the Swedish Aftonbladet magazine according to the three telecom operators telia's high-level leader suspected had pressured the young women workers to sex in return for progress in the is true that a few people have been temporarily relieved of his duties , strengthen telia's communications manager, Irene Krohn Anonymous source said the leaders have had sex in the service of the company in Southern Sweden women working with.the Action has continued for several years.One leader who have sex with women worker, was His place came a new person, which, however, started to do the same.
Finnish science is in stable condition as well as the world average, occurs in the Finnish academy of Science space 2016 -report.for Example, the number of scientific publications per capita in many OECD countries compared with the highest, and Finnish researchers ' international co-publications share has clearly grown in recent the Years 2011-2014 international co-publications was more than half, when in the early 1990s, the number was 27 percent.the number of Scientific publications over the last ten years elevated a little bit, but other research-intensive countries are, however, progressed the fastest.according to the Report of Finland of the above were, for example, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden and Denmark.University research expenditures last year were 1.45 billion euros, of which more than half of universities basic funding.
in Sweden, one of the most influential industry leaders include Marcus Wallenberg, 60, said Friday he was concerned that the British EU-the difference is slipping toward the so-called hard brexit."As it looks now, and it is worrying", Wallenberg said the Economy in Otaniemi, where the Aalto university and the Saab group signed a ten year agreement on research cooperation.Wallenberg's saab's chairman of the board.according to Him, brexit and the new Us president Donald Trump's trade policy are the multilateral multi forum for multilateral agreements of the world towards bilateralismi, which all agreed with each other separately."I've been concerned about the free trade of the future for a long time."He said, however, that the future is very difficult to predict.
Construction labor imports opening outside the EU countries can lead to a significant crime increase, claims the Builders."This is a good example of Sweden, where the need for discretion was removed in 2008.after Sweden blow the work permit of the criminal trade, because they can be used to get the Schengen area", said the release of the construction association chairman Matti ridge of the peninsula.the uusimaa ELY -centre is currently planning that the labour needs of the construction sectors with regard to be the construction industry without work in February was almost 10 000 construction industry unemployment fund the Worst unemployment areas of the builders of unemployment was, according to the association for well over 20%.
employee organisations SAK's industrial policy expert Sauli Hievanen told me he was worried about Finland and the rest of Europe between the relative distance.Hievanen tells about his views on SAK's website."Finland needs a number of electoral-scale infrastructure program, which will improve with our accessibility", Hievanen to write.Finland's relative distance to the rest of Europe growing according to him, neighbouring countries with large investments in fast and the remote connections."even Though Sweden, Denmark and Norway are practically closed to the European continent, they are investing heavily in international train connections to accelerate", Hievanen said.SAK was involved in the infrastructure survey, which survey the various industries of the future needs of the transport corridors.
listed companies Kesko and Oriola-KD are based on the new moisturizers and vitamins to sell the chain.listed companies rely on the fact that the familiar name you appeal to politicians across the parties.the board of directors of Oriola-KD and Kesko's own chain exactly in half.This year opened 15 stores and a total of them comes up to a hundred.common sense tells you to evaluate this: without the drugs it's in the tens of millions of euros of turnover, but the prescription drug with hundreds of millions.the board of directors of Oriola-KD runs in Sweden Kronans Apotek -chain.
the Swedish government devised by the banks ' contributions are not the only reason why Nordea is considering the headquarters transfer out of Sweden, the group leader Casper von Koskull said news agency Bloomberg.instead, the reason is Koskullin according to the Swedish banking regulation as a whole."your Attention is too much stability in payments.We must assess the whole picture, and our decisions are based on the whole", von Koskull said the news agency.Nordea received the backing this week of the Swedish competition authorities, who warn that the banks ' payments increase and the government's new proposals are hampered by the country's financial sector operations.according to the Authorities, on the other hand, Sweden needs a sufficiently large stabilization fund, which will ensure that the financial sector stabilization of the pour state of the hands
the Swedes on Thursday to try how it feels to live without cash.the Swedish the news that the atm machines went blank.atm machines operated by the Bankomat-according to the company, the disorder should be investigated and it appears to be some kind of power outage in the system.Also another company Kontanten atms are out of the game."We don't have anything to do with each other, but we use the same technical system", the company's communications are multiplied.the Disturbance was manifested at 14 o'clock Finnish time.
It can also communicate with other Google Cast devices. So you can not just be home to play the selected music in the place you specify, but also tell it to play video content on the television. Home can communicate with the smart parts of the home so you can say, for example, lit the lamp in the children's room. According to Google is the way ahead of the competition. Those who wish can register their interest at Whether the product will be launched officially in Sweden is highly uncertain.
On Seymour Island researchers made the discovery of the prehistoric bird. With the wings fully extended bird had a wing span of 6.4 meters, the largest so far discovered. The bird belongs to a family of bentandade birds, Pelagornithidae. - The shape of the wings they allowed to slide and move long distances over oceans, says researcher Marcos Cenizo. The findings presented in the Journal of Paleontology. Get the news you're going to talk about in your Facebook feed - like Metro Sweden
Here's the plan for the payment giant - which already burned 4 billion in the battle to become the first choice for the world traders. It's fun to show off Sweden in this way, and fun to the weather been a little better, he says, when Breakit reach him in a pause on Tuesday afternoon. The way forward is, among other things through a quartet of new products, which invited customers to be part of the week in the Stockholm archipelago. 36,000 of them are e-retailers, a small part is both e-commerce and shops, but the rest is physical traders. The forecast for 2016 is to get additional 30,000. Bambora is owned by Nordic Capital Fund VIII.
A closer look at the map of Stockholm it is easy to see the pattern: the same types of companies crowding the same surfaces. They hyped companies in financial technology, Fintech, growing, for example, up among telecom giants in Kista - even though there is a lot of technology expertise and experience in those regions, and even though as Ericsson got rid of a lot of people in recent years. Robin Teigland, who is a professor at the School, has looked closely at the emerging fintechindustrin - and she says that it will be a formidable force for business is as close as in Stockholm. - I'm networking researcher at the bottom and I can see that one thing that really makes it easier for Fintech companies in Stockholm is that companies are very close. People understand, for example, how important it is to go out and have lunch together. So, for example, telecom providers gathered in Kista - and the Indian offshore providers are neighbors in Hötorgsskraporna.
Vattenfall is like most others and build wind farms abroad. The last ten years, Vattenfall has invested about 50 billion in new wind. The unwillingness to build wind power in Sweden is not unique for Vattenfall. Peter Tornberg, development manager at Vattenfall Business Area Wind, explains: - With today's electricity prices, we simply can not afford such large investments themselves. At the same time, it is necessary to have a certain volume to get operating economy, and then the insurance companies, pension funds and the like a logical partner. The goal is that the figure will be around 5 percent in 2020.
Furniture chain Ikea is planning to sell in front of almost EUR 900 miljooonan shopping centers, says the news agency Bloomberg, citing anonymous sources. Ikea spokeswoman Josefin Thorell confirms that the company plans to sell 27 commercial concentration. The plan is tied to Ikea's strategy, according to which the group should keep only real estate, which creates the opportunities for cooperation with the tenants and to develop a "inspiring and family-friendly meeting places". "We sell the parts of Ikea, which do not fit into this vision," said Thorell. According to him, sold 12 sites located in Germany, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Switzerland, France and the Czech Republic, the rest are. Thorell refused to comment on the value of the parts are for sale.
Benjamin Stahl Photographer: Fredrik Karlsson Swedish industry has a good position when it comes to robotics. But it required a serious effort to retain the position, according to a new report. In 2015 there were 1.5 million industrial roots in use worldwide compared to one million in 2009, an increase of 50 percent in five years. The rapid development of sensors have influenced and robots have become smarter, smaller, easier to use - and yet cheaper. - But the development has not been driven by the traditional robot suppliers but rather by large companies like Google, Amazon and Apple actually been more interested in artificial intelligence, says Benjamin Stahl, research director at Blue institute with the recent report robots century. But now growing faster robot use in other countries - particularly in Asia.
Bilbyggaren Nevs be in the second half of the year, employing more than 200 people in Trollhättan. - We will need a car builder and coach, says Mikael Östlund, head of communications at Nevs. He states that production mainly is to produce painted bodies for electric version of the 9-3 model, which will then be shipped to China for final assembly. Already have Nevs about 600 employees in Trollhättan. At the end of the year will therefore be a matter of some 1 000 people, said Ostlund. Nevs National Electric Vehicle Sweden bought the bulk of Saab Automobile's bankruptcy in 2012 and will supply electric cars to China.
Police do not yet know what kind of objects found yesterday at a telecommunications mast outside Skutskar. The police bomb technician who was called to the scene and took care of the subject, is expected to reply later in the day. - Right now, we know nothing and awaits the national team bomb clearance, which is expected sometime today, said police spokesperson Christer Nordström. On Sunday sabotaged the high TV and radio mast in Borås so much that it collapsed. The state power grid company Teracom, which owns the mast, have increased security at their masts around the country. Get the news you're going to talk about in your Facebook feed - like Metro Sweden
E-trading Ikea customers in Sweden to start paying with MasterCard's payment solution in June. Customers save their card details in the MasterCard system, and can then choose which card the money will be drawn from when a purchase online. Read more: Swish challenge Klarna - would take 30 percent of e-commerce Fo r Ikea, it is important that the whole cow pprocessen fra n that huh our customers are looking at and right following their goods to the implemen is his cow couples smooth. Master Passes are available in the current situation of 29 countries and more than 270 000 traders, according to card giant. Among the service's Swedish customers are already airport buses and the Arlanda Express. In the Swedish market, both Swish and Klarna launched e-commerce solutions in the past year.
Photographer: Ted S Warren / AP / TT Amazon Web Services, AWS, is investing heavily in Scandinavia. The company is on site in Stockholm and Helsinki, in the office hotel, but the company is growing fast locally and hiring right now ranging from IT architects to business developers. As digital technology could reveal in December AWS will soon open an entire office in Stockholm. Now it is clear that the company will open a larger office at Drottninggatan in central Stockholm in the autumn. Nordic and Stockholm is a very exciting place to be, says Eric Morales, head of AWS Nordic team for gaming companies and startups. The AWS is in Sweden and Finland is precisely due to the many successful Startupfactory and gaming companies here, among the large customers are Supercell Clash of Clans, Rovio Angry Birds and King Candy Crush Saga.
Most at risk are tourist island of Madeira and Georgia and the Black Sea coast. That is, the regions where the mosquito - Aedes aegypti - which spreads the virus there. WHO is worried, however, that many more countries may suffer as a completely different myggart - Aedes albopictus - has also been identified as a potential virus carriers. In the United States as far north as New York and there is nothing to say that it would not be able to come to Sweden, says Anders Lindström, entomologist and insect expert at the Swedish Veterinary Institute SVA The risk of zikaviruset will gain a foothold in Sweden because of this mosquito, he assesses to be small. - Although Aedes albopictus come here it will be probably no large populations, since it requires fairly high temperatures for a long time to be able to multiply in large quantities, says Anders Lindström. Right now, South and Central America hard hit by zikaviruset.