First of all, I think the entire advertising industry is in dire need of a makeover.We re in such an interesting place where marketing is starting to diverge into two separate groups - brand marketers and performance marketers.Brand marketers want your company to be known, recognizable and loved - and have a set budget to do so.They don t typically track metrics other than number of visitors per page.Performance marketers are quantitative experts who are using data to make marketing decisions, sometimes at the cost of the brand have you ever clicked on an ad that said Click here!Ad tech allowed this process to start by giving marketers more data.
If you ever lose your job, an emergency fund can help you stay afloat while you look for a new gig.There are some additional expenses you have to pay for when you lose a job, though.Don t forget to budget for these when building your fund.Most experts say you should sock away at least a few month s worth of living expenses in case of an emergency.As the Motley Fool points out, it s easy to miscalculate how much you ll need, though.For example, if your employer pays for your insurance premium, don t forget to factor in the additional expense of paying for your own plan if you lose this perk.
The rapid proliferation of solid state drives has relegated WD s Black and Red drives to data storage duty, but it hasn t slowed down the company s ambitious plans at all.The recent acquisition of Sandisk brings a wealth of new properties to WD s arsenal, and the newest to find its way to market are the Green and Blue solid state drives, in both 2.5-inch and M.2 form factors.Those familiar with WD s existing color-coded structure will recognize blue and green as the more budget-friendly tiers.With quoted sequential reads up to 545 megabytes per second and writes up to 525MBps, these drives fall in line with others in their price range, like the perennial favorite Samsung 850 EVO.Where they really excel is endurance.The smaller 250GB is rated for 100 terabytes written, while the 500GB version is rated for up to 200 TBW, and the 1TB reaches a whopping 400TBW.
Australians who don't know what the nation spends on defence also don't mind the country's data retention regime.That's according to an Australian National University ANU survey that's mostly been written up from the press release but which The Reg has considered a little more deeply.The full report, here, lists out the questions from page 24 of the PDF.It finds don't knows are excluded from the reporting that two-thirds of Australians think the data retention regime is justified and one-third do not.Just one-quarter of respondents could correctly identify Australia's defence budget as a proportion of gross domestic product GDP – around two per cent – with 65 per cent putting the figure at five per cent, 10 per cent, or more than 10 per cent and 10 per cent panicking that we're spending less than a single per cent .Worry about being caught up in a terrorist incident which in Australia is a little more likely than having a Galaxy Note 7 catch fire in a pocket is a near-even split, with 45.5 per cent of Australians very or somewhat concerned that they or a family member will be a victim of a future attack in Australia; 54.5 per cent aren't worried.
In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Mark Fidelman of Fanatics Media provides five psychological tricks to get your marketing plan approved.Asking for a bigger budget is the first step Fidelman suggests to getting the amount you need to execute your plan.Sitting next to the person opposing your plan is also a smart move -- that person will ultimately feel dissuaded from pressing the issue much when you're right beside them.Writing with confidence, spreading your plan to others in the company and using silence strategically during a negotiation are also ways to boost your chances of an approval.To learn more, click play.Watch more videos from the folks at Fanatics Media on their YouTube channel here.
Less than a month before polls open, the GOP nominee is in open political warfare with his party.But instead of morning-after reports of Trump s supposed political resuscitation, House Speaker Paul Ryan s de facto dis-endorsement of Trump in a conference call with congressional Republicans dominated the news cycle.BREAKING: Ryan to House lawmakers: I "won't defend Trump"— POLITICO @politico October 10, 2016Surprising no one, Trump responded quickly to Ryan s abandonment on where else?Paul Ryan should spend more time on balancing the budget, jobs and illegal immigration and not waste his time on fighting Republican nominee
When Misti Cain met a friend at a café recently, she told her that she was going to pick up the check as her treat.I have thick skin when it comes to success; therefore, amicable jokes don t bother me, she says.But as a successful business owner and founder of advice site Whyzze, Cain frequently finds herself confronting the income disparity she has with many in her longtime social circle.Sometimes that disparity leads to comments that are less jokey and more on the snide side.The two bonded during their college days, but now that she s out of school, Rachel s income stretches a whole lot farther than Zoe s. Even when Rachel happily volunteers to take care of the dinner check, Zoe makes an issue out of it.She ll say, Oh, you can probably just expense that to your big budget, or This will be the nicest meal I ll have all week, but it s probably like every day for you, Rachel explains.
LeEco, formerly known as Letv, is finally coming to the U.S. A launch event is planned for October 19, but LeEco may as well scrap those plans because the company has accidentally leaked all its new products on its website.LeEco is a Chinese firm that has been around since 2004 under the name Letv, and it s one of the largest online video companies in China — it s nickname is Netflix of China.Not too long ago, LeEco began selling smartphones to push content, and these aren t your average budget devices.The Letv Max Pro was the first smartphone with Qualcomm s Snapdragon 820 processor.Now, after the surprise acquisition of Vizio, the company is finally coming to the U.S. We don t need to guess at what we can expect, because the firm has already leaked all its new products ahead of its launch event.Android Police managed to grab screenshots of all the upcoming offerings.
The newest addition to the Ulefone family is here and the Ulefone Tiger model is officially listed at the company website starting today.So what should we expect of this wild animal ?Well for starters it features a metal body using magnesium-aluminum alloy and brushing for pointing out the metallic looks.The rear camera cover has an interesting CD pattern cover and the whole back cover of the phone is removable so offers easy access to 2 SIM card and 1 microSD slots.Front panel has a 5,5-inch screen with HD resolution and 2.5D Gorilla Glass 3.Quad-core MT6737 processor clocked at 1,3 GHz takes care of the performance helped by 2 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM, which is expandable up to 128 GB.Main camera of the Ulefone Tiger is a 8 Mpix shooter with Sony IMX219 sensor interpolated to 13 Mpix and the front selfie camera is five lens 5 Mpix Samsung SE5K2 sensor interpolated to 8 Mpix.One of the main selling points will surely be the massive 4200 mAh battery capacity, which should allegedly hold up for 2 days of heavy usage or 550 hours in stand-by mode.The phone is also equipped with a fingerprint scanner, AW8737 Smart PA audio chipset for the proper handling of the audio output and Android 6.0 Marshmallow as the OS.You can check out the following video to have some idea about the looks and functions.Ulefone Tiger will be available in 3 color variants – Sky Black, Space Grey and Champagne Gold.So far we have no information about the real release date or exact pricing, but looking at the kind of budget specs it surely can t be too high.
Finland's goal is to raise the electric cars the amount of about 250 000 by 2030.electric cars in the amount of violent kiritavoite by 2030.the ministry of Transport and communications is currently examining how Finland can increase the alternative use of force spread of traffic.Traditional fosiilisista fuels run cars replace the ministry of hope, for example, biofuels and electric cars.minister Anne Berner, to promote the use of more options.One of the ways is to transfer the basic bus maintenance and new investment projects, as well as the corresponding revenue out of the budget funding.
I have spent about 300$ on Adwords & facebook and gotten squat out of it.So I have absolutely zero belief in marketing.I am confident that my products are good but they're super-niche.Obviously I would be willing to spend if I I'm guaranteed a return but I know it's not that simple.Seeing most of the posts here, it's like everyone here works at companies with thousands of dollars to blow on advertising.And I see some of those copywriting anecdotes, people getting 10x returns from advertising.
It sounds like the plot of a low-budget sci-fi movie: satellites in orbit are subject to a mysterious navigational blackout when they pass over the equator between South America and Africa – and it only happens at night.This is just what the Swarm experiment has experienced since it was launched in 2013.Swarm is a European Space Agency ESA mission in which three identical spacecraft fly in formation around the globe, mapping the Earth s magnetic field with 'unprecedented precision and resolution'.Data being downloaded to mission HQ at Potsdam, Germany, showed no position information at certain times and locations.For years, experts were left baffled by these blackouts.Now, the culprit turns out to be thunderstorms in space – or more specifically the ionosphere, between 300 and 600km above the Earth the official boundary between atmosphere and space is 100km .
Sampo Kaulanen tell the mad village merchant's story entrepreneur day in Vaasa.Kaulanen rotate äkäslompolo in the grandfather Jouni Kaulanen in the ' 50s-based rock-and-mortar stores.It is of all the most improbable places, where you can trade in the keep , he said.Then the village shop did a 6000 square extension, with a budget bloated with millions of euros.When the party was over, there was 14 million euros of debt.the marketing budget didn't have any yen, so didn't help other than to start selling yourself.
It seems as though there s still some MT6580 phones to come, despite the MT6737 starting to show up at a similar budget.Blackview seem to be one of these companies vested in the MT6580.Their next, the Blackview E7s, is all set to feature the entry-level SoC.We ve just received info about this phone, which include full specs well, almost .Keep reading for the info.Blackview E7s Specifications5.5-inch display with 1280 x 720p resolutionMT6580 processor2GB RAM16GB ROM2 mega-pixel front facing camera8 mega-pixel rear camera2700mAh batteryAndroid 6.0 MarshmallowRear-mounted fingerprint sensorIt s learnt that the Blackview E7s will have a 2.5D curved glass covered 5.5-inch with a 1280 x 720p HD resolution, the aforementioned MT6580 SoC with 2GB of RAM and 16GB ROM, a 2 mega-pixel front facing camera, an 8 mega-pixel rear camera, and a 2700mAh battery.Moreover, the phone will run Android 6.0 Marshmallow.A quick hands on video of the phone along with a comparison with its predecessor can be viewed below:What do you think?Clearly, the phone isn t a jump in specs from the E7.
Google s not taking it easy in its push to market the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones — according to recent reports, the company has already spent $3.2 million in TV ads since it announced the device, and some ad executives suggest that Google will spend hundreds of millions in an effort to keep up with the likes of Samsung and Apple.The advertising budget makes sense for Google.The release of the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones puts the company in direct competition with Samsung and Apple, so Google needs to make a big push if it expects to make waves.While Google has declined to offer specific numbers about its marketing campaign for the Pixel, it has said that it is running a very significant marketing campaign, according to a report from Reuters.Not only that, but the report states that the company may even buy ads during Thanksgiving football games, which can run into multiple millions of dollars.It will be interesting to see how Google approaches its advertising campaign.
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What s less understood is how to quantify the tangible impact of a successful PR campaign.More importantly, many executives remain unsure of how to translate the PR experience into the ROI terms that shareholders value so greatly.Luckily, there are numerous ways to measure the value of PR, and investing resources in a successful campaign will benefit your company in multiple ways.To give your program the best chance of success, use these four best practices:If your PR campaign isn t related to one or more specific business goals, you re spending money without a clear sense of how it s going to affect your organization.To ensure your PR push doesn t result in a budget drain, focus your resources on action plans that work in service of your definable goals.
Netflix s appetite for original shows and films, and the ballooning budget they require, has drawn criticism from skeptics, but CEO Reed Hastings doesn t believe the industry is in a bubble.In an interview with New Yorker editor David Remnick at the TechFest conference, Hastings explained that twice as many TV shows are made today than five years ago, and Hastings pinned the cause for all this increased spending on the rise of new ways to distribute shows like, ahem, Netflix .Cable networks like FX and broadcast networks like ABC continue to invest in shows, and now Amazon and Netflix are adding into that, so the total number of shows over the last five years has nearly doubled to a little over 400.There s never been more people working, the prices are up, the ecosystem s incredibly healthy, but it s tougher competition for all of the existing players.I think what s happening is distribution is getting better and then we now can afford better content.So, if you think about the highest-end movies, the budget will be about $150 million for production, so about $100 million per hour of content.But if you think about the very biggest TV — Game of Thrones, The Crown — that s about $10 million per hour in production budget … but what s the difference?
the Goal for 2016 was to make about 15 investments on an annual Far we have made ten , " says Marcus Bäcklund to Breakit.the Idea was to put together all the pieces and make it easier for companies to see all the steps they can climb on in the Chalmers system.Chalmers entreprenörsatsning today consist of two parts: riskkapitaldelen and the incubator.Then it's a matter of såddrundor of various sizes that are always done together with other players.Marcus Bäcklund would not comment on the total amount he has invested in the first year, but Chalmers Ventures ceo, Linnéa Lindau mean that it should not be so much left of this year's budget.
It's National Space Week, and we ve got some tips to help you take some great shots of the night sky, using various pieces of tech including your smartphone.If you want to stick with your smartphone, you can definitely take great pictures of the night sky, but if you want to get closer to celestial objects, you can buy telescopes which work with your smartphone s camera.Similarly, you can also use compact cameras, CSC and DSLR cameras depending on what you already have or want to buy .If you re using a smartphone on its own then you ll be limited pretty much to one focal length – some notable exceptions aside.If you re working on a budget, perhaps consider a superzoom lens instead – an 18-250mm or 18-300mm should get you a little bit closer without breaking the bank too much.If you want to keep costs low, consider other ways to keep your tripod steady, such as by hanging a heavy bag off the central column to keep it weighted down.