a report from Digiday said Snapchat is currently working on an algorithm that will act as a gatekeeper between publishers and brands and their audiences.Snapchat last revamped its app in March, when the company introduced new messaging features and Auto-Advance Stories.