the EU according to the commission, Finland is at risk of breaking the stability and growth pact provisions.Finland is not, however, need to submit a new budget plan to the commission, told the finance ministry in a statement.the Commission announced on Wednesday, 16. November its assessment of the euro area countries, the draft budgetary plans for the next year.the Commission will assess opinions on how member states comply with EU fiscal rules.Finland was mentioned in the risk group, although it remained in the same category of the stability and growth pact with respect to than in the past.the Commission did not consider the risk so serious that it would be asked of the new budget plan for next year.
the west metro's chairman of the board Olli Isotalo as well as the west metro's managing director Ville Saksi reveal the west metro estimated completion date of Friday.the western metro Aalto university, Keilaniemi and Tapiola stations, the so-called common testing testing have been successful.the Tests will continue in the other stations, but the west metro leaders dare to give an estimate of the project completion date of Friday, at 12 o'clock, starting the briefing.the Entire west metro project cost forecast is 1,186 billion, which is the crossing of 338 million euros of the original project plan index-adjusted price comparison.the Original estimate, according to the west metro operation was supposed to launch last June, was informed that this was delayed.
the economic survey asked the Finnish Grocery trade association:no by nearly 2 to 100 consumer assessment of what strength beer, cider and tendrils consumers to buy preferably in the grocery trade.the respondents were all of age, because their age ranged from 18-79 years.the most Surprising information concerning cider and tendrils, which the Finnish consumers are really not particularly interested, because cider would not buy at all, 49% of respondents and tendrils already more than half, or 51% of the respondents.Still, as much as 26% of the respondents reported that did not buy beer at the store.Stronger oluitakaan don't want to really buy from the store, for now, alko of purchased a 5.0-to 5.5% beer would buy in the supermarket for 37% of the respondents.a Slight 7% of the minority would like to purchase a maximum of 4,7-4,9% beer.
the west metro told the bulletin that the technical capacity of metro transport to start Matinkylä, there is a previous assessment, in accordance with the in June 2017.instead, earlier assessment of readiness to start the transport first to the games in April 2017 is not implemented.HSL decides to travel to the transport starting and the access traffic of the transition , the west metro of the release notes.the west metro, according to the assessment of traffic initiation time based on the test results of the subway tunnel fire sliding doors to close against.Some fire sliding doors close is the test result on the basis of the deficiencies that must be corrected.Metro connection test testing goal is to ensure that metro is the transport opening, safe and reliable in all situations.
the west metro told the bulletin that the technical capacity of metro transport to start Matinkylä, there is a previous assessment, in accordance with the in June 2017.instead, earlier assessment of readiness to start the transport first to the games in April 2017 is not implemented.HSL decides to travel to the transport starting and the access traffic of the transition , the west metro of the release notes.the west metro, according to the assessment of traffic initiation time based on the test results of the subway tunnel fire sliding doors to close against.Some fire sliding doors close is the test result on the basis of the deficiencies that must be corrected.Metro connection test testing goal is to ensure that metro is the transport opening, safe and reliable in all situations.
the Danske Bank assesses the market in response to the Helsinki listed companies in dividends retain this spring a record high in the read.Danske estimates that the average listed companies, the dividend yield climbed close to four per cent."Particularly appealing to the Helsinki stock offers a dividend yield looks, when compared to the prevailing interest rate market revenues.the yield spread dividend shares and fixed-income investments there is currently at historic high", the bank describes.Industries Danske believes telecom operators to keep their status as a good payer of dividends.Telia's dividend cut last year was in the bank according to the expected.
finance minister Petteri Orphan (ioc) is annoyed by the confederation of Finnish industries EK:no recent president Veli-Matti mattila's assessment, according to which Finland is still 10-15% too high pay levels.Mattila said at the weekend Helsingin sanomat in an interview that Finland is still needed in several competitive contracts, so that competitors a head start, we'll be caught.That speech was not built for employment, but rather tearing it, what has been achieved”, the Orphan said to the His view, Finland should now find the "together in new ways to improve the employment situation"."we Need reforms in the labour market, as more local agreement; the confrontation with them is not getting at the time.""Also, the employees have been ready to find solutions to the Finnish problem," the Orphan answered Mattila.
The baby's mother was diagnosed with the Zika virus during pregnancyThe Zika virus, which has mainly affected areas of central and South America, may spread to Europe this summer, the World Health Organisation WHO has warned."We call particularly on countries at higher risk to strengthen their national capacities and prioritise the activities that will prevent a large Zika outbreak."The assessment took into consideration two factors: the likelihood of the virus spreading and the "existing national capacity to prevent or contain local transmission".Countries and areas at highest risk included Russia, Georgia and the Portuguese island of Madeira.WHO recommended a number of preventative measures to countries at high risk, including strengthening activities to prevent the spread of mosquitos, equipping health professionals to detect transmission of Zika and to ensure that communities "reduce mosquito breeding sites"."We stand ready to support European countries on the ground in case of Zika outbreaks," said Nedret Emiroglu, Director of the Communicable Diseases and Health Security Division, WHO Regional Office for Europe.
This is believed to be the second year in a row that the government has blocked access to the internet in the days leading up to and during the exams.Doug Madory, Dyn's internet analysis director, told Voactive: "There was certainly a lot of skepticism about this explanation last summer, but the outages did coincide with exams and nothing emerged to dispute the explanation."A leaked email by Iraqi ISP, obtained by Lebanon based technology and human rights group SMEX, specified the timings of the outages.As an anonymous source explained: "What happens usually is that some teachers would be giving the exams questions to students who pay money, then those students would sell online questions all over country.In 2014, Uzbekistan enforced a nationwide internet outage to curb cheating.Internet freedom activist group Access Now's senior global advocacy manager Deji Olukotun said: "We see this, especially in such a destabilized country as Iraq, as really terrible.
Lorenzo Galassi / AP / TT Photo: The surgeon Paolo Macchiarini reported for yet another suspected case of "research misconduct". It's about tomographic images of an implanted artificial trachea contained in an article published in The Lancet in 2011. According to the notification, the controversial surgeon and his research colleague manipulating images and date, writes Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. Behind the notification, the four doctors who also reported Macchiarini 2014. "We take seriously all allegations of misconduct in research and has made a first assessment of this notification. It concerns an article that is already included in the ongoing investigation into Paolo Macchiarini, where opinion will be sought from the Expert Group on research misconduct at the Central Ethical Review Board.
Colourbox Strict cuts and gloomy economic forecasts star Finnish economy is already on life support, writes Politico magazine. But as the economic crisis deepens, tens of thousands of people depend on charity and bread queues to feed their families, Politico tylyttää. The magazine has interviewed Heikki Hurstia, which tells us that ten years ago, it became a daily queue of 300 people. Politico notes that there are more than 300 food distribution place, and the church is one of the largest charities, which distributes monthly 150 000 kilograms of food assistance. But government leaders have made very bad decisions. But when the economy suffers a tube four years, is Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Stubbkin invited Finnish sick man of Europe.
Colourbox Professor of Traffic Medicine Timo Tervo evaluated in Helsingin Sanomat that the doctors do not necessarily have to comply with the instructions given in the assessment of driving ability. I have known quite certain cases. Sometimes it was even suggested that the patient has been threatening, and not because the doctor did not dare to deny this authority for the movement. Tervo says that doctors do not always want to follow the instructions, and this allows for the fact that the Directive has been the possibility of an exemption. Tervo, this is a mistake. Basically, the situation may be, we have a drug addict, who is in substitution treatment but disappears after Subutex car from the parking lot because the doctor considers him in running order, Tervo says.
With a regular list price of $1,790, this dramatic 98% off deal puts the cost at just $39.Businesses need IT professionals to operate efficiently.Understanding ITIL will allow you to optimize your IT service, and help you build better strategies to keep customers happy.Beginning with an assessment of your current IT service offering, you ll be ready to take the ITIL Foundation exam by course s end.Begin the process of planning & migrating to an ITIL-based service operationDefine a service strategy that meets the needs of your usersAccess 20 hours of ITIL-certified trainingGain a working knowledge of the ITIL framework & its applications to streamline IT service provisionImprove job performance, especially with businesses already using ITIL to manage deliveryPrepare for the ITIL Foundation exam to become certified as an ITIL PractitionerLearn more about this discounted course, the instructor, and how to sign up.
Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Finland the government has decided to continue snacks- and frozen food production in Åland. In February of this year, Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Åland Finland launched a factory re-assessment and entered into negotiations with employees and other stakeholders. We have now done a thorough evaluation, which was attended by a very wide range of stakeholders. We're happy to say that the conditions for the resumption of production in Finland are in place, release notes, Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Finland Ab, Chairman of the Board of Directors Ann-Beth Freuchen. Conditions for continued production of the Åland Islands has improved significantly, says Ann-Beth Freuchen. Local support will be very important for the future competitiveness of the Åland factory, says Ann-Beth Freuchen.
Chat apps Allo and Duo will be available on iOS and Android later this summer.Android Wear 2.0 is coming in the fall.Home, Allo and Duo, Instant Apps — not even attendees of Google I/O can get their hands on them the Android Wear and Android Auto updates being the exceptions .First, this was only the first day of the conference; it's still possible for Google to launch something or many things cool that we'll actually be able to buy or use soon.Since this is Google we're talking about, that's a vastly unfair assessment; the company will certianly follow through on the products announced though that hand-drawn VR headset does look mighty suspicious .And let's face it, Google can afford to shower us with a dozen products that aren't ready for prime time yet; the company is that big, its ecosystem that strong.
State Treasury Finnish government's growing borrowing needs this year a little earlier envisaged. The government said on Thursday in connection with the second supplementary budget proposal that the need for government net borrowing will increase by EUR 89 million. At the end of that central government debt for 2016 is estimated at EUR 105 billion, which is about 50 per cent of gross domestic product. The Board of Directors proposes resulting from migration increase of expenditure of around EUR 230 million. Reception centers in allocations is proposed due to the end of last year, a large number of asylum seekers increase of EUR 130 million, as a result of increased costs as well as the reception of asylum investigation and -puhuttelun translation and interpretation expenditure. The actual income estimate will be increased by a net 222 million, resulting from, in particular corporation tax assessment increase of EUR 206 million.
That approach comes in addition to a series of letters from a number of senators, including Ted Cruz, asking pointed questions of the organization and its links to the Chinese government.Reflecting a repeated assurance by assistant commerce secretary Larry Strickling that the National Telecommunications and Information Association NTIA is able to extend the current contract that it has with ICANN beyond September, Rubio's letter specifically asks Strickling to "consider an extension."Most significantly, back in July 2014 – four months after the transition was announced – he wrote a letter PDF to ICANN outlining a number of reforms that he felt needed to be in place before ICANN could be allowed to take over the IANA contract.That legal assessment was later abandoned when it was revealed to have been built on an almost comic interpretation of the law that comprised ignoring the parts of corporate code that didn't fit with its argument, sometimes even with wording contained in the same paragraph.Money, money, moneyAs well as frustrating reform efforts and hiding its true expenditures, a lack of accountability has also been highlighted in the company's wages.But in every case, the same corporate culture has managed to re-impose itself and undermine the very changes that were designed to cause a turnaround in its behavior.
Uber has lured former U.S. Secret Service director Mark Sullivan to join its safety advisory board, a group established by the etaxi giant six months ago, designed to bring together expertise and experience from across the safety spectrum.Sullivan joined the Secret Service in 1983 and served as director from 2006 until his retirement in March 2013 after which he cofounded his own security company.Reports also emerged that Sullivan had pulled agents off their posts onto a new assignment, known internally as Operation Moonlight, to monitor his assistant who was reportedly being harassed by her neighbor.Uber itself has been at the center of a number of security and safety concerns in recent times, which is why it created roles such as Managing Counsel of Data Privacy and Head of Global Safety, and last year it hired Joe Sullivan no relation to Mark as its first chief security officer.Sullivan joined from Facebook where he served in a similar role for five years.Last August, Uber hired renowned car-hackers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, a duo who had demonstrated how they could hack into a moving Jeep, and just yesterday Uber announced its first official self-driving car tests are to take place in the coming weeks.Nabbing the former Secret Service director for its board could be construed as a major coup for Uber s safety credentials, despite the controversy that surrounded Sullivan s tenure.As we continue to innovate and grow, we depend on the advice of this safety advisory board to help guide our creativity and give us insights into their fields of expertise —  ranging from women s safety to law enforcement, said Joe Sullivan.For 35 years, Mr. Sullivan served in many capacities as a Federal Law Enforcement Agent where he led high impact initiatives in criminal investigations and protective operations, threat assessment and risk management.Mark Sullivan joins existing board members John Barton, former executive director at the Texas Department of Transportation; Ed Davis, a former Boston Police Commissioner; Jessica Eaglin, Indiana University Bloomington, Maurer School of Law; Margaret Richardson, Counsel at Covington Burling; and Cindy Southworth, executive vice president, National Network to End Domestic Violence, founder of the Safety Net Technology Project and board member of the Global Network of Women s Shelters.Today s news comes less than a month after Uber appointed the Huffington Post s Arianna Huffington to its board of directors, a move that was controversial in its own right given the potential conflict of interests it poses in her role as head of a major media outlet.
Since establishing its Safety Advisory Board in November, Uber has been paying closer attention to the numerous security and safety issues that have plagued the transportation giant seemingly since its inception.Former U.S. Secret Service director Mark Sullivan is the latest big name to join Uber s board, and the company hopes he ll use his decades of experience in protecting America s leaders to help keep Uber drivers and passengers safe.Sullivan, who served as director of the Secret Service from 2006 until 2013, has co-founded his own security company — Global Security Innovative Strategies, described as a security consulting and business advisory firm that leverages its extensive private sector, homeland and public security, public sector and international expertise to provide comprehensive solutions for its clients.And, of course, who could forget Uber s surprising hiring of car hackers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, who remotely hacked into a moving jeep in a now-famous stunt.For 35 years, Mr. Sullivan served in many capacities as a federal law enforcement agent, where he led high-impact initiatives in criminal investigations and protective operations, threat assessment, and risk management.This latest addition to Uber s leadership team could help assuage concerns of passengers around the world, and make getting from Point A to Point B less a more secure activity.
Why can t girls code?If this all sounds entirely ludicrous, it s supposed to.We wanted to try something different and use humor and satire to question the stereotypes that tell our girls that coding is not for them, said Reshma Saujani, the organization s founder and CEO, in a statement.Our hope is these videos will spark a much-needed conversation about the messages we send our young women and what we can do to create a more inclusive, well-rounded image of a programmer.New results from the National Assessment for Educational Progress show that eighth-grade girls in the U.S. are actually outperforming boys in technology and engineering literacy.Margot Richaud, a Girls Who Code alumna, said that sexist attitudes have a profound effect on young women who want to pursue STEM careers.