Could Jason Sudeikis, Maya Rudolph, and Josh Gad convince us?This press junket in Hawaii was to have three key actors from the film:• Josh Gad - Who plays the Yellow Bird Chuck • Maya Rudolph - Who plays the White Bird Matilda • Jason Sudeikis - Who plays the Red Bird Red You may also remember Gad as "Bear Claw" from New Girl, Rudolph as "Brinda" from Sisters, and Sudeikis as "What's Up with That" backup dancer "Vance."The Angry Birds Movie was enjoyable, funny, and entertaining.Some of my colleagues from all manner of blogs and publications took this opportunity to do Angry Birds-themed Yoga and zip-lining, as you'll see in the gallery below.• Angry Birds Movie actors tell us their superhero dreams• Angry Birds Movie actors realize Sean Penn is in the film• More in our Angry Birds portal...Each of these actors were helpful, grateful, and extremely kind.If you're going to bail riding a tiny skateboard with a 20-pound backpack on your back, a case like this one for your phone will be a life saver when said phone flies out of your pocket.
What if tank crews could see through the heavily armored walls of their vehicle?Related: The Sea Wasp will be a potent threat to terrorists and their underwater bombsThe concept with the tank is the same – but on the ground.Personnel have to contend with both the noise and the limited visibility typical of highly armored vehicles.Since seeing outside the vehicle can be tough, egress can be a particularly dangerous moment.In addition to displaying the positions of friendly forces, BattleView can do lots of other helpful things.Ballet dancer turned defense specialist Allison Barrie has traveled around the world covering the military, terrorism, weapons advancements and life on the front line.
I enjoy emojis just as much as the next smartphone-obsessed millennial; while I m delighted that I will soon be able to illustrate my english breakfast in full bacon, sausages and eggs are just some of the new inclusions , I can t help but feel slightly concerned by the rate at which emojis seem to be monopolising the way we communicate.The thing is, more emojis we have access to, the more we will be inclined to use them and consequently, the less need we will feel the need to communicate in full sentences.For example, dates wineglasses and love hearts, hangovers green faces and wilting roses, food comas hamburgers and pregnant women, one night stands aubergines at least we ll always have phallicism .People are consistently quite rightly complaining about about the lack of diversity reflected in the emoji world.When you start considering representations of gender and race, emojis offerings seem incredibly limited and grossly stereotypical.Google responded to this last month by proposing an entirely new set of female-only emojis in different professional sectors to promote equality.
Dance meets geometry in this evocative short film, in which a pole dancer manipulates a projected screen behind her to create constantly shifting geometric patterns.Dubbed Genese Genesis , it s by the French performance art group U-Machine.As Giaco Furino writes at The Creators Project:U-Machine sets out to explore what they describe on their Facebook page as, l interaction entre l organique et le numérique, which translates from French to, the interaction between the organic and the digital.Artistic interpretation is highly subjective.Furino sees something akin to the deconstruction of the human form in this short piece.But to my eyes, it looks eerily like the dancer is twisting and warping the fabric of spacetime.
If you re looking for a job that will keep you moving and your body in shape, these are the 27 most physically jobs you can find in the U.S.Each job s ratings are based on five different types of activity, including dynamic strength, explosive strength, trunk strength, overall stamina, and time spent on their feet walking or running.Here are the top five scores are out of a possible 100 :Professional Dancer: Overall activeness score of 75.2, requiring a lot of time walking or running, stamina, and dynamic and trunk strength.It s probably not surprising to see fitness trainers, construction workers, and firefighters on this list, but dancers being number one is a bit of a surprise.That said, it makes sense when you consider the fact that their job is entirely based on physically activity.The 27 Most Physically Active Jobs In America Business Insider
More interesting were the brief glimpses at Mass Effect: Andromeda and Amy Hennig s untitled Star Wars game, though both had little enough to show that any in-game footage was padded with concept art and clips of developers looking busy.Player character diversity: This year EA lacked many games with identifiable protagonists, but with FIFA 17 s new story mode starring a black Manchester United hopeful called Alex Hunter and the teaser for Mass Effect: Andromeda ending with the default female version of protagonist your chosen first name here Ryder, there was nary an identifiable white guy to be seen.Conclusion: While even one woman on stage is more than some others manage, a company as large as EA has no excuse for being so limited.Bechdel test: You can forget women talking to each other when you don t even allow any women on stage.Diversity rating: 3/5UbisoftA dancer takes a bow while promoting Just Dance 2017 by Ubisoft during E3, Photograph: Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty ImagesThe event: This year s Ubisoft conference stood out from previous years because of its lack of an Assassin s Creed game, though we did get more information about the movie.In contrast to Microsoft s event, Sony s featured relatively few sequels, though it did fall prey to the sequel/reboot given the same name as an earlier game in the series see Prey, above with God of War.
GIFYou might get a seizure if you watch Ian Eastwood dance too much in this video, but it s so damn cool that it might even be worth it.It s neat because he blends the view of him dancing while he s facing us with another view of him dancing with his back turned.The two opposing views are spliced together and he s doing the same impeccable dance in each—which basically makes you feel like you re doing drugs, because you don t know exactly which angle of him you re watching.
That's the focus of Dove's new campaign, which profiles nine real women and their experiences.The campaign, called mybeautymysay, was created to inspire women of all ages, shapes and colors to elevate their self-image beyond physical appearance.Somewhere along the way, it has become the norm to judge women based on their appearance, Jennifer Bremner, director of marketing at Dove, said in a statement.According to a study conducted by Dove Hair and Edelman Intelligence, seven out of 10 women say they receive compliments on their looks rather than their accomplishments.Now is the most important time to communicate the MyBeautyMySay message because this is the time where we can be a force of change and be more inclusive moving forward," Rain told Mashable.We can raise the next generation to not hate themselves and ensure that there s a better future for people everywhere."
Started over a year ago by the ex-CEO of Beats Music, Chosen is a video creation app with a competitive element.Users create short clips on their phones, and can view others while swiping left or right to up vote or down vote the clip.Originally, the videos were designed to be short clips of users showcasing their musical abilities – playing the guitar, singing, or even yodeling.But, as with most app startups, it didn t quite take off – at least not in the way the company envisioned.Instead of becoming a virtual music talent show, the app morphed into a generalized video platform to create and share videos with your friends.The app also benefited from a investment by Ellen DeGeneres and partnership with The Ellen Show, which consisted of multiple challenges where users would submit videos to show off that they were a better dancer than Ellen or had the cutest pet.
The concept behind the short film Fabricating Performance by the Interactive Architecture Lab and the study that surrounds it concerns reciprocation in design.Humans interact with space; shapes define space; humans then interact differently with the space after new objects have entered the picture.In the case of the dancer in the video, her movements are tracked by a machine that then bends an industrial CNC pipe to mimic her.The objects are then placed around the room, thereby affecting her future choreography.This highlights the relationship between architecture and choreography.According to the lab, which has a new program dedicated to the study between these two seemingly different art forms, analyzing this relationship can give people in both fields new insights and inspiration.
Teresa May – glamour model, dancer and future Prime Minister?What's the difference between our Prime Minister-designate and a glamour model who appeared in the Prodigy's Smack My Bitch Up video?None at all, says Twitter.Popular microblogging website Twitter was awash with tweets about Theresa May this afternoon, following the news that the Home Secretary will replace Prime Minister David Cameron after May's rival for the leadership of the Conservative Party, Andrea Leadsom, quit the leadership race earlier today.Theresa – with an H – is the new Prime MinisterMay – with an H – will ascend to the premiership unopposed, earlier leadership race candidates having been knocked out in earlier rounds of voting amongst Conservative MP.
72 new emoji officially rolled out as of Unicode 9 s release, and today Twitter is finally getting support for its own set of these new glyphs.That means support for new favorites like avocado, selfie, and face palm, but also the ever-terrifying clown emoji.Support for emoji with skin color modifiers will also be available, including pregnant woman and male dancer.Twitter also adapted a few minor details, such as adding a hat and sunglasses to the levitating business man emoji and a shadow under the bread emoji to give it dimension.Since most computers can t support manually typing in emoji just yet, your best bet is to copy and paste from resources like Emojipedia or Emoji Keyboard and tweet all the shrugs you can give.Read next: Learn pro photo editing techniques with the Ultimate Adobe Photo Editing Bundle 94% off
This week, I ll be bringing you news from the poles—Cleveland s last refuge from actual news—and meeting members of the porn-fearing party who stuff taxpayer dollars into g-strings while the world burns down.A seasoned employee worries about traffic congestion because of the hate people whom he defines as the KKK and the Black Panthers.Staffers make abundant coded references to the police and the people who hate the police.Later, I m mulling around the smoking section with the regulars.He s heard that the Black Panthers are at a local chain motel.A dancer gives me a piece of fashion advice as I m peeling off nipple tape in the dressing room at four in the morning.
Fireworks explode during the Opening Ceremony.The Opening Ceremony at the Rio Olympics Friday evening was filled with celebrations of Brazilian culture and unity.But for a few brief moments, the message was polarizing and crystal clear: The world must do whatever it can to stop climate change.The heat is melting the ice cap, a voice said.It s disappearing very quickly.A dancer performs A Simple Idea that Helps A Lot segment during the Opening Ceremony.
Microsoft s Kinect camera promised quite a bit when it was first introduced to Xbox 360 gamers around the world, but it didn t really deliver.There were a few so-so games, but even when it became mandatory as part of the Xbox One, it failed to capture users imaginations.Where it does work beautifully though, is when you take its data and turn it into a music video.Wired throughout the body, trapped in a dancing mind, is the description for the new video as.phyx.i.a, from Maria Takeduchi and Frederico Phillips.The video features an ambient soundtrack, with a dancer interpreting the sounds onscreen.However, what you see isn t the flesh-and-blood form of the dancer, but point data recorded on a Kinect camera — and the effect is stunning.
Smoked meat is the usually the belle of any culinary ball it attends, but its intense flavor and fatty constitution make it a fantastic backup dancer in any bean, veggie, or rice dish.Pork, sausage, and beef brisket are all great candidates and their super-seasoned, smokey character means you don t need to have a lot of it, which is great, because I know you guys rarely — if ever — have a lot of leftovers, particularly of the meaty variety.Also, the meat doesn t have to be leftover; you can buy some with the express purpose of flavoring non-meat dishes.Once you have acquired your flavor-packed protein specimens, chuck them in beans, saute them in a pan of vegetables, or stir fry them with rice.In terms of ratios, Serious Eats recommends 8-12 ounces for every pound of dry beans, and Food 52 suggests a mound the size of a golfball per person for rice dishes and stir fries.Scrapcook: Flavor Your Beans With Leftover Smoked Meat Serious Eats
Monday brought the horrible news of the passing of Gene Wilder.The iconic comedic actor left behind an undeniably impressive and timeless body of work that was exceeded only by his own talent.To pay tribute, we put together this video of five films that helped define his unforgettable career.Five Movies That Defined Gene Wilder's CareerFluorescentPlanetFlare.mp4Tekserve Final.mp4Captain America Civil War Deleted SceneAsh vs.The Evil Dead.mp4Slow dancer final.mp4Kickstick Final.mp4batman wrap up.mp4Oswald.mp4Harvey and Selina.mp4
Tip o the antlers to Joel Teitelbaum.The Macalope bets Apple s probably pretty good at that.Apple has you in its sights.The company is working on a video-sharing app with features similar to those found in Snapchat and Instagram, Bloomberg reported last week."In a time when iPhone revenues are growing at a more earthly rate, Apple is looking for incremental revenue elsewhere," said Andreas Scherer, managing partner at Salto Partners.The Macalope had never heard of Salto Partners before but fortunately there is a link in the piece to their site where they explain their services include Board Advisory, Interim Management, Sales Excellence and Outsourcing that s one eyebrow-raising, magical item and Operations and Project Management.
Tim Cook, Apple s chief executive officer, holds an iPhone 7s while speaking with dancer Maddie Ziegler during the new device s launch event in San Francisco on Wednesday.The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are archetypes of the globalised supply chain economy, with their parts made by suppliers from eight different countries and areas across the world.And it s those suppliers, including some from Hong Kong and Taiwan, that stand behind the upgraded devices and guarantee many of their key features, including their pressure-sensitive home button, better cameras, faster processors and improved battery life, as well their lack of a headphone jack.Apple s chief manufacturing partner Taiwan-based Foxconn Technology Group, for instance, also known as Hon Hai Precision Industry Co, has obtained major assembly orders for the new model, according to mainland media.Also from Tawian, Pegatron Corp is another Apple supplier reported to be on the list.Foxconn-owned Sharp Corp and Japan Display – a joint venture between Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi – supply the devices high-definition multi-touch screen, which Apple markets as Retina Display , according to Citi Research, while Largan Precision of Taiwan, Tokyo-listed Alps Electric and Korean firm Cowell Electronics supply its camera modules.
Tim Cook, chief executive officer of Apple, left, holds an iPhone 7 Plus while speaking with dancer Maddie Ziegler during an event in San Francisco.Photo: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg/Getty ImagesApple shares continued to rally and analyst Shawn Harrison thinks the tech giant s run will continue thanks to strong demand for the iPhone 7.Google search trends for the iPhone, which is typically predictive longer term of demand, are up significantly year-over-year relative to the iPhone 6 over the first few days of … pre-orders, 5 to 10 times, Harrison said.He believes the iPhone 7 turned out to be substantially better than everyone was expecting.We view the phone to actually be a pleasant surprise.