Yes, math, or if you prefer, maths.Helping students with basic arithmetic, as well solving basic quadratic and cubic equations in one variable with movie star flair is the aim of a bot making its debut on this week s top bot list.Here are the five most popular bots this past week, as they appear on Botlist.Cue the dance music and give them a try.5.RemindersYour friendly reminders app will help you remember all those things you forget — whether it s paying the rent, remembering your girlfriend s birthday, etc.Available on Messenger 4.MindIQBuild a ChatBot that suits your needs.Select one of our pre-built templates to get started — News, Ecommerce.Available on Messenger3.
I recently conducted more than 25 customer development for a product that I'm helping to develop by reaching out to businesses via cold emails.I've broken down the process that I used to successfully engage these businesses into 5 steps.Check out how I did it and use the attached templates to grab customer development interviews for your product!
For a coder, building a website is not a big deal, but for an entrepreneur – whose technical skills are maybe not that sound – creating a website from scratch is something of a daunting task.Depending on the type of website that you plan to create, it can range anywhere on a continuum from very easy to very difficult.Website BuildersA starter website is easy to build from scratch.Even if you don t have any technical knowledge, you can create a decent-looking website with website builders.A website builder is an online software that helps with creating websites: they are drag-and-drop builders that can be used by anyone.Wix, Yola, Weebly, and Webnode are some of the leading online website builders.They don t just let you create a website, but they also provide hosting services.They don t provide you with much flexibility.You have to use the templates, blocks, and items that are available with the builder; nothing new can be added.Templates and themesThemes and templates are more flexible than website builders.Not everyone can deal with themes, as these require technical knowledge not coding, though .You have to purchase a domain name, buy hosting services, install a CMS such as WordPress , and install a ready-made theme.In this case, your website will look more professional and you can edit it by tweaking the theme.
First, you ll learn about the best practices to follow when reaching out to influencers.If you don t do it right, you ll be losing out on a chance to work with people who have the maximum impact on your audience s purchase decisions.For now, you need to first understand the characteristics you ll need to consider in an influencer before deciding to reach out to them.If you re solely striving to achieve brand awareness and visibility, your target will be influencers with a massive following in the relevant industry.You can tweet to them asking relevant questions.The commenter talks about some of the online marketing and social media marketing tools he personally uses.
If you want people to stay on your blog longer, you need to read this guide.How did you choose your blog design?Was it by how popular it was?The amount of 5-star ratings it had?Or maybe you developed it yourself based on what looked cool at the time.Here s the problem: those are the wrong ways to choose the permanent face of your blog.
Asana — the enterprise SaaS businesses started by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and early FB employee Justin Rosenstein — has made a name for itself as a workflow and task management app that aims to help teams be more productive by making it much easier to figure out what needs to get done.But today, the company is taking the wraps off a new service that will not only help you identify what you need to do, but actually do it.As Asana describes it, a company that, for example, might have been conducting a recruiting drive can now use Asana to create a form to track more details about actual candidates; a marketing team can now drill down into a larger plan to track specific campaigns; engineering teams can use it to record and monitor bug tracking; and design teams can use it to provide more detailed looks and updates about larger projects.While the aim of the interface is to help its users amalgamate and integrate information and then query it in a more structured way, the introduction of the new architecture is also a signal of how Asana is now vying to become a more central platform in your larger work life, covering not just productivity but information ingestion and management, essentially a more dynamic and better way of looking at information beyond today s basic use of spreadsheets.Custom fields will go live today as part of Asana s premium tier, and next month Asana will be giving it another boost by introducing many pre-made templates for different kinds of verticals and business processes.As for that premium tier, Asana today can be used free by teams of up to 15 people, with paying users charged at $8.33/month/user at a sliding scale depending on total numbers.
Here s our daily recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.Marketo adds native ABM capabilities to its platformSep 13, 2016 by Barry LevineThe company says the new account-oriented offerings are the most complete native functions by any major marketing platform.Everything you need to know about marketing automation platforms in one reportSep 14, 2016 by Digital Marketing Depot
Asana, a company with an app for keeping track of work across teams, is announcing today the launch of custom fields, a new way for users to stay on top of specific aspects of projects.The new feature, which is only available for organizations paying for Asana s premium tier, requires only a few clicks to set up.Once new fields — for multiple choice answers, text, or numbers — have been set, it s possible to search for and sort entries by information in custom fields.Teams can now move beyond tasks by tracking things like applicants, deals, inventory — just about anything you can imagine — in Asana, product marketing manager Christy Roach and product marketing lead Devon Watts wrote in a blog post.Templates will be coming in the next month to accelerate adoption of custom fields, they wrote.Custom fields are now part of Asana s application programming interface API , and one existing integration, from Unito, turns Asana into a tool for tracking issues from GitHub.This is good timing, considering that this week GitHub introduced its own project management tool for all users.The new customization feature could help Asana better compete against competitors, including Trello, Wrike, and Atlassian s Jira.Earlier this year, Asana announced a $50 million funding round at a $600 million valuation.San Francisco-based Asana now has 215 employees.
In an omnichannel advertising world, it s getting more and more difficult for agencies and marketing teams to monitor the plethora of platforms out there, export data, import data, and format it into a central dashboard.It can take hours – hours that can cost a company a lot of money if the reports provide insight into a problem.RTB-Media has developed a central Ad Performance Dashboard where marketers can connect and feed their critical advertising data in real-time.And, of course, the reports are mobile-enabled:RTB-Media released Automated Spreadsheets, a tool that connects to any ad platform to pull in metrics via their API.Integrated with both Google Sheets and Excel, it enables marketers to pull important metrics directly into their pre-formatted spreadsheets, updating their customized charts and tables in real time.
SAP promises enhanced UX on application DEV with new cloud based toolSAP unveiled Build, a cloud-based prototyping and user research tool.Build is a key element of the user experience as a service UXaaS on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, a comprehensive cloud-based tool set for app development while ensuring the right apps with the right experience at the right cost are delivered to end users.This announcement was made at the SAP Spotlight Tour being held September 13–14 in Palo Alto.Business analysts and other nontechnical users can use Build to quickly and iteratively develop a prototype, collect user feedback and leverage a gallery of ready-to-go templates.Build enables enterprises to address usability and adoption issues at the early phases of app development through effective needs discovery and app design with high-fidelity prototypes that developers can easily work with.
I have a one I use from making assets over the past year, so I'm wondering if it's worth sinking some time into polishing it or seeking out existing resources.Pretty much any Illustrator or Photoshop resources would be awesome!
XERO, unveiled its expanded global partner programme at Xerocon South, the accounting technology conference in Australasia.The new programme, available in November, will provide accountants with ways to access clients based on industry, apps and banking relationships, and provide better visibility of the Xero Adviser Directory.Doug LaBahn, Global VP Partner Marketing at Xero, said: We ve completely re-platformed our partner program to expand and improve all the ways that partners interact with us.The new adviser directory also has a feature that promotes partners in the operating area as well as other features such as detailed listings, profile pages and search filters to give partners the tools to market their business.Accountants will also be able to use new report templates, use staff management tools including staff certification status and view a list of all clients.The programme includes a more personalised Xero Certification process, and point systems for partners to earn a higher status.
Lightning Bolt aims to jump-start the process of building customer-facing communities, portals, and websitesSalesforce's Lightning Bolt aims to help you connect with customers.On Thursday, the CRM giant took its efforts a big step further with the launch of Lightning Bolt, a new product designed to jump-start the process of building customer communities, portals, and websites.Last year, Salesforce introduced Lightning Templates for Community Cloud, enabling companies to create customized communities for their customers, partners, and employees.Lightning Bolt takes the template concept up another notch.Now, any developer or partner in the Salesforce ecosystem can use the Lightning Bolt framework to build industry-specific offerings such as portals for B2B e-commerce, partner relationship management, or patient care.
Salesforce has introduced pre-packaged themes into its Community Cloud offering, giving companies greater creative control over their community portals.Through its Lightning user experience framework, anyone can develop a site, and Salesforce has made it even easier to get started by enlisting 12 partners to provide specialized WordPress-style themes.Beginning this October, companies will be able to select portal solutions across a wide spectrum of industries, from partners such as Accenture, 7Summits, Cognizant, Deloitte, PWC, Appirio, and Magnet 360.More than 9,000 communities have gone online worldwide since Community Cloud was unveiled in 2013.Companies have used them to provide customers access to their account information, deliver online self-service, or enable purchases.Other use cases include helping partners target leads, establishing new franchises and retail locations, and giving employees the tools to find human resource and benefit information or collaborate on projects.However, really tailoring these sites to suit the needs of individual companies was still difficult and required more developer resources.Fast-forward to last May, when Salesforce revamped its Community Cloud to incorporate its Lightning framework — offering better customization around communities, with 900 portals going live in the past year.So what about tailoring communities to companies specific needs?This is where Salesforce s new Lightning Bolt offering comes into play.
Irish scientists have succeeded in developing a revolutionary technique so human bones can be 3D printed to treat injuries and bone defectsWe have noticed you are using an ad blockerTo continue providing news and award winning journalism, we rely on advertising revenue.To continue reading, please turn off your ad blocker or whitelist us.Irish scientists have made a medical breakthrough by developing a method to make new bones using 3D printing in order to fix serious injuries and bone defects, rather than by using painful bone grafts.Bioengineers from the Science Foundation Ireland-funded AMBER materials science centre at Trinity College Dublin have developed a new technique of 3D bioprinting new cartilage templates in the shape of missing bones, which can then be implanted and used by the body to grow new bones.
Do-it-yourself website builders can help small businesses get online quickly and affordably using customizable templates and drag-and-drop design tools.Businesses can create simple landing pages, blogs, and even basic online stores.While general website builders are no substitute for dedicated ecommerce solutions, they do allow businesses to reach customers and test markets.Some of the tools provide out-of-the-box websites, while others offer design tools without the need to code.The mission of Squarespace is to help anyone build an attractive online presence.Squarespace is a popular solution, with well-designed templates for small businesses — from ecommerce merchants to emerging artists.
The world of human resource management is under siege.Human resources technology has been changing the way HR personnel manage all that they do for years.Recruiting, scheduling, employee training and the many other HR functions are being transformed by a sea of innovative software platforms and vendors.There are dozens of technologies that manage overall human resource management and hundreds more that offer individual functionality in recruiting/staffing, workforce management, talent management and learning management.This article is part of the HR Technology Landscape.For smaller companies, a streamlined employee scheduling tool may be all that is needed while large organizations may need a full HRM software suite that includes workforce/talent/learning management functionality.So, how do you know what HR technology your organization needs?This is where a software requirements gathering exercise is imperative.Software selection requirements gathering is a growing need in companies of all sizes considering how much IT spend is wasted.If HR tech is roughly a $20-40B market 2015 and 70% of IT spend is wasted – billions of dollars are being wasted in poorly selected HR technology.Using requirements gathering templates and a software selection platform will help you better manage and increase your likelihood of getting the right solution.
Outside Building 99 in Microsoft's Redmond, Washington, campus.Microsoft has expanded its bug bounty programs to cover the open-source .NET Core and ASP.NET Core application development platforms.The .NET Core and ASP.NET Core technologies are used to create server applications that can run on Windows, Linux, and Mac.The ability to write code once and have it run on multiple platforms have made these technologies popular with enterprise software developers.Microsoft will pay monetary rewards between US$500 and $15,000 for critical vulnerabilities in the RTM release to manufacturing , Beta, or RC release candidate releases of these platforms.Flaws in Microsoft's cross-platform Kestrel web server are also covered by the new bug bounty program, as well as vulnerabilities in the default ASP.NET Core templates provided with the ASP.NET Web Tools Extension for Visual Studio 2015 or later.
Snapchat wants to make your party planning easier.The mobile storytelling app has released customizable templates for geofilters, the in-app illustrations that are seen more than 1 billion times every day.Now, Snapchat users can go to the on-demand geofilter page on desktop to access a set of tools for designing their own.They then add their own text and colors.These geofilters can be made in minutes and no longer require people to use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or another third-party software to create one.The designs still take at least one business day to be approved by Snapchat.
Along with customizable geofilter templates, Snapchat released an update to its app on Tuesday.There aren't any major new features to speak of in the update, but Snapchat users should take note of these four changes:  View As: