Today, Danang is not a strange name in Vietnam Tourism because it is very famous for luxury resorts along nice beaches and also a friendly city in Vietnam for the harmony of nature and constructions.Da Nang tour is the should not miss destination in Vietnam trip.And it is not easy when tourist pay attention that there are three famous pagoda with the same name in Danang city.It is Linh Ung pagoda,  located in Son Tra Peninsular, Ba Na Hill and Marble Mountain which make tourist are interested in visiting these sites.There is no place in Da Nang city where you can find the peaceful moments in your soul once coming to Da Nang city.Linh Ung pagoda is first well known at Son Tra Peninsular which is far from city centre 10 kilometer which passing through ThuanPhuoc Bridge which view very nice to the sea and Han River.It is very nice when situated in a hill of 700 meters and have back of jungle and face to the sea.Coming here tourist will see modern constructions with impressive Quan The Am Buddhist of 67 meters.With 17 floors visitor can view the pagoda and the beautiful landscapes.Linh Ung pagoda in Ba Na Hill which the height of 1500 meter as different style of ancient than which take visitor back to pagoda construction style in North Vietnam with dragon column décor .
Have you ever thought of 1 day for Danang tour and where you visit and what to make at this beautiful city ?In fact I am having an ideal to discover this beach city with a full day to experience unique of this city.The first we should do once arriving the city is to enjoy the sunrise on the beach.My Khe beach is one of the famous beaches where we can enjoy the wonderful of sun rising slowly over the horizon.Also a great chance to see local fishermen having their result after a night on sea to fish.The second  thing is an exciting experience when enjoying a cup of coffee beside Han River after an early morning to enjoy sunrise and get the fresh air.After the fresh coffee and get the morning life of local people is the exploring time at visiting sites and attractions  of Danang city.We cannot deny when coming here and acknowledge that this city is voted in the Top ten of the glorious destination in the world for year 2015 because of impressive natural landscapes and fresh environment.Together with there are many other visiting sites in the city for you to discover its uniqueness including Champa Museum, Chicken Catholic right in city centre,  Son Tra PeninsularHaving lunch in Danang will give us more chance for local foods which are very famous to tourists such as “Banh Trang cuon thit heo” with a soft price which make you surprise.Besides, there are many other attractive street foods for us to taste.With the afternoon it is wonderful to ride far from city centre around 15 kilometers to visit Son Tra Peninsular or other name Monkey Mountain because there are many monkey living at this forest before.Many activities at this mountain including trekking forest,  enjoy fresh air, fishing, Linh Ung pagoda…Evening is the surprise time for wandering along Han River to see colorful of the city with famous Bridge that make Da Nang tour as a label for city of bridge.
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