LGB Gay Pride Rainbow kiltThis rainbow kilt is really light weight and ideal for summer fun.It’s made of 6 Different cotton fabric with satin side pleats that really catch the breeze.It comes complete with one removable pocket.single pocket at the front to really show off the rainbow.
The Highland Scottish clan “Clan McLeod” is among the Isle of Skye’s infamous families.It has 2 main branches – MacLeod of McLeod and Clan MacLeod of Lewis.Both clans claim to be a descendant of Leòd, Olaf the Black’s younger son.The clans also have unique tartans and you can now get one through this Custom Made McLeod Tartan Kilt for Men.Regardless of your size, you are assured that the McLeod Tartan Kilt will fit you as it is made to measure. Since the kilt has 3 leather straps and 3 buckles, you can adjust it to fit you perfectly. You will also like the fact that you can choose the right length and size for you. The kilt is knife pleated and made of acrylic wool, so it is soft and comfortable to wear. You can pick your desired finish. Choose from gold plated, antique brass, silver chrome, and black matt, so you will get a unique McLeod Tartan Kilt that is designed just for you. 
Made with durability and your comfort in mind, the Active Men Cargo Kilt can be worn for both works and play.The kilt has 3 buckling side straps that allow you to loosen or tighten the fit.The Active Men Cargo Kilt is pleated and has a deep cargo pocket that can hold bulky key rings and tools.The cargo kilt is made of cotton, so it is perfect during hot days.If you have to work in a hot environment, this kilt will certainly suit your needs.Whether you are planning to wear cargo kilt for work or for a special event like a concert, you are assured that you will stay comfortable and stylish.
Made of finest materials, this unique Utility Style Irish Tartan Kilt is made to measure so you are free to decide on the length and size that you want.With this men’s kilt, the customer chooses any size, any length. This can be made in 5 to 8 years but still depending on the size. The knife pleat and acrylic wool are features that make this custom made kilt more stylish and appealing.This Utility Style Irish Tartan Kilt is comfortable to wear and said to be better than pants for this allow your legs to experience properly circulated air. This is, therefore, an advantage if you are in warm settings. This utility style kilt is made of finest fabric so expect for this utility style kilt to serve you for long. You, therefore, won’t need to think about buying a new one so soon. This is a custom made kilt so you are free to choose and find the right one for you.
The US Flag Fashion Kilt is perfect for active men who want a made to measure kilt that is not only durable but also stylish.The design of the kilt is inspired by the US Flag.The fashion kilt can withstand a wide range of elements including the rain, sun, and sand.It is very comfortable to wear as it’s designed to fit you perfectly.You can dance without any worry due to the kilt’s roomy fit.The active man kilt is knife pleated and has 2.25" belt loops, so you can attach keys or other accessories to the kilt.
Kilts aren’t only for clansmen but also sports teams, office workers and ordinary guys.If you want to stand out, feel comfortable in your work or just want to show their Scottish heritage, even when they don’t, this red kilt is perfect for you.Wear your red tartan for a rebellious take in menswear.The red kilt takes a nod to the traditional Scottish highlands styling.This Spartan Man kilt style is a great way to make a statement or really if you just want to grab someone’s attention. There’s not many who wears them but already a few are seeing how functional and comfortable it is. Not only fashionable, comfortable and functional, but it is also highly durable and versatile so you can wear it for a long time. Getting your own red Spartan Man kilt style is worth your money.
This is a new design of fashion kilt complete with detachable cargo pockets on both sides.You can attach or reattach the pockets as you want and need to.Made 100% cotton, this fashion kilt offers extreme comfort for wear.This is a kilt design made especially for modern men reliving the Scottish heritage.Don’t worry that it might not fit you since this is custom made kilt. Customers can choose any color, any size or any length. As a fashion kilt, you are sure to like its design with knife pleats and adjustable belt hoops to ensure it fits your hips perfectly. Made to measure, this fashion kilt is perfect for active men who want to be unique and style as they work.It uses one of the most comfortable fabrics with strong stitches meant for tough men with tough jobs so you feel and look in style in your Scottish wear. Don’t let yourself suffer from the heat of the summer wearing uncomfortable pants. Wearing this loose hanging garment around your waist will let you parade around in a stylish tartan kilt made for comfort.This particular utility kilt takes your preferences into consideration. From the color to length, it is your choice how long or wide your kilt. With that, it is important to contact the seller to discuss your measurement.