Exoskeletons promise to make us stronger and faster, but most of them remain bulky pieces of kit.Roam Robotics has created a lightweight alternative.There are a number of companies in existence developing cutting-edge exoskeletons that will help us perform feats of strength or endurance beyond what our bodies can otherwise manage.But while a lot of these creations are bulky, expensive, and rely on electromechanical components to work, San Francisco-based Roam Robotics is taking a different approach.Instead, it s focusing on designs that are largely constructed out of plastic and high-strength fabrics, but which nonetheless don t give up too much in terms of power compared to other designs.More: A robotic exoskeleton powered this disabled U.S. athlete to a prize in the Robot Olympics
Self-driving cars aren't going to be affordable to the masses anytime soon but this enterprising college student found a way around that.Anyone who has been to college knows that students are permanently broke, constantly having to sacrifice the finer things in life meals in favor of the bare essentials beer.That is not the case for Brevan Jorgenson, though.His newly autonomous set of wheels is due to his decision to become an early beta tester for Comma Neo, the kit from self-driving car technology developed by former teen hacker George Hotz, now CEO and founder of Comma.ai.More: Self-driving retrofit software now available for free, but it comes with caveats For the beta test stage you just downloaded their beta Android app Chffr, and let it record your driving with a suction phone mount, Jorgenson told Digital Trends.
Who says doctors don t make house calls?Heal, the app for on-demand doctor house calls, has been used to arrange more than 16,000 doctor visits over the past two years.Now the Beverly Hills, Calif.-based company is planning new services and a nationwide rollout.The aim is to help heal the broken health care system through the transformative power of on-demand doctor house calls.The company said it has driven more than $5.9 million in health care savings, reducing unnecessary prescription antibiotic usage by more than 50 percent.It has also reduced non-emergency trips to the emergency room by 62 percent for its patients and partners.Heal has raised $52 million in funding and plans to grow its doctor visits exponentially through its availability in select cities within Florida, Texas, New York, and Pennsylvania by the end of 2017.In February 2015, we saw our first Heal patient — ever, said Nick Desai, CEO and cofounder, in a statement.With visionary investors and a world-class team, we are excited to more fully realize our mission of striving to make healthcare more effective, intuitive, and affordable for all.
Designed to be bright, efficient, and affordable, Ledlenser's new Outdoor Series will light your way on the trail or around the campsite.One of the 10 essentials of hiking is a good headlamp or flashlight, which can prove invaluable in helping you find your way back to the trailhead or campsite after sunset.Surprisingly enough, a lot of hikers will often set out on a trek without carrying some sort of lighting solution in their backpacks, potentially leading to all kinds of problems should they unexpectedly find themselves in the backcountry after dark.The Ledlenser Outdoor Series of headlamps and flashlights were designed to be bright, efficient, and affordable so you can extend your favorite outdoor activities well into the evening, even if the sun has already gone down.When creating these devices, Ledlenser consulted with professional outdoor athletes, seeking their advice and imputon what they wanted – and most needed – from a light source.The result is a smarter line of products with a level of performance that hikers, trail runners, mountain bikers, and backpackers should appreciate.
It s a cheap, accessible streaming device with the company s voice-recognition system Alexa baked in.It is intensely portable – you can take it to a friend s house so they can enjoy watching the shows you ve bought or subscribed to, just by plugging it into their HDMI and making use of a power socket.The new Stick looks pretty similar to the old one – like a hefty thumb drive with an HDMI connector.It has the updated onscreen interface which has been available since December on the most recent Amazon Fire TV box.The rival Apple TV box also lacks 4K, of course, and it s a much more expensive machine.The revised interface, already on the latest Fire TV boxes and presently to be deployed to older Fire TV and Fire TV Stick units, offers a more intuitive way of using the device, showing programming currently being watched in prime position, for instance.
If your Wi-Fi network has been dropping connections, don t hurry to replace your router just yet.Range extenders are an affordable and user-friendly way to upgrade your Wi-Fi connectivity if your router isn t giving you the coverage you need.Highly rated models like the Netgear AC750 Wi-Fi range extender, now available for $30 on Amazon, can help you eliminate dropped connections and dead zones in your home or office by giving your wireless router s signal a much-needed boost.The Netgear AC750 Wi-Fi range extender is compatible with virtually any Wi-Fi router and can extend your wireless connection to any of your computers or mobile devices.The AC750 EX3700 can be set up wherever you have a standard power outlet — just plug it in and enjoy boosted dual band Wi-Fi in areas with a weak signal.Two adjustable antennae deliver speeds of up to 750Mbps.
So here s another flash sale for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X that leads to a sold out situation, in just under 1 minute this time!The most awaited device was originally on its first sale on February 14 and one week later it keeps selling like crazy thanks to its awesome specs and affordable pricing of course.This time only the grey, matte black and champagne gold variants were available for this flash sale and all of them were sold out in just under one minute after the retailer made them available at a price tag of just 999 Yuan approximately 145$ .Note that the custom made Hatsune Miku edition has not been made available so far but when it does, it will sell once again in huge numbers – even though its price tag is heftier at 1299 Yuan approximately 188$ .Share this:TweetMorePocketShare on TumblrEmailPrint
Microsoft's Hololens - the company's augmented reality headset - officially launched in the UK at the end of last year, two years after it was first unveiled to the public.Selling at £2,719 for the developer kit, it's far from a mainstream product yet though.A retail model has long been expected, a hypothetical 'Hololens 2', and we might now be seeing the first hints of that coming to fruition.A report on Thurrot claims that Microsoft is "side-stepping" a second Hololens model, and focusing on a more advanced third generation of the hardware with a rumoured 2019 release window.Referring to the three generational model of hardware development - working proof of concept, refining to make something smaller and more affordable, then releasing an enhanced final model for consumers - Thurrot cites "several sources" who claim Microsoft is effectively skipping that second step.The middle phase is where the company is now, with the dev kit model available at a relatively low (for industry) cost.
Between the the stunning Samsung Galaxy S7, fantastic Google Pixel phone and affordable wonders like the OnePlus 3 and iPhone SE, there's little doubt that 2016 was a great annum for smartphones.Read on for all the most recent gossip and an idea of what phones to expect at MWC 2017, or scroll down for a closer look at key players like Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Nokia, Moto (and Lenovo), Huawei, BlackBerry (and HMD) and many more.Just as unsuprisingly, the rumour mill is churning merrily away as the big event nears and we get set to hit Barcelona to soak up all the latest and greatest developments from the world of mobile later this month.Liike Apple, Google doesn't usually make a big song and dance at MWC, but Android Nougat and Android Wear 2.0 devices will likely feature heavily at MWC.Chinese smartphone maker Huawei was one of the first to confirm its MWC be-in, with new flagship the Huawei P10 expected to be the star of the show.At the other end of the spectrum, those looking for a budget new phone might want to keep tabs on Meizu, whose M5s device is being tipped as a OnePlus 3T rival.
Marantz is responsible for some of the classiest AV receivers on the market (as confirmed by our review of the slimline NR1607) and the SR6011 looks to uphold its fine reputation.A grand might not be your idea of affordable, but when you weigh up the number of features on board – coupled with Marantz’s design prowess, both inside and out – you’ll realise that you’re getting plenty for your money.It’s a subtle touch, but enough to distinguish it from black box rivals.And with four digital audio inputs (two optical, two coaxial), 7.1-channel analogue inputs, 13.2 pre-outs, dual subwoofer outputs plus loads of analogue AV ports, you won’t be stuck for places to shove your cables.And thanks to its 11.2-channel processing, you can hook up an external amplifier to the SR6011’s pre-outs and expand the system to 7.1.4.That’s a little disappointing if you’re spending a grand on a new amp, particularly when you consider how ubiquitous multiroom functionality has become.
The World Justice Project offers a four-pronged functional definition.The government and citizens are accountable under the law.If the damage is not repaired, our tripartite system of Government, civil rights, elections, free press, etc.—will be replaced by a very different social order.Democracy is neither guaranteed nor absolute, and it ceases to exist without the rule of law.They are locked in an expanding, unrelenting assault on the rule of law coming from multiple fronts and in old and new ways.Advances in technology, new legal delivery models, a focus on process, and a surfeit of unemployed and underemployed lawyers provide an opportunity for affordable legal representation for the many millions of Americans in need of it.
Dyson knows you had your eye on a V8 Absolute cordless vacuum but might have blanched at the $599 price, and so now the company is rolling out two more battery-powered models that are a little more affordable.The Dyson V7 Motorhead and Dyson V8 Animal each pack more suction than the vacuum-maker’s old V6 models – up to 150-percent in the case of the V8, in fact – but are both priced under $500.The V8 Animal is the closest to the V8 Absolute flagship, and in fact uses the same V8 motor with 2 Tier Radial cyclones.In fact, the main difference between Animal and Absolute is what accessories you get.Both come with the direct-drive powered brush-head, along with a mini motorized tool, soft dusting brush, and a few crevice tools.However, the V8 Animal lacks the soft roller head that works so well on wood floors isn’t included, though you do get it all for $499.
Since the smart home category exploded onto the tech scene, countless manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon to the point that we re now spoilt for choice.But which smart home products are worth buying?Which ones are actually useful, affordable, and compatible with the things you use every day?It s also a controversial choice because spending a hundred quid on a wireless camera for your fridge seems a bit ridiculous - but when you compare it with the cost of a proper smart fridge, often in the thousands, it seems much more reasonable.It also claims to be able to recognise food items and expiry dates, sending notifications when you need to finish up the bacon hallelujah .You can turn the alarm off from your phone handy when you ve burnt dinner and don t feel like getting on a chair and if you have several, it ll tell you where the issue is.
After a brief hiatus thanks to a bit of a shuffle in the top-order management 1, 2 , Xiaomi are back to their global expansion plans.After a rather successful 2.5-3 years in India, Xiaomi have now forayed into neighbour country Pakistan.They have done so by introducing the blockbuster Redmi Note 4 along with the affordable Redmi 4A and the high-end Mi Mix.There s no word yet on which version MediaTek/Snapdragon of the Redmi Note 4 will make it to Pakistan.Xiaomi will be working with Daraz in Pakistan as part of a distribution partnership.It ll be interesting to see how it pans out for Xiaomi — and Pakistani buyers — considering that Xiaomi usually indulge in online offerings.Coming weeks and months will tell us more about how well Xiaomi are received in Pakistan.While it may undoubtedly seem like they re a bit late to the party, Xiaomi s track record has shown that they often don t take too long to consolidate their position in new markets.Share this:TweetMorePocketShare on TumblrEmailPrint
It s been more than two years since Microsoft publicly demonstrated its HoloLens mixed reality headset.Since that time, Microsoft has moved the device from the prototype phase into production albeit as a limited developer model that ll set buyers back a cool $3,000.Although Microsoft never laid out an exact launch date for a full-on consumer version, most assumed that a more polished and affordable version of HoloLens would be coming down the pipeline any day now.A recent report from Thurrott.com, however, suggests otherwise.Several sources over the past week told the publication that Microsoft has shuffled its HoloLens roadmap, a move that has apparently resulted in the second iteration of the device being cancelled.That doesn t mean Microsoft is canning the entire project; instead, they re simply skipping over the second revision and going straight to the third iteration.
It s very likely that Nvidia will soon launch the GTX 1080 Ti graphics card, a powerful follow-up to last year s GTX 1080.It s expected to boast even more power to push cutting-edge gaming graphics in native 4K resolution, and while it s likely to be based on the same Pascal GPU architecture as the GTX 1080, it should still be a decent upgrade over the older yet still very powerful GPU.We re assuming that Nvidia continues its pattern of releasing a mainline GPU series along with an incredibly powerful Titan variant one year, then following up with a more powerful Ti variant the next year.So, if you re looking forward to a GPU that s more powerful than the GTX 1080, and more affordable than the Titan X, then read on to find out all the news, rumors and release date information we know so far about the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti.Quite a bit, probably over $600 £500, AU$800 Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti release date
It looks like Huawei plans to broaden its portfolio of Honor related devices, with Honor Pad 3, a mid-range Android tablet that was recently sighted on TENAA for certification.The device was spotted yesterday on TENAA under model number KOB-L09 with all metal design, and its main camera placed at the top left corner of the body.It also packs a front facing camera for selfies and Skype calls and it will be available in two different colors: diamond and grey.According to its TENAA listing, the Honor Pad 3 will pack an 8 inch TFT display with a resolution of 1280 800 pixels.It is also powered by a 64bit qaud core SoC clocked at 1.4GHz and offers 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage along with a microSD slot.Its main camera offers 5MPixels of resolution, while at the same time its selfie camera can only support 2MPixel images.The affordable tablet packs a 4650mAh battery inside and comes with Android 7.0 Nougat pre-installed.We have no idea when it will be available or its possible price, but -given these specs- it won t be that high.Share this:TweetMorePocketShare on TumblrEmailPrint
Looking for an affordable fleet tracking solution for you small business?Or maybe you just want to keep track of your kids and make sure that you can pinpoint their locations anytime at the drop of a hat.In either case, the Linxup OBD GPS Tracker with Real Time 3G GPS Tracking is the way to go.This tiny box plugs into the standard OBD port on any car, van or truck and uses a combination of GPS and cellular tracking to pinpoint a vehicle s location anywhere in the country.You can also set geofences and all sorts of other alerts, all without any monthly contracts.Here are some highlights from the product page:
This is great news for independent developers as now they can produce Switch games with a low up-front costDeveloping games for the Nintendo Switch just got way more affordable.At the Game Creators Conference 2017 in Osaka, Japan, Nintendo announced that Switch development kits would only cost 50,000 yen, or roughly $450.More: Nintendo s Switch is one console you can take everywhere — here s what you need to knowThis comes as great news for independent game developers who have long had to deal with expensive up-front costs in developing games for consoles.It s a radical departure from their earlier exclusiveness that Nintendo is releasing their dev kits at such a low price, said Rami Ismail, co-founder of Vlambeer.
HP is normally known for its business and enterprise focused computers.The goal of the Omen 17 is to be a great gaming laptop.That means mixing high specifications for the best experience, with a comfortable environment for the player.It has certainly nailed the first half of the mission statement.Every available Omen model is based around Intel s sixth-generation core processor the i7-6700HQ running at 2.6GHz and you have various combinations of memory 8GB or 16 GB and graphics card Nvidia s GeForce GTX 1060 or 1070 .If you are looking to go for the top gaming titles, I d be wary of skimping on the RAM and would push you towards the 16 GB models to ensure there is as much forward compatibility as possible.